When Netflix released the first two seasons of black mirror In 2014, the public didn’t know what to think. The series begins with a dark political satire that ends with a government official having sex with an actual pig, and the rest of the series calls attention to the corrupt social constructs within our society. As fans of black comedy and dry humor quickly jumped on the bandwagon, others were more conservative while watching the series. Since then, Charlie Brooker, innovator black mirrorfour more seasons and two special episodes – one of which is a choose-your-own-adventure story.

On the surface, it appears to be nothing of the sort black mirror The episodes are connected except for a few easter eggs and the fact that each story highlights a problem we have in our technologically advanced world. However, when you compare the six seasons against each other, it is easy to identify which seasons have a better impact on the audience than others. Here is the current black mirror Arranged seasons.

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6 Season 5 (3 episodes)


Individually, the three rings that make it up black mirror Season 5 is interesting. “Striking Vipers” focuses on the concept of virtual reality that takes the next leap to becoming a complete alternate reality where all one’s senses can be tapped into. “Smithereens” gets more realistic in terms of how far someone will go to get what they want, even if it means killing themselves and others. Finally, starring in the final episode, Miley Cyrus is a fun choice to play pop star Ashley or who is fighting to regain her status.

However, there were no moments of clinging to the edge of your seat or twist endings that left you wanting to rewatch one of the three episodes right away. A true fan can’t deny that these storylines are unique, but compared to previous seasons, there’s no “wow” factor here that shocks viewers.

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5 Season 1 (3 episodes)

Black Mirror - Kaluuya and Brown Findlay
Channel 4

althoug black mirror The first season set the tone for the hit show, as its episodes were flat compared to many other seasons. They start out slowly, but considering this was a pilot season at the time, it makes sense to build the characters and suspense to get the audience hooked. The one connecting aspect of the episodes in the first season is that they each have two male protagonists – Michael Callow, Bing and Liam – who each feel compelled to take action on something.

Prime Minister Callow is blackmailed into having sex with a pig on live television, Bing goes against the nature of the system and violently expresses his opinion about his alternate reality, and Liam wrestles with whether to truly trust his partner or force her to show it, with a device in her eyes telling how she betrayed him. The social structures (extortion, corrupt entertainment, infidelity) that are challenged black mirror Season 1s are sadly common in our world, but this series exploits them to the hilt.

4 Season 2 (3 episodes)

Black mirror episode white bear

black mirror The second season was definitely a step up from the first season with its twist endings. Right off the bat, the first episode deals with an extreme version of artificial intelligence, where a pregnant woman is able to purchase a physical copy of her deceased boyfriend. Things go wrong fairly quickly (as fans expected), but instead of getting rid of the robot, she stores it away in the attic and lets her daughter go see him on the weekends like a sick custody agreement.

Then follows “White Bear” an even more disturbing ending, as the prison system changes dramatically, and some of us can’t decide if it’s for the better or for the worse. Finally, the third episode, “The Waldo Moment,” is a political satire that pokes fun at how much faith and blind trust people are willing to project on screen. black mirror Season 2 has more believable storylines, and this is the real horror the writers and directors want to keep fans away.

3 Season 3 (6 episodes)

Endemol Shine UK, Netflix

Until the third season, none of the episodes were shown within scope black mirror The series was given a real “happy ending”. While only three of the six episodes of Season 3 end on an optimistic note, all of the episodes are rooted in how technology is changing lives. The films “Nosedive” and “San Junipero” allow their women to find bliss in their new reality. The pedophile in “Shut Up and Dance” gets what he deserves in the end – making for a happy ending for viewers rather than the character who committed the act.

Then there is the other half of black mirror The third season met the expectations of the fans. The ends are rougher and more twisted. By the end of the season, the audience must be wondering how far we go with technology on a social level as well as within our governments. The very thing we create and use every day can bring people together, but it can also destroy our own race if we allow it. black mirror Here to remind us of that.

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2 Season 4 (6 episodes)

Star Trek takes a look

black mirror Season 4 feels more experimental with a Star TrekSimilar to the episode “USS Callister” the six episodes begin, then there’s a black and white episode titled “Metalhead” dedicated to the robot dogs. Like Season 3, there are some happy endings, but there are many harsh realities to face when dealing with extreme versions of the technology we have today. Fans will go through a storm of emotions with this season as they see an overprotective mother get beat up by her daughter, a woman who will stop at nothing to clear her name, and two young men who decide to say “game the system” and run away together only to enter a new reality.

The finale ends on an interesting note as fans want to root for a man’s endless torture, but there’s still something wrong with it. then again, black mirror It aims to make people question their own moral codes, right?

1 Season 6 (5 episodes)

Beyond the Sea - Black Mirror episode

black mirror Season 6 comes in at number one on this list for a few different reasons. It has twisted plots, there is quite a bit of gore, and there are added supernatural elements. However, what sets this season apart from the rest is the “shock factor” that leaves one speechless through many episodes. Without giving away too many spoilers, there are times when fans care about the content, but think they already know the ending. Then, within the final two minutes, the tables turn and when the credits roll, people find themselves without words.

Something worth noting (again, without too many spoilers) is that the season begins with an introduction episode that leaves viewers wondering if they should keep watching Netflix anymore or ditch the streaming service altogether. black mirror Season 6 ends on a satisfying note, but fans are hoping this isn’t the true ending.


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