Alex Iono and Virginia Gardner live an incredible love story while doing important research in the trailer for See you on Venusthe film based on the upcoming book by Spanish writer Victoria Fenosa, which will soon be released in bookstores.

The film follows the story of brave Mia, a young American girl searching for her mother. She travels to Spain with her boyfriend Kyle to find the woman who brought her into the world, but finds something she didn’t expect. As they travel to different cities, Mia and Kyle slowly fall in love, turning their trip into a completely different adventure.

See you on Venus It will be released in select theaters on July 21, while it will be available on demand on July 25. Here’s the official trailer released by Vertical:

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See You On Venus is directed by Joaquín Llamas, and also stars Rob Estes, Isabel Serrano, Claudia Ferranti, Bernard Bullen, Alex Astort-Fabra, and Marjorie E. Glantz.

This film is the fourth screenplay written by Venuesa since her arrival in Hollywood, and it has become a legend and an example for Spanish women in the industry. Currently, three other projects by the writer are in development as well See you on VenusAnd love or not loveAnd the ticket, And 62 hours.

Where have you seen stars see you on Venus before?


A native of Sacramento, Gardner has worked in the film and television industry for a number of years now. She made her first steps on the small screen in the series Hart Dixie In 2011, two years later, she had the opportunity to participate in one of the greatest series of the last decade, cheerful.

In 2015 she made the leap to the big screen in film calendar projectadding interesting titles between film and television since then, until she joined the cast Halloween sequel in 2018. But a year before she joined Jamie Lee Curtis in David Gordon Green, Gardner had her big break as part of the leading cast Harpoon Marvel.

In the Hulu series, the actress played Carolina Dean, one of the strongest heroines of the group, who was, in addition, part of one of the show’s main couples along with Lyrica Okano, who played Nico Minoru.

In recent years, she has added other popular titles to her filmography such as American Horror Stories or Good gemsAs well as participating in similar films See you on Venus like All the bright places or A beautiful disasterin which she stars alongside Dylan Sprouse.

With a much shorter career, at least in film and television, Alex Onoio is a popular singer and YouTuber. He took his first steps in the industry in the year 2014 in the series Royal CrushAnd in 2021 he got his first participation in a movie with Find Ohana.

However, his break would come a year later, when in 2022 he was part of the cast pretty little liars Reboot, original sin. In the original Max, Onoio plays Shawn Noble, the boyfriend of Noa Olivar, one of the protagonists played by Maia Reficco.


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