Bloom House It has quickly climbed through the ranks to become one of the leading production companies primarily for horror content, while also solidifying its base in other successful genres. Founded in 2000 by Jason Blum, the company’s original model was to primarily produce smaller-budget films, allowing directors to expand their creative freedom. Originally called Blum Israel Productions, it had an exclusive First Sight deal with Miramax until 2002, when it became Blumhouse Productions.

Although Blumhouse inked deals with Universal Pictures in 2010 and Amazon Studios and Mattel Films in June 2019, the company has always remained true to its origins in providing opportunities for new directors, helping them allow their projects to be seen on a mainstream scale, while staying true to with their creative ideas. Finding notoriety in mainstream feature films, Blumhouse additionally teamed up with streaming powerhouse, Netflix Studios, to push into broadcast television, developing a Stephen King limited series. While there are quite a number of Blumhouse’s overall achievements, joint ventures, awards, and nominations, let’s dive into the most prestigious and already released horror projects.

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10 crawling

The Grove/Netflix

Unveiled to the masses in 2014, crawling It emerged as an unmistakably found footage horror movie. Recognized for his contributions to independent cinema and comedy, Mark Duplass dared to venture into the realm of horror by bringing to life a character named Joseph who employs a videographer to chronicle his existence. Disturbingly, as the day progresses, things get creepy with Joseph beginning to suspect that something isn’t right with the videographer.

This film revolutionized the found footage genre with its shorthand methodology. Rather than relying on visual theatrics or gore, the film uses straightforward narrative strategies to induce terror. It exploits the frightening unknown, fear of unfamiliarity, and characters’ discomfort to build a framework of suspense and horror.

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Fear is grounded in the film through seemingly benign everyday actions that turn into alarming signs as the plot develops. Duplass’s unpredictability keeps viewers in suspense and curiosity about the next bizarre twist the narrative might take. Patrick Price, director who also takes on the role of videographer, and Mark Duplass team up to create a growing atmosphere of horror and suspense. Duplass’ uncanny performance is highlighted by Brice’s direction, culminating in a terrifying film that leaves audiences questioning the motives of those in their vicinity.

9 is divided

James McAvoy in Split (2016)
Universal Pictures

hit cinema screens in 2016, is divided It sees James McAvoy take on one of his most compelling roles yet. The narrative follows Kevin, a man fragmented into 23 separate personalities, who kidnaps three teenage girls. Interacting with his various identities becomes the girls’ lifeline as they seek to escape before the appearance of the horrific twenty-fourth personality, “The Beast”.

It extends beyond being a psychological thriller, devolving into a physiological spectacle that shows how Kevin’s multiple personalities alter his physical condition. The film invites viewers on a journey that illuminates the frightening potential of the human psyche. It thrives on the concept of the mind’s ability to warp reality, transforming mental distress into physical prowess, which is a chilling and captivating idea.

The combination of M. Night Shyamalan’s direction and McAvoy’s exceptional performance only adds to the film’s resonance. Shyamalan’s narrative ingenuity is on display prominently, ratcheting up tension with subtle allusions and surprising plot twists. The commendable versatility of McAvoy’s performance, bouncing between characters effortlessly, is truly noteworthy, cementing the film’s status as a horror staple in Blumhouse’s ensemble.

8 Invisible Man

Elisabeth Moss as Cecilia in The Invisible Man (2020)
Universal Pictures

dreadfully troubling, Invisible Man His story focuses on the fear of the unseen. That’s the crux of this creepy psychological horror film, released in 2020. Shrouded in fear, the narrative follows Cecilia Kass, the character brought to life by Elisabeth Moss. She’s been cast into the terrifying conviction that her supposedly deceased former partner has gained the power of invisibility to continue his torment. A perilous game of hide and seek ensues, with Cecilia desperate to convince others of this unseen danger.

The film turned out to be a shining testament to Blumhouse’s ingenuity in redefining traditional horror fiction with a modern take. This movie uses the old motif taken from HG Wells’ 19th century science fiction novel, reconfiguring it into a powerful anatomy of gaslighting and domestic violence, thus resonating with today’s viewers. The narrative is intriguing, presenting the horror of disappearance not as a marvel, but as a ruthless tool of control and mental anguish.

He is best known for his remarkable contributions to the opinion And insidiousLeigh Whannell flexes his directorial muscles yet again with his directing of this film. On the other hand, Elisabeth Moss’ age is beyond captivating. In her portrayal of Cecilia Kass, a woman teetering on the edge of reason due to unseen fear, she gives a stunning performance. Her role provides depth and emotional substance to the film, cementing this film as a true tour de force in Blumhouse’s repertoire.

7 Paranormal activity

The final scenes of paranormal activity
Paramount Pictures

as the first horror film released by BlumhouseAnd Paranormal activity The film is about a married couple, Katie (Katie Featherstone) and Micah (Micah Sloat), who move into their new home together. Once strange events begin to occur in the couple’s home, Katie’s backstory resurfaces, revealing that she and her sister Christie have been tormented by a demonic entity since childhood.

The scariest part Paranormal activity The project must have been shot in unfiltered, found footage format, only from a handheld recorder. Also, the fact that the actors’ real names are used as characters, and that the film begins with thanking their families and pretending everything was real, adds an authentic element to the atmosphere of the film.

6 insidious

Patrick Wilson in Insidious
Film District

Supernatural thriller insidious The film is about a local family who begins to experience a series of disturbing paranormal events after moving into their new home. Married couple Josh (Patrick Wilson) and son Renae Lambert (Rose Byrne) suddenly enter a blackout, where his physical body becomes a placeholder for demonic possession from entities to enter at any time, through an unidentified astral plane. Basically, before you move into any new home, do extensive research.

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5 Cleansing

Masked assailants are on the street in The Purge Anarchy
Universal Pictures

Cleansing is one of the most organically terrifying films to be released in the current era; Just the thought of spending an entire night where any kind of violence is legal and justified is terrifying beyond anything that can be explained. In the film, the prisons are overcrowded and the citizens are increasingly angry at the daily conditions and pressures. While the government imposes annual 12-hour penalties during which all criminal activity is legal, the people in the film are able to “purify” themselves by committing crimes during the night. What’s interesting is that the government does this to justify killing innocent people of color, but covers this up with a talking point of purification.

4 Get out

Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington in Get Out, tears streaming down his face as he stares in horror.
Universal Pictures

Dating has never been the same since then Get out issued. After emerging into the next phase of their relationship, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) are getting more serious. When Rose invites him to meet her parents at the family’s secluded country home, the movie takes a turn for the worse when Rose and her parents plot to remake Chris’ brain and sell it to their various friend groups. Chris, a black man, exposes the family’s secrets, and their horrific treatment of black bodies, as he too tries to escape before it’s too late.

3 Halloween

Halloween kills the scene with the horrific Michael Myers kidnapping
Universal Pictures

2018 feature film reboot Halloween The project stars Jamie Lee Curtis, reprising her role as Laurie Strode. After being hospitalized for nearly 40 years at Smith Grove Psychiatric Hospital for his killing spree in Haddonfield, Michael Myers is scheduled to be transferred to a maximum security prison. He apparently broke out (because he’s Michael Myers), leading him on his decades-long quest to capture and kill his (according to some) remaining family members. Halloween Premiums), Laurie Strode.

2 we

The bound boy returns to a burning car in the United States
Universal Pictures

Horror movie meaning weclosely linked to racial and economic identity, it departs from the typical horror film plot line as it explores aspects of politics from the 21st century. The idea of ​​being afraid of strangers and anyone who looks distinctly different is a crucial element of the film, which interrogates a society that has become conditioned by fear of those who are not from the same background as us or have a different viewpoint than ours. The point is, human beings’ worst enemies can sometimes be ourselves.

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1 Unfriended

A boy and a girl in a video chat are scared at the computer in
Universal Pictures

On a typical night in Unfriended, Several teens are online, participating in a group video chat session. Once an unknown user, “Billie22”, logs into the chat, strange events start to happen when one of the users starts receiving a series of direct messages from a classmate who killed herself. After the group is forced to reveal their darkest secrets, the rest of the users begin killing off, one by one, in this excellent and chilling example of social media in the movies.


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