Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny It finally reached theaters, and is being marketed as the definitive adventure of Indiana Jones. It would be the last time Harrison Ford would play the whip-wielding archaeologist and would serve as the conclusion to the five films George Lucas originally wanted to make for the character (although it was never planned). He was released after 42 years Raiders of the Lost Ark Screens debut, it’s truly the end of an era. It’s fair to say that Indy is the greatest action hero in the history of cinema. There is not much doubt about that.

While Lucasfilm has confirmed that there will be no more Indiana Jones movies and only Harrison Ford is Indiana Jones, it’s hard to imagine a studio like Disney would let a franchise as well-known and well-known as Indiana Jones just retire. In an endless age of franchise reboots and sequels, it feels like nothing has quite gone away.

Update July 7, 2023: This article was updated after the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny It includes more screenshots.

While one can make the argument that the franchise can and should end, the idea of ​​more movies shouldn’t be ruled out entirely. Indiana Jones is partially inspired by James Bond, and the role has been recast several times, so why is Indiana Jones out of the question? The franchise could maintain a sense of continuity by passing the title on to a new character. There are a lot of potential new Indiana Jones actors and actresses. So, fans should take a look at this list and see who could use the hat and fedora instead of the legendary Harrison Ford.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Walt Disney Studios

The most obvious choice is Phoebe Waller-Bridgewho plays Helena Shaw in Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. All that is currently known about her character is that she is the granddaughter of Indiana Jones and is the daughter of Indy’s old friend Basil Shaw. Basil Shaw, as Indy’s friend and classmate Marcus Brody played by Denholm Elliott in Raiders of the Lost Ark And Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, He is just adventurous and hungry to discover new artifacts.

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Since Helena, or “Wombats” as Jones likes to refer to her as the daughter of Basil Shaw, a really important friend to Indiana Jones, her takeover of the franchise would be very similar to how rocky series moved to creed franchise. creed I followed the protagonist’s friend’s kid, and it worked very well in that series. worked for rockyand can work for it Indiana Jones. He really has the potential to be the right blueprint for this popular franchise.

Chris Evans

Chris Evans Knives

To take on the role of a legendary archaeologist and adventurer, an actor or actress must be a star. This is what Harrison Ford was in 1981 and it clearly remains to this day. It’s hard to find a star actor with better experience playing heroic and adventurous roles than Chris Evans over the past 15-20 years. Evans, who has portrayed most of the role of Captain America, as well as Johnny Storm in both Fantastic Four films. He was also the voice of Buzz Lightyear in 2022 at Pixar classic Light year.

Evans has experience playing characters who fight for the greater good. They overcome pain and problems to help save the world. It may take some fans to get used to the idea of ​​Evans possibly playing Dr. Jones, but it wouldn’t be too bad of a choice in the long run.

Bradley CooperBest action movies bradley coopers

Bradley Cooper Is the definition of a versatile participle. He has captured the hearts of fans everywhere for his roles in it Remnants franchise, The First Team, No Limits, Guardians of the Galaxy, American Sniper, And A star is born. The Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated actor is one of the greatest actors of this era. He could be just the right actor the historical franchise is looking for to take on the archaeologist’s job traveling the world, and handling the whip.

Again, fans will need some time to get used to the idea of ​​Cooper taking on an absolutely fantastic actor like Ford. Like almost all of these actors on the list, Cooper will have to play a middle-aged version of Indiana Jones. Maybe after events The last crusade. Remember, Cooper is 48 years old. Ford shines The last crusade He is 47 years old. But he would definitely be a good choice to take over for Indy.

Mike Vest

Mike Fest in West Side Story (2021)
Walt Disney Studios

If an approach is taken to reboot the series entirely, that opens the door for a diverse cast, and one in particular is him Mike Vest. A successful star on Broadway, Feist broke out with his performance in Indiana Jones Director Steven Spielberg 2021 edition of West Side Story. Feist plays Riff, the leader of the spirited Jets, and within his first few minutes he shows potential as a movie star. Feist’s snub for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards is one of the biggest upsets in recent memory, but the actor will undoubtedly go on to have a successful career.

While Feist may not fit into the traditional design of what someone would expect from Indiana Jones, the same was said when Robert Pattinson and Christian Bale were cast as Batman. can always work on it. However, since it is so different from Ford, it must be kept in mind. If they were to reboot the franchise, shouldn’t the goal be to try something new with the character? Harrison Ford modeled the character, but it would be exciting to see someone bring a new character to Indiana Jones. Daniel Craig was unlike any of the previous James Bond actors who came before him, but he managed to reinvent the character in new and exciting ways. Franchise should not be afraid of change.

Winston Duke

Winston Duke as M'Baku in Infinity War
Marvel Studios

The reboot feature means that the filmmakers aren’t bound by any previous form of continuity or past rules of the franchise, and in the Indiana Jones reboot, they can put together a broader network of actors to play the part. Winston Duke He broke out as a fan favorite in the MCU playing the character M’Baku, and while he certainly has goodwill, his role in… we Just an ordinary suburban dad showed just how talented the actor’s set can be.

Just because Harrison Ford is white doesn’t mean the character is inherently white; Character is a concept, so why stop so many talented actors from focusing on a likable character? Changing Indiana Jones’ ethnicity also puts a new spin on the franchise, one that acknowledges the hardships of a black man in the 1930s, while also acknowledging the colonial idea of ​​taking artifacts from their country of origin. A new twist to the Indiana Jones setting, in which the Indiana Jones return artifacts to their rightful homelands, may be needed. It could be a good change for the series.

Jake Johnson

Nick Miller zombie protagonist in season 2 episode 9

While most audiences may relate Jake Johnson With comedy shows as in new girlAnd jurassic worldAnd Spider-Man: Through the Spider-VerseJohnson also has a great set that would make a great Indiana Jones. shows like stomptown Show a different side to Johnson, an adventurous side to Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones. He’s charming, funny, and has those rough edges that make Indiana Jones stand out. Johnson certainly might not be the best choice, but the more one thinks about it, it could work.

Ke Huy Quan

Ke Huy Quan in everything everywhere at once
A 24

Ke Huy Quan He’s having one hell of a comeback, with his amazing performance in Everything everywhere at once Which made him an Academy Award winning actor. However, most fans will remember that Quan was playing Short Round Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The darling child to archaeologist and heart of this darker sequel in the franchise, Quan’s return to acting may indicate that now is the perfect time for him to return to the franchise and helm the series. Plus, he’s spent years working as a stunt coordinator, so he has the action chops.

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Quan could return as a shortstop, and she could become the franchise’s new lead character. It helps connect the previous films with future plans, taps into fan nostalgia for the earlier films, and capitalizes on Kwan’s recent career in the Renaissance. Still, it would be emotionally rewarding to see Short Round trade a New York Yankees baseball cap for an Indiana Jones fedora and mirror a new kind of adventurer. Who learned from Indiana Jones but with his own personality and desires. According to the comics, Shorty was sent to a boarding school by Indiana Jones after the events of Temple of death. It would make more sense to take a short tour of the now older mantle that Jones has held for so long.

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling in Drive (2011)
FilmDistrict and Wild Side Films

Ryan Gosling He is the perfect choice to take on the mantle of Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones. When it comes to actors who capture the same movie star presence that was the effortlessly gorgeous and handsome Harrison Ford, Gosling is his 21st century equivalent. Need proof that he can do a job? He watches driving or gray man. Gosling has proven that he has the necessary charm and charisma for roles in films such as Crazy stupid love And La La Land Or a movie that combines action and satirical comedy in the style of Indiana Jones, nice guys. Stoic men from another age? first man And Gangster Squad Are you covered? Gosling fit every criteria that made Ford so perfect for the role, and the two worked hand in hand with each other. Blade Runner 2049.

However, Gosling could also bring something new to the role. Gosling is known for his intense gaze, which contrasts well with some of his softer features. It makes him more vulnerable but still an intense action hero. It would very much be an Indiana Jones of a new age, an era that honors what came before but is also unique to the time the movie was created.


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