Super Mario Bros movie It is now one of the most financially successful animated films in existence. Naturally, that means we should see every other Nintendo property hit the big screen in the years to come. But while our Italian plumber brothers serve as a vessel for exotic adventure and colorful landscapes, Nintendo’s other major property, The Legend of Zelda, handles things a little differently. A bona fide fantasy world with a storied history, The Legend of Zelda It takes itself much more seriously, justifying its many installments with a massive timeline spanning thousands and thousands of years.

While timeline has been a controversial concept in zeldaWith the rules of the game, he can still fill in the gaps between the many adventures each game contains. the latest games in the series, Breath of the Wild And Kingdom TearsThe problem with placing the schedule was solved simply by stapling at its ends. However, if there is a report that a zelda The movie is believed to be in development, could this movie fall somewhere on the timeline as well? Will it be completely ignored in the grand scheme of things, or could it have a place in it zelda canon?

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What is the Zelda timeline?


In the void, every single one zelda The game can be considered somewhat standalone. There are always a few constants: the hero, Link, sets out to save the land of Hyrule; Ganon, a force of evil, threatens to destroy Hyrule; And Zelda, who is part of the royal family of Hyrule, helps Link in any way she can.

Each game takes a different approach to these constants, whether through gameplay tweaks or thematic changes. Minich Cap to a lesser extent, Wind Wicker are Zelda games with a more colorful and lively approach. Conversely Majora’s Mask And Twilight princess Things take a darker direction both stylistically and thematically.

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But since each of these games seems to exist within a world of its own, the zelda A schedule was made to provide some continuity between them. According to Nintendo, the Zelda chronology begins with Sword toward the sky It stays linear Ocarina of timewhere the timeline splits into three separate continuums.

Because of the use of time travel in Ocarina of timeThese three continuities are divided based on whether Link is defeated by Ganon, if Link remains a child after Ganon’s defeat, or if Link remains an adult after Ganon’s defeat. The three timelines eventually merge into the latest zelda Games that take place at an unspecified time in the future.

Can the movie fit in the schedule?

Link and Zelda in The Legend of Zelda Hyrule Warriors

At one point, Nintendo was willing to give up on its premium properties and let other studios outsmart them. Unfortunately, the end results were notorious. Giving someone else creative control over their popular franchises has often led to poor review scores and modern ridicule that persist to this day. Although we did get an inadvertently funny portrayal of the Hyrule hero in a short-lived 1980s cartoon.

But who knows? Things are always changing. There is no doubt that the resounding success of Super Mario movie Appease those who were hesitant towards projects that were not developed in-house. We’ve seen Nintendo gradually branch out with officially recognized spin-offs primarily developed by third parties, such as Hyrule Warriors And Hyrule Rhythm. Would it be too much to suggest they would be willing to do the same for feature length zelda film?

granted, Super Mario Bros. The movie was a success as much because of its simplicity. An Italian plumber trying to save a princess, eating some mushrooms and stepping on others, fighting a giant tortoise, etc. compared to zeldaThe story is so minimal, it serves more as a way to get the audience from point A to B while increasing the amount of fun to be had. But some zeldaNintendo games hold the distinction of being the most apocalyptic novels in Nintendo’s library, with Majoramask , In particular, pulling on more than a few strings. Can you name a Mario The game that tasks you with saving a town stuck in a permanent doomsday event?

Gloomy bets don’t necessarily equate to box office success. Rather than telling emotional stories, what we might see in its place is something more akin to the first few games than zelda franchise. As in, we may see an indirect adaptation of them. The limitations of the console on which the original games were released could not facilitate the genre of later storytelling. Limited text and the player’s imagination is often taken over as a substitute. A movie adaptation would be a great way to breathe more life into these classic games, ripping iconic moments from our memories and putting them on the big screen.

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Because of this, we might see some more interesting timeline shenanigans if the movie is officially incorporated into it. It is possible that a separate schedule will be made exclusively for future films. Alternatively, we may have another branching timeline depending on when the movie takes place. It is possible that the film is located abroad zelda canon. However, due to the massive reception from Mario Movie, it’s unlikely we won’t see multiple visits to the land of Hyrule.

can a zelda Does the movie fit into the series’ overall timeline? definitely. If all of the major games somehow make it through, then a blockbuster made with Nintendo’s blessing might have a definite chance of making it happen. However, it’s important to note that this newfound success is uncharted territory for Nintendo. future attitudes towards a zelda The movie franchise will be hit hard by its financial returns. If it does poorly, we may see the whole thing under the rug like previous failed attempts.


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