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Miles Morales returns to the big screen this week as Spider-Man Spider Man: via spider-verse, the long-awaited sequel to the 2018 animated film that has become one of the greatest gems of superhero cinema. However, fans are looking forward to the character’s live-action debut, and it could be closer than they imagined.

To promote the movie, the production team behind the movie was interviewed by Variety on the red carpet, where they went into details about the future of the entire Spidey franchise. Speaking, Amy Pascal responded, “You’ll see it all. It all happens,” when asked if Morales would get his chance to don a living Spider-Man superhero suit. The question was also directed to the future spider woman The film, which was rumored to be in development.

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Miles Morales was first introduced in 2011 Final Fallout #4Created by Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sarah Picelli, who drew inspiration from former President Barack Obama, Donald Glover and the popular series, Community. Appearing after Peter Parker’s death, Miles has become the hero of New York and one of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics from the past two years.

in Spider-Man: Through the Spider-VerseHowever, Miles has already learned to use his powers and managed to save his reality after the events of the first film, but he still has trouble dealing with his heroic identity and his life as a teenager. Looking for a place where he can feel understood, he arrives in the Spider-Verse, a place where Spider-People from different realities meet.

However, Commander Miguel O’Hara denies being part of the group, because Miles’ world is where a dangerous villain is working to destroy the multiverse, and they want to destroy him to stop him. Miles will go against everyone in order to save all he knows, even as he puts other realities at risk.

Spider-Man’s future

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But Miles Morales won’t be the only one returning in the future of the franchise. In addition to his live-action movie and the third part of spider verse long storyThere’s still a lot to explore in the Spidey universe.

On the one hand, Tom Holland will don Peter Parker’s suit again next Spider-Man: No way home in a fourth Marvel Studios movie. In fact, Variety also asked Pascal about the status of the sequel:

“Are we going to make another movie? Of course we are. We’re on our way, but the writers strike, nobody works during a strike. We’re all pro and whenever they get together, we’ll get started.”

In addition, spin-offs focused on other characters will continue to arrive. Tom Hardy will return Venom 3and Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney will make their debut in the superhero genre in Madame Weband Aaron Taylor-Johnson will return to Marvel in Craven the hunter.

In addition, Sony Pictures recently teamed up with Amazon Studios to develop a TV universe, where other great characters like Silk and Spider-Man Noir will also be able to tell their stories in series form.


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