Netflix reunion movie for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Several fan favorites from the show’s early seasons bring back, but there’s one notably absent Amy Jo Johnson. Best known for playing Kimberly, the original Pink Ranger, Johnson will reprise the role Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie in 1995, followed by another comeback in 1997 Turbo: The Power Rangers Movie. In 2017, she would revisit the franchise with a cameo in power Rangers The movie reboot stars alongside the late Jason David Frank, though the two didn’t play Kimberly and Tommy.

Johnson announced last year that she would no longer be involved with her Power Rangers Mighty Morphin: Once and Always, the new reunion movie is heading to Netflix in April. But that doesn’t mean she’s completely done with the franchise. Per Variety, it’s now been announced that Johnson will be writing a new letter power Rangers comic book series for Boom Studios, following a Kickstarter campaign for Power Rangers: Comic Book 30th Anniversary Celebration Raised over $445,000 and counting in just a few days. Johnson is said to have come up with the concept before the 2020 pandemic and is teaming up with partner and director Matt Hutson for co-writing help.

Johnson recalled, “I was dreaming about it and mentioned it to my friend, Matt. He said, ‘Why don’t you try writing it as a comic book? ‘” We had all the time on our hands, so we daydreamed about the entire comic book series knowing the 30th anniversary was coming up.”

Johnson admitted that she never watched the show again while she was on it, so for inspiration, she went and watched classic episodes of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. She teases that this will be “my version” of power Rangers storyline, stating that it would be “different” from the TV show. She’s approaching the comic book as a way to give back to the fans who’ve supported her since her days as Kimberly, right up through all of her later projects.

“This is my thanks, this is my love letter to the fans,” Johnson said. “It has been incredible to have these kids who are now adults supporting me through it all [my career] the changes. “

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once and Always brings back the other original superstars

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Johnson spoke more about why she refused Power Rangers Mighty Morphin: Once and Always. She initially said on Twitter that she was not satisfied with what was “offered”, which led to speculation that the pay was too low. Now explains that she turned down the project for several reasons, one of which was the focus on the comic book.

“There were a bunch of different factors at play,” Johnson says. One of them [being] I’ve been working on other projects, I have 14 too… I quit acting and shifted my focus to writing [and] Take out almost 10 years ago. I can give you a list of excuses… it didn’t even occur to me [to join the reunion] Because I was so focused on this comic book and telling this story.”

She’s not in the movie, but will still be watching to support her friends who are a part of it, like David Yost and Walter E. Jones, who are reprising their classic roles as Billy and Zack from the show’s first season.

“The whole franchise will always be very special to me. I can’t wait to see it,” says Johnson.

Power Rangers Mighty Morphin: Once and Always It is set to premiere on Netflix on April 19, 2023. You can view the official trailer below.


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