Incorporating the run-and-gun visuals synonymous with classic ’90s action films Die hard And lethal Weapon franchises with current social and political issues, Call her owner It is a new crime thriller written and directed by the director Wes Miller.

Hoping to not only entertain audiences but also educate them with a high-stakes story, the new BET+ release not only has the unique setting of a real court but also revolves around Judge Jaeda King (played by Naturi Naughton), who has to go through a takeover Hostile by a hardened criminal, Black Caesar, who is looking for his brother’s release. Viewers are sure to be impressed with the main heroine and her quick determination to get things under control once again.

As the stage is set for her inevitable confrontation with vicious thugs trying to take over her space, the audience not only comes to know her squad from within her rooms but also her family back home. the actor Tobias Trovilion Jida’s husband, Gerald King, who adds to the drama and emotional subplot of the entire feature, wears the shoes during the acting Johnny Meisner He plays John Stryker, a deputy at Mrs. King’s court.

Just last week, MovieWeb had a chance to sit down with Truvillion, Messner, and Miller about the intricacies of bringing crime into the courtroom and how Call her owner It uniquely connects entertainment with reality.

To be an honest husband to a judge

Before making their way to court on this climactic day, the characters of Jedda King and her husband raise concerns early on. Call her owner When they seem to be having a hard time balancing their personal and professional lives. Jeda seems to be just focused on her work while Gerald wants her to be more bonding with him.

Regarding this tense, tense family arc in the film, Truvillion cited the ebbs and flows of real-life romance as his mentality for these scenes. “It’s always trying to get to know each other and understand each other so we can move forward, and that’s what Gerald was trying to do,” said Trovillion. He elaborated on the on-screen chemistry between him and Natori Naughton and how it was perfected:

Our goal was to find trust within each other because the scenes are so intimate […] All those things that people never see – the conversations and background work that creates chemistry and energy.

It makes sense that Truvillion would support this marriage subplot himself (besides being opposite Naughton), considering the other people he’s already drawn from in connection with his role in Call her owner. The answer proves that although Tobias is focused on his career in Hollywood, he still holds the memories of home in high esteem. “It’s always about being authentic. You think of your family members, you think of people who have backyard barbecues. Those are the places I draw from, experiences from people I know,” the actor explained. Related: These are the most honest and realistic movies about marriage

Besides seeing it in the upcoming BET+ Original Movie, you can also watch Truvillion in another feature that will be released soon on the same streaming platform, The First Lady of the BMF: The Tonsa Welch Story, As well as a new movie named Black terror Available on digital soon.

Create an action movie with a real message


Miller enthusiastically illustrated the social duality in the movie A.S The king called me. “I just hope that the audience comes away amused, and asks some questions, like what is it really like for African-Americans and the level of incarceration in this country,” said the director, who wanted to “spark some conversations, some think. It’s a serious issue for sure.”

Although it expanded the film’s reach, it didn’t shy away from the core essence of hero versus antagonist. “It was also somewhat difficult in terms of having an African American female judge W [male] African American defendant. [I was] Making sure we understood that these individuals, they have struggles that all people can understand.”

Speaking of the inspirations and aspects of the story, Miller couldn’t help but acknowledge this film’s attribution to the first entry in the Bruce Willis franchise. “I think you should start with it die hard, Meaning you have a built-in piece with nice momentum and a nice emotional foundation.”

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Besides the 1988 Christmas-themed action movie, he named three other pictures as influences for the immersive detail. “equalizer does a great job for [giving] You are the protagonist whose background is not entirely clear. John K I dealt with the emotional side of euphoria [stakes] Situation. inside man Deal with the intelligence of the sublime [stakes] Attitude.” The director was careful to pick out the most receptive parts of these classics in order to increase their positive reception Call her owner.

Johnny Meisner defended

Johnny Messner on Call Her King on BET

Acting for over 20 years and starring in cult classics such as Sun tears And Anaconda: Chasing the Blood OrchidIt seems generational actor Johnny Meisner is no stranger to playing muscle in any kind of situation, even if the character provides words of encouragement rather than brute force.

A heartbreaking moment for Mrs. King from inside her private chambers makes John Striker, Messner’s character speak out and bring her back to the reality of the situation. “The moment itself was my inspiration,” Messner said. “This isn’t a match made in heaven here. But with work and the relationship based on friendship that they’ve built, he knows it’s a good one, right?”

He took a moment to reflect on his smooth way of entering the role he was assigned, and then we moved on to the introductory phase of the entire process, specifically when he first discovered the film. According to him, the manager installed it from day one. “It was Wes [Miller]. I am a big fan of him. Whenever he was doing something he thought I would enjoy, a character I would enjoy, I told him to hit me up. did and [it was] great.”

Messner also noted how enthusiastic the director was about specific locations. “We got to shoot in real federal buildings in Camden, it was amazing that they opened up for that. That was a big deal for Wes.” It looks like Call her owner The message wasn’t the only part of the movie that could hit close to home.

Audiences can now see all of the grueling and explosive courtroom drama Call her owner Streaming on BET+.


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