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Clemens Michelon’s novel Quiet tenant It has been acquired by Blumhouse to adapt as a series or streaming movie. The book is about this column of a genderqueer guy named Aidan Thomas, who is actually a serial killer. The information in this article comes to us from Bloody Disgusting and the book’s page on Amazon.

Jason Blum is one of the most dynamic producers working today, with an enviable list of motion picture and television credits, each of which has a loyal audience on screen. His vision is to bring Quiet tenant For incredibly powerful viewers. “I’m glad he took an interest in my work and to collaborate with him on this project,” said Michelon, who will also be a producer on the show.

The novel, which Amazon calls an “intense thriller and an intelligent study of trauma, survival, and power dynamics,” is told from three different points of view. There’s Rachel, the latest victim Aidan was forced to take with him after he had to move out after his wife’s death. Cecilia, the killer’s teenage daughter, who may be the key to Rachel’s escape. and Emily, the restaurateur who develops a crush on Aidan.

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“I knew from the start that my serial killer wouldn’t speak. I’m a reporter by trade, so I considered writing an original serial killer novel a huge responsibility. Since the serial killer here is victimizing women, there was something important at the center of women’s voices,” Michalon said.

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Praise the quiet tenant

Quiet tenantPublished by Knopf in the US and Abacus in the UK, it is one of the most anticipated novels of the year, according to IndieNext and GoodReads. Megan Abbott, author Dare mecalled the book “Spell Binding,” while Brad Thor, author of Lucerne black named Quiet tenant “Absolutely genius.” As evidenced by the new movie or series deal, they weren’t the only ones who liked the novel.

“I read Clémence’s novel in one sitting and riveted. The story has all the elements of a great screen adaptation,” said Jason Blum, founder and CEO of Blumhouse.

Paul Tremblay, author of The cabin at the end of the world (Quoted as knock in the cabin)He said the book was “clever and suspenseful.” Other positive reviews of the book come from Vogue, who called it “scary, fearful, and compelling,” The Big Thrill, which noted Quiet tenant “as a force of suspense and character,” and even The New York Times said “a professionally paced psychological thriller…[with] white knuckle peak”.

“All…of the expected psychological suspense and tension, but delivering a story about women—the ones who didn’t know the evil that lurked within, the ones who tried to appease or fight but still died, the ones who might actually survive. It’s commanding,” said Alafair Burke, author of Disturbing but never overwhelming… Truly unforgettable” the wife.


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