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Uncork’d Entertainment has released the official trailer for the new revenge movie IM angry. In the film, actress Hannaj Bang Bendz plays a woman hoping to have some quality time alone when a bloody cult targets her. They learn soon enough that they’ll be better off letting it go. The movie is set to be released on DVD and Digital on August 1, 2023, and you can get an early look now by watching the new trailer below.

IM angry behind the team one army (2020). It stars Hanage Bang Bends, who is recognizable for her memorable roles in British films The man who climbs the stairs And cheerfulness. IM angry It is directed by David Ryan Keith, who previously collaborated with Uncork’d Entertainment Redwood Massacre films. Keith co-wrote the screenplay for the film IM angry with Stephen Durham (one army).

The official summary of IM angry As follows:

Irene’s idyllic country trip turns horrifying when a bloody, sinister cult kidnaps her. But they make a huge mistake, and her captors soon learn the agonizing consequences of stepping on someone with severe anger issues.

“I Am Rage is likely to be added to many to-do lists this summer, a blockbuster action movie with brilliantly choreographed action and fight sequences and a terrific performance by Hanaj Bang Bendz,” Uncork’d Entertainment President Keith Leopard says of the film. If you enjoy similar titles John WickAnd Atomic blonde and Uncork’d one armyYou should see it.”

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I’m Wrath: A Story of Revenge

Keith has experience working with the constraints of low budget projects on independent films. He previously mentioned in an interview on Drunk In A Graveyard how horror was a great genre for indie filmmakers to delve into noting how it can often take some creativity to figure out how to make these types of films work when dealing with budget constraints.

“The horror genre has always been a go-to for indie filmmakers on a tight budget,” he said, “It’s a great place to start and try out the actual nuts of filmmaking.” “It’s really expensive to hire professional actors and crew, but horror seems to be more forgiving when working with lower budgets, it forces you to work on the visual side of things to try to make up for what you don’t have behind the camera (and sometimes in front)”.

on compilation Redwood MassacreThe director added: “We’ve raised £35,000 of our own money Redwood Massacre; It’s still a very small amount of money to make a movie, especially when you don’t really have the kind of financial resources to throw into a production that might not get you anything back. We kept being told slasher movies weren’t selling, but I was convinced the horror community would at least give this genre a shot if it was made and marketed the right way.”

IM angry It will be released on Digital and DVD on August 1, 2023, courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.


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