The most famous John Hughes movie of the 80’s is The Breakfast Club. The movie sparked endless discussions about stereotypes, peer pressure, and that we have more similarities than differences with others around us. in addition to, The Breakfast Club is one of Hughes’ most referenced sitcoms. From a high school reunion episode of Psychological to a loop of bob burger, the film is a layering of adaptable comedy for the writers to pull off in the pre-production era of a show. As a cinematic icon, Hughes’ film brings the discussion of societal hierarchy to the fore by hiring the rudest group of humans to be its messenger: teenagers.

While the younger generations may get all the media attention, Generation X was the last generation that was not strongly affected by technology in their youth. Indeed, if The Breakfast Club It was to be updated, and it would be difficult to replicate the film because the film was ahead of its time in its discussions and presentation. Essentially, every teenager is a member of a certain clique in high school, which is forced to spend Saturday in detention.

Emilio Estevez, who portrays Andrew, the athlete. Judd Nelson plays John Bender, or just Bender, who is the well-known rebel at school. He has one of the best scenes in cinematic history: thrusting his fist into the air as the sun sets over the soccer field. Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy star as the Princess and the Basket Keeper. While Anthony Michael Hall rounds out the gang as Brian, the Brain. Paul Gleeson and John Kapelos portray the adults trying to keep the kids in line. naturally, The Breakfast Club It is not the only film in which the former actors also starred. Here are the best movies from the main cast.

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Emilio Estevez – The Way

Elixir Movies

Andrew (Emilio Estevez) Begins The Breakfast Club A typical jock who only cares about wrestling. However, as the day goes on, Andrew reveals that he feels like he is making his father’s dreams come true. after The Breakfast ClubEstevez has starred in a host of films such as Mighty ducks And Mission: Impossible. He even made cameos in West Wing With his father, Martin Sheen Two and a half men Along with his brother, Charlie Sheen.

While Estevez has enjoyed a colorful acting career, he has written eight films that have been nominated for dozens of awards. The common thing with actors who write is to do their job. in methodNot only did Estevez write and star in the movie, he also asked his father to star in the movie. Shane and Estevez portray father and son in the film, but not for long. Estevez plays Daniel, an explorer who dies on a trip. His father, Tom, is asked to collect his sons’ remains and decides to end his son’s travels in memory of him.

Judd Nelson – New Jack City

Ice-T, Mario Van Peebles, Judd Nelson and Michael Michele in New Jack City
Warner Bros

The Breakfast ClubThe rebel at school, John Bender (Judd Nelson) is more advanced than his classmates in terms of how the world works. His mentality was more like that of a young adult than a teenager. In an interview with The A.V. Club, Nelson revealed that he and fellow co-star Estevez were both in their early twenties during that time of filming. He also revealed that his experience at the private school helped him connect with Bender.

after The Breakfast Clubreunited with Estevez in the movie St. Elmo’s Fire With another star, Ally Sheedy. He also appeared in the funny comedy series Suddenly Susan and various animated series in transformers franchise. However, one movie stood out in his career: New Jack City. In this movie, the cast is mainly black actors, including Ice-T, Chris Rock, and Wesley Snipes. The film closely examines the dichotomy between successful drug dealers and successful police officers, both of whom are entangled in a vicious circle.

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Molly Ringwald – Sixteen Candles

Sixteen candles
Universal Pictures

One of the most prolific Brat Pack actresses of the 80’s is Molly Ringwaldwho portrayed Princess Claire in The Breakfast Club. She is personable in everything she does, including the lunch she brought to the reservation. If anyone is an ’80s “It Girl,” Ringwald is the obvious contender. She has as many cameos in the comics as the series Psychological And mocking all teen movies Not another teen moviebut her best movie other than The Breakfast Club He is Sixteen candles.

Another Hughes classic, Ringwald depicts a girl celebrating her sweet sixteen, as Jewish and Mexican cultures recognize the age of 13 and 15, respectively, and American culture celebrates the age of 16. The person is 16 years old, is of legal age to drive and also attends high school prom. As big a celebration as this should be, Sam’s family forgets her birthday. Although this is not the worst part of her day. Sam faces every awkward moment a teenage girl might have on her birthday.

Ally Sheedy – War Games

Ally Chidi and Matthew Broderick in the War Games

Another member of the 80d Brat Pack actress is Ally Sheedywho portrays Alison V The Breakfast Club. In the 1980s, a misunderstood group was the Basket State group. The phrase is now understood as a form of anxiety or depression. Just as Claire has an interest in fashion, Alison loves to make art, though she uses her dandruff to make snow for her drawings.

Chidi reunited with her co-stars Estevez and Nelson at the St. Elmo’s Fire and shine in short circuit epic after a success The Breakfast Club. However, Sheedy found success with other projects before joining Hughes’ legacy. Two years before she became Alison, Chidi starred War games Like Jennifer. In the film, a teenager successfully hacks into a military computer simulation as they nearly start World War III.

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Paul Gleason – Not Another Teen Movie

Paul Gleeson in Not Another Teen Movie
Columbia Pictures

Currently, students serve detention during school hours, but this has not always been the case. Some schools continue to practice Sabbath School as punishment for students who “misbehave”. They spend Saturday on campus working with teachers present to supervise. in The Breakfast ClubAssistant Director, Mr. Vernon (Paul Gleeson), supervises the five detained students and gives them a task to complete during their detention. The assignment gives a final monologue from the students that questions the high school models given to them by the adults in their lives.

Gleason had a wealthy career before his death. He reprized the role of Mr. Vernon several times, but the most epic revenge was in the movie Not another teen movie. The film, which also stars Ringwald and teen actress Melissa Joan Hart, parodies teen-focused films like Malicious intentionsAnd She is all of thisand the American pie long story.

Anthony Michael Hall – War Machine

Anthony Michael Hall at WarMachine

brain The Breakfast Club The group is Brian, portraying it Anthony Michael Hall. In most cases, the smartest people don’t get into trouble. But if they do, it’s usually a one-off. For Brian, everyone in custody is baffled as to why he is there, and he is unwilling to say why he is there. As his peers in detention reveal, they feel pressured to succeed or hold their ground, but Brian felt this the most. He was under arrest for bringing a flare gun to school in an attempt to redeem himself for failing a project.

Hall portrayed the witty character in many films in the 1980s and moved on to portraying military or police personnel in other films. in war machineHall portrays Major General Greg Pulver. The film depicts the true story of how US politicians and military personnel feel about the US war in Afghanistan, as Men’s Journal explains.

John Kapelos – The Shape of Water

John Kapelos in The Shape of Water
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The janitorial staff work many hours as do the teachers and are not appreciated in the community. The guardian of the high school is Carl (John Kapelos) and is highly suspicious of the detained students. Mr. Vernon ignores Carl’s concerns, but is ultimately fooled when the students switch in one letter instead of five separate letters.

Kapelos is most famous for its appearances in The Breakfast Club And Legally blonde. It also starred director Guillermo del Toro form of water. In the film, he plays Mr. Arzumanian alongside Michael Shannon’s Richard Strickland, who captures a creature known as the amphibious man. The movie won four Oscars in 2018.


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