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from one Happy Gilmore etc, Adam Sandler He does his best to advertise a great young golfer. On Twitter, real-life golfer Happy Gilmore announced that he will continue his academic and golf careers at Ball State University, thanking those who have supported him on his journey in the sport. Sandler, who played fictional golfer Happy Gilmore in the 1996 comedy Happy Gilmoreretweeting the post while adding, “Go get em Happy. pulling for you.”

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The real Said said in response to the letter: “My life is complete.”

The post also catches the attention of Shooter McGavin, a fictitious villain from Happy Gilmore. A Twitter account bearing the name of the character’s official account also responded to the ad, offering some advice to the young Happy.

“Congratulations, but I’m telling you what, you’re going to be something in one of these long drive competitions,” says McGavin. “Hell, you probably make a pretty good living. Traveling around, hustling in the driving lanes. Just an idea.”

Another tweet from McGavin is directed at Subway, suggesting that the sandwich shop is hiring Gilmore as a new partner – a reference to the Happy Gilmore character doing commercials for the company in Happy Gilmore.

The real Happy was not born with that name, as his birth name is Landon Gilmore, per Deadline. The family started using the nickname Happy with him when he was a little kid, and it stuck, and he would go by Happy Gilmore as a teenager. He also happens to be a good golfer, so maybe that should have been the nickname.

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Will Happy Gilmore 2 happen?

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Happy Gilmore It is directed by Dennis Duggan, while Adam Sandler wrote the screenplay with Tim Herlihy. In the comedy, Sandler plays Happy Gilmore, a wannabe hockey star who inadvertently discovers he has an unparalleled talent for golf. Although he is not a huge fan of the sport, Happy pursues professional golf in hopes of raising the money he needs to prevent his grandmother’s house from being foreclosed on. Christopher MacDonald played antagonist Shooter McGavin with other cast members including Carl Weathers, Julie Bowen, Frances Bay, Ben Stiller and Bob Barker.

Happy Gilmore It is still considered among Sandler’s best films. There is also the possibility that the film might be given a sequel, as Sandler has expressed interest in continuing the film’s story Happy Gilmore In the last years. Sandler even pitched the concept of his happy comeback on a big round of golf, and it wouldn’t be strange to see such a comic sequel being made these days, given how old sequels are.

“Wouldn’t it be fun doing Happy Gilmore’s seniors, hanging out with all these guys and trying to write a great script about Happy as an older guy, having to calm his nerves and all that stuff? But, I never know. Maybe one day, something like that.” Sandler told Variety last year.

You can come back Happy Gilmore By streaming the movie on Prime Video.


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