With hundreds of TV shows available to watch today, there must be a solid reason why viewers keep coming back to a particular story. Most of the time, it’s about the characters. Now more than ever, the audience watching the series wants to connect with and get close to the characters. For this to happen, the characters have to be interesting, compelling, comical, and hilarious. A good example of this is police comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine It is located in the 99th district of Brooklyn, New York. With a unique cast of characters who create funny situations for themselves while solving cases, the show should have been a hit from the start; But this was not the case. After five seasons, Fox decided to cancel the series. That was when NBC bought it, and it stayed until the eighth season, which was its last. No matter the course of the show, the development of the characters and their stories made people eager to keep watching the show, as seeing them change and try new things was always fun.

Here’s our guide to the actors and characters who had such great chemistry it was impossible not to laugh with them.

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Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg)


Jake Peralta, comedian Andy Samberg, is one of the main detectives in the area. Peralta is the life of the party and is always up for a good time. However, his fun and silly personality does not make him a lousy detective, as he is one of the better guys on the team. Peralta learns not to be too stubborn with the people around him, and is very competitive and with father issues (resulting in funny moments with his captain). Obsessed with the action movie franchise Die hardHe always has a line or two from these movies on the tip of his tongue.

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Andy Samberg is a famous comedian and actor. Samberg was in the impressive number of 141 episodes of Saturday Night Live. He has a long resume with successful projects, and is best known for films Pop star, pop singer And Palm Springs. The actor has also done voice acting for a few projects, including Hotel Transylvania.

Amy Santiago (Melissa Fumero)

Melissa Fumero as Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy Santiago, played by Melissa Fumero, a highly organized, high achieving investigator. Her main goal is to become the youngest captain in the NYPD. Santiago’s strictness with herself and everyone else sometimes gets in the way of being the best detective she can be. But at the same time, carefully organized folders may contain the information necessary to solve cases. She is as competitive as Peralta, and they share an exciting friendship that evolves into something more. Santiago is desperate to impress Captain Ray Holt, seeing him as a great mentor to help her achieve her goals.

Melissa Fumero has done a lot of work on television, including 210 episodes of the series One life to live. Recently, she was on the now canceled one season show Turnout He did the voice acting for the animated series Max film.

Rosa Diaz (Stephanie Beatriz)

Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Rosa Diaz, played by Stephanie Beatriz, is the kind of person who doesn’t have a bachelor’s degree, which translates to how she works as a detective. She can be pretty intimidating when she wants to be, and her cold exterior might fool the people around her: wearing head-to-toe black and her signature leather jacket. She learns with time that she can open up and ask for help. Has known Rosa Peralta from her time at the Police Academy, and since then, they have become very close, even if their personalities are conflicting.

Stephanie Beatriz is incredible at playing the tough outside detective and even the toughest inside detective. However, she has been in two Academy Award-nominated films in very different roles since this one. Spielberg sings and dances West Side Story He is doing the voice acting for the lead role in encanto by Pixar.

Gina Linetti (Chelsea Peretti)

Chelsea Peretti Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Gina Linetti, played by Chelsea Peretti, is Captain Holt’s funny secretary. Gina has no idea how she should act or even do her job. She’s the comedic element in almost every scene she’s in. Gina got the job through Peralta, whom she had known since she was young. Obsessed with getting famous, she will go to great lengths to achieve this status. She has a dance group called Floor-Gasm, which creates intricate choreography and is always very eager to show it to everyone.

Even if Jenna was a fan favorite, the character has been absent for quite a few seasons. The actress decided to leave at the beginning of the sixth season after taking maternity leave during part of the fifth season. Gina has known Peralta for a very long time from the real life of the cast, because they’ve been friends for decades. Peretti has done many voice acting jobs, including on film singing 2 and 20 episodes of the animated series for adults big mouth.

Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher)

Brooklyn Nine Nine Holt

Captain Ray Holt, played by Andre Braugher, is the new captain at the beginning of the first season and becomes well-liked by his team by the end of the series. Holt is a difficult person to get to know. Serious at all times, he is the most professional in the area. He had to fight a lot of prejudice being a black gay man in the police force and continue his fight for more equality within the NYPD. He is married to Kevin (Mark Evan Jackson), and they have a corgi named Cheddar, who loves to play tricks on them and his officers.

While Andrea Braugher’s comedic timing is excellent on the show, he’s known for roles that are far from funny. His resume includes the 1999 series the kill and movies city ​​of Angels and Stephen King’s horror adaptation the fog.

Terry Jeffords (Terry Crews)

Terry Crews in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Terry Jeffords, played by Terry CrewsHe is the district sergeant. Jeffords had a breakdown during an assignment due to the dangers of his job and had two children at home, so he had to resort to desk work. Eventually he got over the fear and returned to the field. The Giffords have some passions, which include going to the gym and yogurt. He also likes to talk about himself in the third person, which the other officers always point out – but that never stops him.

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Terry Crews has done some pretty notable comedy projects. Includes his CV Everyone hates Chris And the movie white chicks. The actor is also a huge advocate for sexual assault victims, especially within the entertainment industry, because he too is a victim.

Charles Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio)

Joe Lo Truglio at Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Charles Boyle, role Joe Le Truglio, is an open-hearted officer who sometimes annoys others because he can be arrogant when showing appreciation to his friends. He enjoys extravagance in cooking and eagerly wants to share food with his colleagues, even if they beg him not to. A very loyal person, especially to his best friend Jake, Boyle learns not to be completely naive and sees that sometimes people are bad – even if he loves them.

Joe Lo Truglio is also a writer. He wrote many skits the state. He was a guest star on several hit shows in the 1990s, including Law and order. Truglio can be seen in the comedy movie Very bad and a Pixar animated movie Wreck-It Ralph. He is about to make his directorial debut with the horror film outpost.

Norm Scully (Joel McKinnon Miller) and Michael Hitchcock (Dirk Blocker)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Played by Michael Hitchcock and Norm Scully Dirk Blocker And Joel McKinnon Miller, respectively, are two inseparable pairs. The rest of the officers try to ignore them as much as possible, as they usually make inappropriate comments to the conversation or order food. However, they were great detectives in their prime – only that was a long time ago. They can be disgusting at times, but they are very funny and the final piece of this comedy puzzle.

Both actors have been a part of many projects over the years, even if it’s hard to imagine them acting in isolation from each other. Dirk Blocker is famous for some horror movies, including Prince of Darkness And an ’80s classic Poltergeist. Joel McKinnon Miller was in The Truman Show and most recently in the Max series the stairs.


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