Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse He broke into the animated movie scene in bold, new ways. From its uniquely different animation styles to its amazingly powerful visuals, via spider-verse He has the opportunity to truly change the game in the animation industry, opening up possibilities for new studios, artists, and stories to flourish.

However, this isn’t the only recent project to bend and straighten the potential of a medium dominated by Disney-Pixar films. Others work, like Amazon Prime InvincibleGuillermo del Toro PinocchioAnd Netflix’s Love, death and robotsEven Japanese animation studios Studio Ghibli (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Howl’s Moving Castle) and CoMix Wave Films (Your name, weathering with you, Suzume) Proving that if a good enough story is told, with enough talented artists to tell it, people will love it, no matter if it’s live-action or animation.

Here are five ways how via spider-verse (and other actions) that can stream animated movies and TV shows:

New animation techniques

Sony Pictures launch

If you’ve seen Spider-Man: Through the Spider-Verse, Then there is no doubt that the leading animation styles in In the spider verse A sequel that went unnoticed. This new installment took what was successful in its predecessor and built an empire on its solid base. Most animated films have one specific style that permeates the entire film. via spider-verse has several.

in in spider verse, The animators introduced an unprecedented style, now coined by “animation in duets”. Essentially, this means that each new character mode is animated on every other frame, rather than the traditional new mode that is seamlessly smoothed out for each individual frame. to which we as viewers are accustomed. This was mainly used for the film’s heroine, Miles Morales, when the filmmakers wanted to convey separation from other spiders. Now, fast forward to files via spider-verseAnd Where we are introduced to a brand new character called Spider-Punk. This character, voiced by Daniel Kaluuya, is supposed to be the rebel/outside Spider-Man.

He even broke up with the disengaged (Morales). For the films, the animators developed another new technique where each new entry of Spider-Punk is animated every three frames. Adapting it to its own unique frame rate should give audiences a sense of separateness from other spiders. TikTokerno_the_robot gives more details on this technology, among others.

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Wider scope of storytelling

Your name is Taki and Mitsuha live contradictory lives
Comics Wave Movies

Animation has always been and always will be a revolutionary and boundless form of storytelling. It combines many different artistic talents to create images and sequences that are simply impossible to replicate in its live counterpart. Although Monday spider verse The movies could be argued as the most borderless of all, there is another one that deserves recognition for its highly exceptional visuals and creative, out-of-the-box storytelling: Makoto Shinkai’s your name. (2016).

your name., produced by CoMix Wave Films, is a lucid cinematic experience that expands the magical realism subgenre, uniquely travels through the dimension of time, and bridges the gap between dreams and reality in ways unrefined in live-action features. In a review by film critic Brian Tallerico for rogerebert.com, he said “Most of all, ‘your name.’ He balances fantastic beauty with grounded reality in ways that are simply impossible outside of animation. Shinkai alternates between detailed visions of Tokyo that feel as if they were created from real location photos and fictional images of places that don’t exist in the real world, and it doesn’t skew that balance too much to either side.”

The top of the industry has been a success

Peach Song (JPG version)

Animation is a very heavy industry. This is practically indisputable. However, the numbers that some of these films show at the top are pretty impressive. They should paint a picture of the potential of animated films. Interestingly, proving that animation is, in fact, trending upwards, the five best animated films of all time of all time have been released in cinemas over the past 10 years. Here is a list of the total earnings of these films:

  • 1. the king lion (remake / 2019) – total worldwide: almost. $1.66 billion – budget: 260 million dollars
  • 2. frozen 2 (2019) – total worldwide: almost. $1.45 billion – budget: 150 million dollars
  • 3. Super Mario Bros movie (2023): total worldwide: 1.29 billion dollars – budget$100 million
  • 4. frozen (2013) – total worldwide: 1.29 billion dollars – budget: 150 million dollars
  • 5. Incredibles 2 (2018) – total worldwide: 1.24 billion dollars – budget: 200 million dollars

The market is open

Obaba in Spirited Away
Studio Ghibli

In an industry dominated by Disney, Pixar, and Sony, the market is open for a new, independent animation studio to hit the mainstream with original and unique stories. When A24 pushed itself onto the independent film scene in the first half of the 2000s, little did the world realize that motion pictures in smaller markets were in demand.

Now, the A24 is a household name and people flock to see a movie in theaters if they see the famous “A24” logo attached to a poster or trailer. With an influx of animation software (like Katana, Unreal Engine, Maya, etc.), a host of talented artists, and a host of hungry storytellers, it’s only a matter of time before we see a massive indie animation studio strike gold at the box office. the tickets.

Perhaps the best example of a globally recognized independent animation studio is Japan’s Studio Ghibli. Studio Ghibli is a well-known Japanese animation studio founded by Miyazaki Hayao, Takahata Isao, and Suzuki Toshio in 1985. From 1999 to 2005, Ghibli was a minor brand of mega-publishing company Tokuma Shoten before ending their partnership and becoming an independent company in 2005.

Their films are not only popular in Japan. They’ve also made waves in the United States, as well as many other countries around the world. Some of their most notable films include kidnapped (2001), Prince Mononoke (1997), Howl’s Moving CastleAnd Grave of the Fireflies (1998), among others.

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“Animation is cinema”

Guillermo del Toro holds the Oscar for his 2022 film Pinocchio.

Guillermo del Toro said as he accepted the 2023 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature following the success of the Netflix original stop-motion masterpiece. Pinocchio (2022). Animation is not a medium that only the childhood brain enjoys. It has links that go back to the origin of cinema itself. He masterfully uses poignant techniques and methods to tell complex, potentially compelling narratives in creative ways that combine traditional art with the growth of computer technologies.

Guillermo Pinocchio is the perfect example of risk in cinema, turning a heartwarming childhood tale of a talking wooden doll into one of war and violence in the face of fascism.

Guillermo quickly became the face of aspiring animated storytellers, all of whom desired a voice and platform among Hollywood’s elite. Another great quote from the same guru that pushes the medium forward goes like this: “I think you can make a stop-motion fantasy drama for adults and move people emotionally. I think stop-motion can be in the vein, and can go straight to emotion in a way no one else can.” Another broker to do it.

All in all, it’s the right time to be a fan of anime. With average growth as it is now, who knows what it will look like five, 10, and 20 years from now?


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