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In the world of big movie franchises, there are always second chances to make a first impression. This becomes easier when playing a CGI character, eg Andy Serkis Proved when he followed up with his appearance as Supreme Commander Snook in the star Wars Sequel with the movie Kino Loy in Andor. However, after his experience playing Snoke in The Force Awakens And last jedi, Serkis almost refused the option to return to star Wars universe for the second time.

Andy Serkis has proven himself to be one of the greatest actors of a generation, from his origins on British television, through his groundbreaking motion capture work and voiceover performances such as Gollum in the Lord of the RingsKing Kong, and Caesar V Planet of the Apesfor his appearances in the MCU and star Wars long story. Because of this, it wasn’t his performance as Snoke that caused trouble for fans, but the way the character was set up as a major villain, but easily dispatched halfway through star Wars sequel trilogy. The backlash against this gave Serkis reason to doubt whether or not he should return, he told The Hollywood Reporter.

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“There was such confusion about the Snoke and Snoke theories, I thought people would turn around and wonder what the hell is going on and assume there is some kind of connection there, I thought, ‘This is a minefield. “”

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Was Andy Serkis Right to Return to Indore?


The answer to this question is a very clear yes. Andor Itself is widely considered a huge step forward for the star Wars franchise, in the footsteps Rogue One In delivering a very different kind of story to those usually delivered in the franchise.

And as a large part of that, Serkis’ appearance as Kino Lowe is part of the series’ storyline, seen over time evolving from a rule-abiding prison warden to an angry rebel as the story unfolds. Serkis is a master of character-driven roles, and while he had nothing to make up for in a voice-and-motion capture performance as Snoke, he certainly created another memorable and more satisfying character in the series. Andor from his previous appearance.

Andor The second season will be a direct prequel to Star Wars: Rogue Onedetailing the three days leading up to the events of the film and completely bridging the gap between the two and closing this chapter of the series star Wars franchise. While there are still many periods of untold stories in between imaginary danger And Celestial RiseNow, the franchise is heading into new territory with some of its upcoming films, which will continue thousands of years into the Jedi Order’s past and into a future beyond where Rey Skywalker’s story appears to have ended.


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