installedthe latest film from the acclaimed creator’s creation Hotel Transylvania And Star Wars: Clone WarsAnd Genndy TartakovskyAdam DeVine, Idris Elba and Kathryn Hahn will voice. Tartakovsky will helm the R-rated animated film packed with classic humor and storytelling.

The story follows an ordinary dog ​​named Paul who discovers he is about to be neutered the next day. This revelation sparks Paul’s desire for one last big adventure with his best friend during the final 24 hours before his life-changing operation. The film, which is due for completion in September, is supported by New Line Cinema and Sony Pictures Animation as reported by Variety.

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Tartakovsky pitched the concept to Sony in 2010. The unique premise, which elicited laughter from the room, was conceived spontaneously. The concept of the movie was to make something with properties and magic Lady and the Tramp or 101 Dalmatians With a touch of adult humor in it. Tartakovsky said the goal was not to shock people but to make them laugh. He hopes that under his adult humor, audiences will discover a touching story of friendship and romance.

Fixed boasts a vocal cast that extends well beyond Devine, Elba, and Hahn. Devine will lend his voice to Bull, with Elba taking on the role of Rocco, Bull’s boyfriend. The voice cast also includes Bobby Moynihan, Fred Armisen, Beck Bennett, River Gallo, and Michelle Botto. Kathryn Hahn, previously seen on Hotel Transylvania, will add depth to a Taurus love interest, dear. Han expressed interest in taking on a villainous character, as opposed to the sweet girl in the background, a decision that the producer, Michelle Murduca, admitted brought the character to life.

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How well to fix the balance between humor and originality.

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The director praises the cast for their comedic timing, stating that finding someone who understands this aspect as a voice actor makes their job a lot easier. Tartakovsky appreciated the time when voice actors could truly embody their characters, allowing the audience to forget the familiar voices and fully immerse themselves in the narrative.

installed It stands out not only for its contemporary humor but also for its celebration of hand-drawn 2D animation, a form that Tartakovsky calls a lost art in today’s age of computer-generated graphics. The movie is an homage to “old school” animated classics like Bugs Bunny, Tex Avery, and 1950s Disney. The filmmakers were thrilled to have signed the services of animators they never thought would be available.

Tartakovsky’s humor in the film was inspired by The 40-year-old virgin And I knocked. The movie’s characters are caricatures of real people along with their exaggerated traits. Tartakovsky even included his high school friends in the character mix. Some tweaks have been made to make the character look more grounded and real.

At the end of the day, Tartakovsky just wanted to entertain people and give them a good laugh for an hour or two. He knew the difficulties in doing so, and the challenge of doing comics into animation was magnified. It’s a challenge to draw a creator into this genre. With Fixed, he aims to create laughter from scratch, enhancing animation’s timeless appeal.


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