The new wild movie Heidi’s madness is a parody Heidi by Johanna Spyria, which has been modified several times. In this story, Heidi (Alice Lucy) lives in the Alps with her grandfather, Albohi (David Scofield). Elsewhere in the country, Switzerland is ruled by an evil cheese dictator named Chief Milly (the very busy Casper van Dien), who has a monopoly on dairy products and outlaws lactose intolerance.

One day, Millie’s forces, led by Commander Knorr (Max Rodlinger), discover that the man Heidi loves, Gott Peter (Kel Matsina), is selling illegal dairy products. They execute him and Heidi is imprisoned. In captivity, Heidi is abused by guards led by Fräulein Rottweiler (Katja Kolm) and fellow prisoners, though she befriends one of them, Clara Sisman (Almar J. Sato).

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To be good and not to be good

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In the end, Heidi is locked up in solitary confinement for not participating in the prison cheese diet. A Rottweiler comes over and tries to make her eat as a sign of submission, saying, “What a good girl.” Instead, Heidi kills it by saying, “I’m not a good girl anymore.” Except, was she a good girl? Let’s take a look at two of the 12 different meanings of the word good.

When a Rottweiler uses the term “good girl,” it means someone who does what they’re told, and Heidi has never been like that. At the beginning of the film, before it starts running through the wringer and where Heidi’s innocence remains intact, she happily ignores Alpöhi, who makes it clear that he does not approve of Heidi’s relationship with Goat Peter.

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However, Heidi remains a “good girl” in that she is basically a decent person. This is even after she begins her quest for bloody revenge. Towards the end of the film, Heidi is forced to fight a cellmate who used to bully her. Although there is every reason to hate this person, Heidi doesn’t kill it and instead deals with it, stating that Millie is the real enemy.

the wicked

Casper Van Dien in Mad Heidi
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This is one of those movies like star Wars or commandos Where the conflict between the main hero and follower is more personal than with the main villain. Knorr is the one who killed Gott Peter in front of Heidi and killed her parents years earlier when they took part in a failed rebellion. Knorr in turn has a beef against Heidi for killing his Rottweiler, his mistress. Knorr is much more dangerous than his boss.

As such, the film’s climax plays out similarly Robocop, where Heidi’s final fight with Millie ends in five seconds while her fight with Knorr is longer and more healing. It’s also the opposite commandosor Tomorrow never lies, where he kills the mastermind first before the big fight with the henchmen. That might have been for the best, since taking care of Meili feels less personal and more like checking off something on a to-do list.

Mad Heidi highlights

Alice Lucy in Mad Heidi
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Lucy’s performance as the main character is of particular interest. The way she’s able to show all the different sides of Heidi, whether it’s in love with Goat Peter or the accordion with a man to death. I also love how Heidi has layers beyond “tough women.” Van Dien’s over-the-top performance as Millie was also fun. However, everyone’s performances in the movie are solid. They all seem to have a lot of fun in their roles.

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Besides the cast’s performance, the best part of Heidi’s madness is her cinematography. It’s a good shot, plus the sets and costumes look great. Some of the movie’s special effects seem less than real, but that kind of cheesiness (pun intended) adds to the movie’s charm; It may sound like a sneaky compliment, but it really works for this kind of movie.


Heidi’s madness An interesting movie, but you need to have a sense of humor. Some of the jokes are brash, like when Knorr pulls off a description of Goat Peter, an offensive Jim Crow-esque caricature, complete with red clown lips. It’s also a very violent movie, but in a deliberately ridiculous, exaggerated way.

If you are not sure if you should watch this movie, watching the 2011 movie will be a good test. Hobo with a gun Firstly. It’s a comeback for exploitation films, like Heidi’s madnessstarring the ever-great Rutger Hauer. If you get past the scene where a man is beheaded and a scantily clad woman starts dancing in geysers of blood, you should be all set to go. Heidi’s madness.

Heidi’s madness Available to rent on Prime Video.


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