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There were some great guest stars who appeared in the second season of the show The bearAmong them is a Hollywood icon Jamie Lee Curtis. The appearance comes just months after Curtis won her first Oscar for her role in the blockbuster A24 Everything everywhere at once. While that kind of big win would put Curtis in high demand, giving her enough offers on potential next roles, she was quick to accept a part in the second season of The bear. The role is perhaps the most significant of the new characters in the series as Curtis plays Donna Perzato, Carmi’s mother to Jeremy Allen White.

In a new conversation with Vulture, director Jenny Bacharach talks about Donna’s casting process. She revealed how Curtis was personable to the role from the start, but there were serious doubts she could be made, given her recent Academy Award win. So other famous actresses followed, including two other Academy Award nominees, though both would pass on the role before working with Curtis.

“Jamie Lee has been on the list since the beginning,” Bacharach explains. “But it was during the whole run-up to the Oscars, and it was kind of Yeah, yeah, sure. Let’s keep talking about Jamie Lee, but, come on, she’s going to win an Oscar. “

Then Bacharach reveals it Michelle PfeifferHe was also cast as Donna. Pfeiffer is a three-time Oscar nominee, having been nominated for films dangerous relationshipsAnd Fabulous Baker BoysAnd field of love. She was also very interested in taking the role as a cheerleader for The bear, but in her case, that was not possible due to scheduling. This led to Pfeiffer turning down the role.

“[She] He was a huge fan of the show and really thought about it,” Bacharach says. “We went back and forth back and forth, and ultimately her schedule just didn’t allow for it.”

Another famous actress that was considered was Kant Melanie Griffith. Griffith, who won a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in it working girlHowever, he was more reluctant to accept the part than either Pfeiffer or Curtis. Bacharach thought she didn’t think Griffith “was quite ready to take on the role”, and eventually passed on the role. from there, bear The team went back to Curtis, up front Halloween Mark the part even with doubts you will accept. Fortunately, just the opposite happened.

“She was just a really big fan,” Bacharach says of Curtis. “I think she said ‘yes’ before she even looked at the scripts, just based on the character description and the show’s sign-up.”

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The Bear Season 2 brings amazing superstars

Another fun guest star is Better Call Saul Star Bob Odenkirk as “Uncle Lee”, a friend of the Berzato family. Bacharach says series creator Christopher Storer had originally reached out to a “well-known actor friend” to take on the role, but once Bacharach suggested Odenkirk, all plans were changed to cast him as the character instead.

“I needed someone who would be able to hold his own with him [Jon] Bernthal,” Bacharach explains.

officially, The bear It has not been renewed for a third season at this time, but we expect it to be soon, given the series’ continued success. One has to wonder what other guest stars could be in for a possible third season. Anyway, you can stream the second season of The bear on Hulu.


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