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The fate of OceanGate’s Titan submarine makes others who refused entry feel even more grateful for the decision. This week, there was extensive coverage of the Titan, a tourist submarine that offered its astronauts the chance to visit the Titanic wreck site at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in person. The Titan disappeared Sunday, leaving the condition of its five passengers unknown until wreckage was found on the ocean floor several days later. The US Coast Guard determined from analysis of the wreckage that Titan was destroyed by a “catastrophic implosion”, killing OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush and four passengers.

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Despite being controversial, Titan made several successful voyages to the Titanic in 2021 and 2022. Last year, one of those voyages to the Titanic nearly bore Ross Kemp, a British broadcaster and actor known for making “gritty” documentaries. the EastEnders Starr has previously worked on serious documentary productions, such as Ross Kemp in AfghanistanAnd Ross Kemp is looking for a hackerAnd Ross Kemp: Battle for the Amazon. The Sun has now reported that Kemp’s agent, Professor Jonathan Shalit, said the director’s documentary team considered flying to Titanic’s Titanic last year as part of a new special, but the plan was dropped due to safety concerns.

“Their team examined this OceanGate submarine and discontinued its use, simply because it was not deemed safe or fit for purpose,” Shalit said. “They found other sub dives that were safe and successful, but by that point, Ross was so busy with all his TV shows that he wasn’t able to make the time.”

The agent added: “I’m relieved I didn’t get my postal note in history as the agent who killed Ross Kemp.

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Ross Kemp canceled the Titanic plan

The Sun also reports that Kemp was tentatively planning a Titanic documentary series last year that would be timed to the 110th anniversary of the ship’s famous sinking. This wasn’t the first time Kemp had explored sunken ships, as he did on Sky History shows Treasure Hunter shipwreck And Deep sea treasure hunter, although it was not in a submarine on those products. One of the scariest moments during filming saw Kemp pass out after inhaling too much carbon dioxide.

An unnamed insider was quoted as saying: “Ross had to get a deep sea diving certification in order to be able to dive as deep as 40 metres, which takes a lot of teaching and learning. But when tentative inquiries were made with OceanGate the question was He was asked: “How much training does he need to go down on the submarine to the Titanic?” The answer was: absolutely nothing.

Kemp’s refusal to go to the Titanic is similar to what happened with Josh Gates, another TV presenter and explorer. Known for hosting Expedition: UnknownGates took a test flight on the Titan in preparation for his maiden voyage on the Titanic. After noticing some safety issues during that flight, Gates said he refused to return to Titan.

“Titan didn’t do well at diving,” Gates said on Twitter, explaining his refusal to return to the submarine. “In the end, I walked away from a huge opportunity to shoot the Titanic due to safety concerns with the OceanGate platform. There’s more to Titan’s history and design that hasn’t been made public—much of it is troubling.”


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