After years of failures, video games are finally having a great moment beyond consoles, on the big screen and the small screen. And Paramount + wants to capitalize on it with Between us.

The online game that was at the top during the pandemic thanks to its ability to be played in groups from anywhere in the world, joins the already long list of video games that have reached cinema and television in recent years, in one of the best moments to do so.

On Tuesday, Variety confirmed that CBS Eye Animation and InnerSloth are working on an animated series based on the movie. Between usunder the direction of Owen Dennis, who has been behind other successful animated projects such as infinity train And regular showamong many other titles.

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Just like in the game, the series will follow the crew of a spaceship who must work together to expose and capture the impostors hiding among them, after they have been invaded by shape-shifting aliens trying to take over the ship. But the challenge is to be able to tell who is a crew member and who is lying.

Between us Created in 2018 by InnerSloth, originally for Android, iOS and Windows, it arrived in 2020 to Nintendo Witch and in 2021 to Xbox and later to PlayStation. In addition to it gaining popularity during the quarantine period, it was the fact that many YouTubers played it online that helped boost it and make it one of the most popular video games in recent years.

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Between us and the future of video games in Hollywood


Paramount + already has important series in the world of video games on its platform, Hellowhich premiered last year and is already in its second season after pleasantly surprising fans.

But there is no doubt that the products responsible for video game adaptations’ big moment in film and television are The last of us And Super Mario Bros. The HBO series has already been an absolute hit, and filming for the second installment, which will adapt part of the second video game, will soon begin.

Super Mario Brosfor its part, is one of the highest-grossing films of the year and will certainly have a sequel, but it may also encourage Nintendo and Illumination to build a universe focused on various video games such as The Legend of Zelda or Kirbyas well as Mario spin-offs such as Donkey Kong or Luigi’s Palace.

Later this year, three more adaptations of the popular video game will hit the screen. Anthony Mackie will star in Peacock’s adaptation of Twisted metal, a TV show that will be released on July 27. A few days later, on August 11, Sony Pictures’ Gran Turismo It will hit theaters with David Harbor and Orlando Bloom as the main stars. Finally, on October 27th just in time for Halloween, Five nights at Freddy’s Also coming to theaters thanks to Blumhouse and Universal Pictures.


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