Old friends and sometimes co-stars Al Pacino And Robert De Niro will soon be able to set up play dates with their kids. Just weeks after it was reported that De Niro had just welcomed his seventh child at the age of 79, TMZ reported that Pacino will soon be a father for the fourth time, too. The 83-year-old actor is expecting his first child with his 29-year-old girlfriend, Nour Al-Falah, who is already eight months old, about to give birth. According to TMZ, the Spiritual father The star and the farmer have been dating for just over a year, and the news surprised Pacino.

Pacino has never been married, though he previously fathered 33-year-old Julia with Jan Tarrant, whom he was dating in the late 1980s. He later had twins, 22-year-old Olivia and Anton, with actress Beverly D’Angelo. The pair were linked romantically in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Pacino also had a long-term relationship with actress Lucila Pollack from 2008 to 2018. As for Al-Fallah, she reportedly dated other celebrities before Pacino, such as Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and billionaire Nicholas Berggruen, but she is having her first child with Pacino.

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The timing is interesting considering how Pacino’s boyfriend is Robert De Niro He raises a newborn on his own. Earlier this month, De Niro confirmed that he had just given birth to his seventh child, after giving birth to Gia Virginia Chen De Niro with girlfriend Tiffany Chen. They have reportedly been dating since 2021. De Niro had previously fathered 46-year-old Rafael with his first wife, Diana Abbott. Dougther Abbott, 51, also adopted Drena. Later, De Niro had twins, 27-year-old Julianne and Aaron, with Tuckie Smith. 24-year-old Elliot’s father with Grace Hightower followed, and the couple also later welcomed 11-year-old Helen by a surrogate.

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Al Pacino and Robert De Niro will raise the newborn children


“I just had a baby,” De Niro said bluntly during an interview with ET Canada when he first broke the news, correcting Brittney Blair in reference to his six children by saying, “Seven, actually.”

On being a strict father, De Niro has also said, “I mean, there’s no way to get around it with the kids. I don’t like having to put the law down and things like that. But, [sometimes] You have no other choice. And any parent, I think, would say the same. You always want the kids to do the right thing and give them the benefit of the doubt but sometimes you just can’t.”

The actor also said of his relationships with his children: “You know, my kids disagree with me sometimes, and they’re respectful. My daughter, she’s 11, makes me sad sometimes and I argue with her. I adore her, but you know. And the youngest they are now, it’s going to be more in The future. But that’s what it is.”

De Niro can be seen in the new movie About my father He played the father of Sebastian Maniscalco. He will also appear in the upcoming Martin Scorsese movie Moonflower Killers. As for him heat Co-star, Pacino recently wrapped his Prime Video series anglersHe is set to star in the upcoming movie Modi From director Johnny Depp.


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