Judge Morgan Elspeth is set to receive further exploration in the future Ahsoka series. filed in The Mandalorian “Chapter 13: The Capricorn,” Elsbeth makes quite an impression when she encounters the formidable Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka’s mission The Mandalorian The second season focuses on her quest to find Grand Admiral Thrawn, a villain who makes a huge presence in the… Star Wars Rebels. Her determination to track down and confront the Imperial Lord becomes apparent after she clashes with Elsbeth, setting the stage for what promises to be an engaging storyline in the series. Ahsoka series.

During an appearance on Entertainment Weekly’s Dagobah Dispatch podcast, Diana Lee Inosanto, the actress who revived Judge Morgan EllsbethAnd She was pleased with the opportunity to delve deeper into character development. While Inosanto initially had limited knowledge of Elsbeth’s canonical history or official name during the filming of “Chapter 13: The Jedi,” she commended showrunner Dave Filoni for his guidance in shaping Elsbeth’s character and backstory. According to Inosanto, Elsbeth is characterized as a manipulative individual with a cold-hearted demeanor, fiercely loyal to Admiral Thrawn.

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“When I found out that they were going to expand her character, I was almost giddy about it. I couldn’t believe how the planets and stars aligned. And to be able to work with such an amazing actor and grow as an actress and feel that energy, it’s a dream come true,” Inosanto said. The nice thing is that Dave was always there to help me with her backstory. She’s quite the manipulator, and we all know she’s cold-hearted, but such a character that she’s truly devoted and loyal to Admiral Thrawn. And there is nothing to block her path.”

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Temuera Morrison is set to join the series with Ahsoka as Captain Rex


Temuera Morrison has become an integral part of the Star Wars franchise with his iconic performances in various iconic roles. From his portrayal of Jango Fett in the prequel films to his recent appearance as Boba Fett The Mandalorian and its spin-off series, Morrison has gained a strong rapport with star Wars being. Now, according to One Take News, Morrison is set to expand this further as he takes on the character of Captain Rex in the upcoming series, Ahsoka.

The trailer offers hints about the central plot, teasing the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Jedi Ezra Bridger. Ahsoka’s hope is that finding Thrawn will eventually lead her to Ezra. Furthermore, the trailer introduces a cast of characters, including Hera Syndola portrayed by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Sabine played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo, and Mon Mothma portrayed by Genevieve O’Reilly. However, it’s Thrawn’s look that really captivates audiences, as the character is incredibly popular and was originally introduced in the Expanded Universe before being reintroduced into Star Wars canon through the animated series. Star Wars Rebels.

The series’ plot details are being kept under wraps, however Ahsoka It is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ in August 2023.


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