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Buglens, the rubber hand puppets introduced by Mattel in the 1980s, are getting their own movie. At Mattel Films, several projects are currently in development from the company’s IP library, and this month’s release from Barbie It is just the beginning of many to come. There’s a new article by The New Yorker detailing several different projects in the works, revealing that there are plans to do a movie based on Boglins. This comes after the company spent ten months of negotiations to secure the rights to Boglins with several “directors and screenwriters” expressing interest in taking it on.

Andrew Scannell says, “This is a new activity for us—they’re really weird and meaty creatures and monsters.” I had a bunch of them. They are very strange.”

Described as “a little gross” by Elizabeth Bassin of Mattel Films, Boglins was originally introduced primarily as a way to capitalize on the success of Gremlins In the eighties. Now, the Boglins could be coming full circle, as their movie will take some inspiration Gremlins. an idea Buglens The movie is that it will be something similar to Gremlinsbut with a spin around the story.

“They were thinking Gremlins-ish, but with a twist,” said Kevin McCune of Mattel Films, adding that the hope was for Buglens To be a “great Halloween movie” for the sidekick.

“We’re going to get some color combinations,” McCune added, noting that they are working out the right look before hiring screenwriters. “We’ll build a set. We’ll figure out what the story could be in general.”

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Buglins: The Next Gremlins?

Whether Boglins’ movie can go as big as Gremlins Still to be seen, though, they were very popular during their era in the late ’80s. First released in 1987, the puppets were created by Tim Clark, Maureen Trotto, and Larry Maas. The hand puppets are made of very flexible rubber to make it easier for the user to make them talk. With the original line consisting of Boglins named Dwork, Vlobb and Drool, the dolls would be produced until 1994. In recent years there have been new Boglins releases with nostalgia creating a renewed interest in dolls.

Expect many other game-based projects to hit the big screen, courtesy of Mattel Films. Some other game-based films in the works include The Studio Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em RobotsAnd hot wheelsAnd Thomas the tank engineAnd 8 magic ballAnd American GirlAnd UnoAnd watch mscAnd Polly Pocket, and more. while Buglens As dark as these projects may be to get a movie, don’t expect them to be also dark, because Mattel Films will not be developing any R-rated films.

“We’re not going to make anything that looks violent, or that alienates families,” says Robbie Brenner, president of Mattel Films. “We want to stay within Mattel standards.”

the official Buglens A Mattel Films movie that is in its very early stages and does not have an exact release date at this time. Right now, you can watch a short independent film called Muppets Boglens backin the YouTube video below.


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