2022 has brought us a lot of great television. From action to comedy to horror and the genres in between, there was something for everyone with a seemingly endless number of streaming services available now. The year 2022 has come to an end in England, and it’s been a particularly successful year for the genre he knows best: crime drama.

From funny to hilarious, unique to classic film, classic take on classic film, the film industry across the pond has put a large number of crime dramas on the market. Here are the best British crime dramas from 2022.

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10 Ipcress file


The beginning of our list is a TV series based on the 1962 novel Ipcress files by Lynn Deaton. Starring Joe Cole, Tom Hollander and Lucy Boynton, the series follows Harry Palmer, a former bootlegger who is arrested for his crimes. Lured by the option of avoiding military prison, Palmer is offered a job as an intelligence officer in a small unit called WOOC, dedicated to investigating a missing British nuclear scientist.

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Caught directly in the middle of the Cold War, Palmer finds himself even more immersed in discovering what happened to this world, affecting the course of the Cold War in unimaginable ways. There’s a reason this show is on our list: There’s no crime drama like Spy Story, and there’s no spy story quite like a Cold War thriller. The show is a real feat of mastery, weaving an intricate storyline into a straightforward storyline that leaves the audience desperate to learn more along the way.

9 Devil’s hour

Peter Capaldi on The Devil's Hour TV show
Prime Video

Next on the list is a delicious psychological thriller and British drama rolled into one. After a series of strange events in her life, including constantly waking up at 3:33 a.m. every night—a time period known as the Devil’s Hour—Lucy discovers that her name is inexplicably linked to a series of horrific murders. The series even has its own Hannibal Lecter character – Gideon Shepard, played by the talented Peter Kobale. Devil’s hour This applies to the stables of the genre: the cliffhanger moments at the end of each episode, the intense suspense, and the enigmatic characters.

8 The point of ignition or the moment of ignition

The point of ignition or the moment of ignition

When a mysterious series of military-grade bombings are detonated across London, the police turn to former military bomb disposal operator Lana Washington to find out who is doing it, why, and how to stop it. The protagonist is tough as nails, dedicated to protecting British citizens from premature deaths. I later discovered that some of her experiences in Afghanistan are somehow connected to the current chain of violence. Produced by the folks who brought you The Bodyguard and Line of Duty, The point of ignition or the moment of ignition is an interesting series that looks at the troubling nature of counterterrorism.

7 Sherwood

Sherwood 2022 BBC series

Written by James Graham and starring David Morrissey, Sherwood Inspired by the real-life murders in Nottinghamshire in 2004. A quick six-episode series, the series is both addictive and heartbreaking. In a town already struggling with a dark history, and in the midst of several union groups staging a strike for better workers’ rights, two murders further divide the community. The story is dark and twisted, diving deep into the small town’s psyche and its somewhat uncanny way of thinking.

6 Why didn’t they ask Evans

Why didn't you ask Evans?
Prime Video

while Sherwood is all dark, Why didn’t they ask Evans It brings light comedy to its suspenseful plot. In the 1930s, Bobby Jones is tasked with delivering the last words of a dying man to his son: “Why didn’t they ask Evans?” The strangeness of this quote makes Bobby wonder, eventually leading him and his charming friend Lady Frankie Derwent into a crime-solving adventure.

The series is as joyful as it is suspenseful, with an aesthetic and costume that makes its viewers nostalgic for a simpler time. Starring Will Poulter and Lucy Boynton as our two leading heroes, the show delivers stellar performances that help further thrill audiences as they become more curious about a dying man’s question.

5 the tourist

The Tourist - BBC - Jamie Dornan

There are not many British dramas in the desert. so when the tourist He walked out, staring at our Irish leading man somewhere in the bush in Australia, the crowd quick to take notice. When Elliot Stanley (Jamie Dornan) wakes up in a hospital in Australia, he’s forced to piece together his life through a series of clues, as well as some unexpected characters who return from his past.

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Dornan is brilliant in his role as the unaware hero, guiding audiences as we piece together his terrifying life with him. With notes from Christopher Nolan’s classics souvenirin the desert, with lots of funny and charming characters, the tourist It has a lot of fun and new elements that create newness to the crime drama genre.

4 renal

Chloe Prime Video Still
Prime Video

From Alice Sebright, Director of Sex Education, renal A British series that explores what happens to a woman with a strange psyche after the sudden death of her old friend. Obsessed with an old friend, Becky Greene has begun to infiltrate the recently deceased woman’s life. Originally a wallflower, quiet and forgetful, Becky feels empowered by her sudden changes. Popular, well-connected, and always surrounded by friends and lovers, she’s much happier in the new version of herself than she was before. However, as she continues to live this alternate life, Becky begins to lose her grip on reality. A psychologically twisted, seductive, and powerful look at the female psyche, renal deserve watching.

3 Essex Snake

A woman and a man walking along the marsh.
+ Apple TV

A gothic romance, historical clip, and British crime drama rolled into one, Essex Snake It is the Tour-de-Force that gets each of these genres right. Starring Tom Hiddleston and Claire Danes in the lead roles, Essex Snake Cora follows Seaborn, a widower who moves to Essex to investigate local lore about a mythical snake.

There, she not only tangles with local vicar Will Ransom, but finds herself accused of bringing a mysterious creature back to Essex and causing a series of violence. She must work with her new friends to break the terror that is afflicting everyone in Essex. Crisp cinematography, enticing performances, and heart-stopping action sequences can all be expected in this solid miniseries.

2 spoil

Channel 4

The next series on our list has a unique aesthetic while maintaining the classic crime drama plot. Not to mention, Jamie-Lee O’Donnell is definitely excellent at Dairy girlsbut she wows audiences in her role as Rose Jill spoil. The show is a defiantly hidden gem, with a small but loyal following.

Set in a men’s prison, the series follows Rose and a fellow police officer who work in Ward C. New to the workforce, Rose is still learning things, such as who really is in charge among the prisoner community and their supervisors. Together with seasoned veteran Lee Henry, played by Nina Sosanya, they are the perfect foil for each other.

A funny, insightful, and powerful look at the daily abuses that occur in prisons. spoil She keeps the audience’s heart rate up the whole time while at the same time making them fall in love with her diverse cast. Through each episode, we learn about the unique background of each police officer in charge and the philosophy behind their prison protocol.

1 responder


Number one on our list for 2022 is Responds. A police drama that takes place in Liverpool. responder Written by former Merseyside Police officer, Tony Schumacher. Following Chris Carson (Martin Freeman), a down-on-his-luck police officer who was recently demoted to inspector and forced to take the night shift.

Suddenly, things really start to change for Chris when he meets Casey, a woman who stole cocaine from a mid-level drug dealer. Through his relationship with Casey, Chris began to question his own violence as a police officer, as well as the work he was trying to give to his community. The show does not shy away from tough topics including police brutality, drug addiction, and the psychological trauma of those who grew up in unsafe communities.

A well-versed man in the British crime genre (he was on Sherlock, after all) It’s refreshing to see Martin Freeman in this new role as a police officer. Alongside Adelayo Adelayo as Rachel Hargreaves, Chris’ probationary police officer, the two balance each other perfectly to capture all the psychological challenges that police officers face. The show is full of larger-than-life action sequences, yet balances this out with beautiful scenes of humility. With a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, responder It is an exciting series that has fans roots for its characters from start to finish.


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