There are some actors who, when they appear unexpectedly in a TV show or movie, automatically improve the experience. It’s not that they make the movie better with their presence, but they’re just the best of the possibilities.

Jason Bateman He is one of those guys. In recent decades, we’ve seen him grow from “the nice guy who made sitcoms better with his portrayal of the all-American white man” to a Hollywood figure capable of handling any type by sitting on any available seat. He’s always shown skills beyond acting (becoming one of the youngest TV directors during the ’90s), but now he’s a Hollywood director/producer and his identity is pretty cool.

Today, we’re stuck with acting, but who knows if we’ll soon have to make a list of his best work as a director. This is Batman’s greatest work as an actor in film and television.

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10 Wali – switch

Walt Disney Studios

in keyBateman plays a man caught in a very awkward situation. His best friend, Cassie, decides to throw an insemination party in which she “applies” sperm from a donor. Wally gets lost and accidentally discards the cup containing the seeds. He decides not to tell anyone and replaces the sperm with his own. Of course, Cassie has become the mother of a boy who looks eerily like Wally. This is a rom-com with a very clever script that seems tailor-made for an actor like Bateman.

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9 Max – Game Night

Night peek takes Jason Bateman on one wild ride
Pictures Warner Bros

game night It is one of the best comedies of recent years. Batman is another part of a great group of actors who work as directed by a sharp, funny and perfectly paced script. In the film, Bateman plays Max, Annie’s husband. They both love hosting game nights for their friends. Problem is, one day Brooks, Max’s brother, shows up and brings them all together in a role-playing puzzle game that might be too realistic. This is Batman in his comfort zone of action and comedy, which works flawlessly for the actor.

8 Pepper – Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Batman dodgeball
Twentieth Century Fox

This is one of Bateman’s smallest roles on the list, but it’s definitely one of the best. in Dodgeball: A True Underdog StoryThe actor stands in the background in a very slight performance as a gum-chewing sports commentator in an outlandish outfit. Hairstyle, sunglasses, and one liner. Bateman represents everything that’s bad with lesser-known sports channels that have no rules when it comes to who they put in front of the cameras. It’s easy to imagine the guy having a blast while filming.

7 Jude – This is where I leave you

Shawn Levy This is where I leave you
Pictures Warner Bros

This is where I leave you A good movie that tells the story of a group of siblings dealing with the death of their father. Judd is one of them, and he’s going through something else: His wife cheated on him with his boss. Bateman leads the film with an honest, heartwarming performance that never goes beyond the comedy-drama mix. Once again, Batman is in his comfort zone with this one.

6 From outside

From outside

Bateman’s performance From outside So good that it freaks us out when we find out his character’s fate, even if we kind of know the guy deserved what he got. At least, that’s what we think of with the basic premise of Stephen King’s original story. In the miniseries, the actor plays Terry Maitland, a baseball coach who is arrested for killing a boy in a small town. In this Bateman shows a range so rare in his body of work.

5 Rob Strasser – Air

Jason Bateman Aviation
Amazon Studios / Warner Bros. Pictures

in Ben Affleck airBateman plays Rob Strasser, the marketing specialist who, along with Sonny Vaccaro, came up with the strategy to launch the Air Jordans line back in 1984. Bateman’s performance is that of a man who lacks the necessary motivation to make the deal. He’s tired and has a touching attitude towards his lifestyle that was marred by a recent custody battle. This movie shows that Bateman should be cast in dramas more often because he feels like a resonant force when confronted with corporate triumph and realizing he may be on the verge of success.

4 Simon – the gift

the gift
stx entertainment

Yes, we get it. Rebecca Hall and Joel Edgerton star in the thriller the gift. Bateman’s honest, down-to-earth performance is essential to the final effect of the movie. Edgerton’s screenplay and directing skills can’t be denied in a movie about the unexpected results of a new friendship. This is the best I’ve seen telling him, so do yourself a favor and give him an hour today. Seeing Bateman’s Simon crumble on the brink of the suspicion that will haunt him forever is unforgettable.

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3 Nick – Terrible Bosses

Charlie Day, Jason Bateman, and Jason Sudeikis in Horrible Bosses
Pictures Warner Bros

By this point, you should probably see the link between Batman and the writing team of John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein. in Very bad managersBateman plays Nick, a grown man who is fed up with his boss. His friends also share the feeling for their bosses. What they come up with may seem excessive to you but only if you don’t have bosses like that.

Nick is the sober, serious guy who questions every decision and always tries to stop plans. However, his boss is also the worst. This makes Bateman’s Nick the starring role in a movie that features the actor doing what he does best: action comedies. The role of Batman is also great in the sequel Terrible Bosses 2.

2 Michael Bluth – Arrested Development

Development stopped

Michael Bluth in Development stopped Maybe he made you think everything would be fine. Michael always seemed to have a plan and a solution to everything. But in reality, all he wants is to be a good figure for his son, George Michael. Bateman’s portrayal of the upright member of the Bluths was a great prototype for what followed in his career. Funny situations led by a man who, when disappointed, can really represent a feeling of failure. This is the role that made him famous in the later part of his career.

1 Marty Birdy – Ozark

Ruth cried,

Marty Birdy is Bateman’s greatest role, either in television or film. Ozark is the Netflix show that definitely put him in the spotlight as a dramatic actor who can do action thrillers with a very chilled attitude, explaining family men trying to keep everything together. in OzarkHe plays a father, husband, and money launderer. Birdie’s attitude was always great, but when he lost control, the broken man showed up. His desperate tears were rare, but they add the dramatic value that makes this Bateman’s most famous work throughout his career. for now.


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