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Greta Gerwig is a relatively well-known director. They make movies your favorite barista has probably seen many times. Quite interesting films that have mostly gone under the radar. However, her latest efforts have upended all of that Barbie Making waves in popular culture.

But one question loomed large in the few weeks leading up to the release. How will this movie actually turn out? Will it be a smash hit, or will it fall into obscurity? Despite the massive PR buzz surrounding this, there is still a fair amount of evidence that this movie may have been greatly exaggerated.

her previous films

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The artist is rarely appreciated in his time. In many cases, people don’t fall in love with an artist until after they have died or their work has been out of the public eye for a while. This is the case with everything Gerwig has done so far. Her best work is, funny enough, one that few people have paid attention to. this movie Lady Bird.

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Now, sure, on the surface, this sounds like a generic coming-of-age story, but it doesn’t take the easy path as well as it could. Instead of just hitting easy beats, there’s a well-written story here with compelling characters who feel like real people you’ve ever known. But what contributed to all this effort? A mostly forgotten film and five Oscars.

Then you have a copy of it little Women, which won one Oscar for Costume Design, which is, unfairly, a co-prize, alas. It takes a bold director to decide to adapt a story that’s already been adapted some 13 times. To look at that and go, “Yeah, I have something to add here.” It takes someone special who wants to get his way. It’s more of a passion project than an easy new hit, which is what sets her directing style apart. If her past was to predict her future, this would go largely unnoticed.

Greta isn’t really the director you get if you want your movie to get everyone’s attention. Her movies tend to get overlooked because she seems rather mundane on the surface. That’s right there is her secret, and this movie will likely have the same theme. Her films are quirky and don’t quite fit into an easy mold you might think. In many ways, it speaks to the wonderful marketability that the Barbie name still carries and that has become so massive.

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Barbie movie with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling
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This would be an offbeat comedy. Everything that has been shown so far has been relatively strange or different from what you might expect. Who would have thought that Barbie would make a game Matrix-Style decision about whether or not she wants to wake up to reality for a moment?

Nothing about this screaming is an easily digestible piece of marketing designed to sell more Barbie products, a la Super Mario Brothers movie He took no risks and was insanely successful because of it. Now here comes Barbie, which she looks like Rick and Morty Breaking the fourth wall is more than easy comedy to shut down.

Compare this style of humor with the very popular one bridesmaids With the food poisoning scene that really got people talking. funny? naturally! But also more accessible than jokes about existentialism. For a movie to have the same widespread success, the meta humor can be a tough sell despite its recent popularity.

It can also backfire with something like Strong woman She’s absolutely shunned by MCU fans for being annoyingly meta, even though the character herself was written with the fourth wall in mind. It’s not a foolproof approach and it could easily split audiences into two camps, which might be the case here.

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limited audience

Barbie cast
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This will be a movie aimed at a very limited audience of 20-30 girls and their friends who will not watch it. Oppenheimer With all their unmarried male compatriots. It’s not a movie aimed at young girls, as it was actually created. It’s not a movie that the whole family will enjoy, well, at least not from the marketing.

Part of what makes comic book movies so successful is that they have something for just about everyone, with women in the driving seat in many of the big new releases. So you have to think about how many people this movie will have when so much of the target demographic believes that Barbie needs a drastic makeover for reasons of body positivity and the unrealistic standards offered to women. One might also ask, do girls play with Barbie dolls these days?

But none of what’s been listed so far are really negative aspects to take away from the movie. On the contrary, all of this is really great news for the movie. And to top it all off, it’s risky and unwilling to be understood by all audiences. It seems like a movie that wants a unique identity that fits right in with Greta’s larger catalog. It all adds up to a classic that probably won’t be understood at first. If people can go beyond the product itself and be prepared for something out of the box, this movie could become an underrated classic.


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