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position or terminator a star Arnold Schwarzenegger Very well he could be the most impersonated actor in the world, due to his unique voice and way of speaking. This has led to the countless impressions of Schwarzenegger delivered over the years, from fans quoting the actor’s films to the many comedy sketches and routines seen on television. But who does the best impersonation of them all?

This is debatable, but Schwarzenegger has his own favourites. In a video shared on YouTube by Reddit to promote the action star’s Netflix series fubarSchwarzenegger was shown a comment from a comedian saying that they were “booed off the stage at the comedy club for doing bad impressions of Arnold Schwarzenegger.” In response, Schwarzenegger suggests that the comedian revise the “Hans and Franz” sketches. Saturday Night Live The duo he credits with giving him his “best” impressions.

“Reach out to Hans and Franz from Saturday Night Live,” Schwarzenegger says. “I remember they did The best impression of me. It wasn’t exactly the way I sounded, but that’s what made it really funny.”

First appearance in SNL In 1987, Hans and Franz characters were played, respectively, by Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon. Schwarzenegger impersonations, the characters were part of a recurring sktech called “Pumping Up with Hans & Franz”. Cast as bodybuilders, they wore padding under gray tracksuits and spoke with heavy Austrian accents. The sketches were so popular that at one point Schwarzenegger appeared to refer to Hans and Franz as his “cousins.”

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Hans and Franz recently got back… kind of

It is strange that the characters of Hans and Franz have returned recently, but it is not Saturday Night Live. It was announced in May that Carvey and Nealon would return as characters for the podcast series. The podcast is based on a script written for a planned film about Hans and Franz that was canceled before production began in the early 1990s. The podcast, which consists of four parts, has been called Lost Hans and Franz moviewhich is essentially the unproduced audio version of the film.

Other celebrities have gone viral in recent years for impersonating Schwarzenegger. Bill Hader is famous for faking Arnold, back in his days Saturday Night Live, although he would also occasionally delve into his topical impressions during interviews. last Saturday Night Live Alumni who have impersonated Schwarzenegger or his movie characters on the show over the years include Darrell Hammond, Jim Belushi, and Phil Hartman.

Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger continues to pull off a one-liner in the action genre, as we’ve seen in his role in the Netflix series fubar. He will reprise this role as the show has been renewed for a second season. The Hollywood star and former California governor also recently told his story in a new Netflix docuseries Arnold. The actor will also appear as the boss in the upcoming movie kung fury 2.


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