Last fall, the highly acclaimed rom-com two brothers It bombed with moviegoers at the premiere in theaters. Directed by Nicholas Stoller, two brothers Stars Billy Eichner and Luke MacFarlane Two gay men in New York fall in love with each other despite each other’s fears of commitment. It was also notable for having an openly LGBTQ+ cast and serving as one of the first gay rom-coms developed for a theatrical release by a major studio. The film had a budget of around $22 million, with Universal reportedly spending as much as $40 million marketing, but the comedy was a box office bomb, grossing just under $15 million worldwide.

At the time, Eichner stated on social media that he was disappointed that more “straight people, especially in certain parts of the country,” had not come out in support of their film. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, MacFarlane is thinking more about the film after nearly a year since it underperformed in theaters. Like Eichner, he’s disappointed he didn’t draw bigger crowds, but that doesn’t change how “pride” he still feels. two brothers.

“[I’m] “I was disappointed that more people didn’t come out and see it, but that’s okay,” MacFarlane says. I can’t think of anything I felt was too wrong to do, so it’s disappointing. Billy is very talented, very funny, very creative, he has a big heart. It’s disappointing, but this is a business.”

Believe it two brothers He’ll get his due credit in due course as more people discover the movie, the actor added, “I think people will find it. A guy came up to me at the gym the other day and he was saying, ‘I came home, his year-old was watching two brothers. And I was like, “I know that guy” — and he knew me from the gym. He sat and watched her. We hope people will discover it this way. There’s a long tradition of movies that don’t kill it at the box office but do stand the test of time, I think two brothers It will be like this. “

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The Bros. blew up at the Box Office wasn’t because of the reviews

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expect some two brothers For a better performance as his reviews were very strong. But if two brothers The movie was well reviewed, so why haven’t more people gone to see the movie in theaters? MacFarlane notes how rom-coms in general can suffer at the box office as moviegoers generally know what will happen in the end before they even see the movie.

“Rom-com is a really difficult genre in general because we know what happens: they get together,” says the actor. “It makes it increasingly difficult to be new. So in a way, rom-coms are primed for unexpected pairings, whether that’s a gay couple or another type of couple that the majority of people aren’t. I hope they do because that’s a great way to make it fresh.”

two brothers Currently streaming on Prime Video.


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