when the original Scream It was released in December 1996, and among its many praises was the fact that it had such strong characters. Every major player in this first film is clearly defined and brought to life perfectly by the cast. Sidney was brave but conflicted and traumatized by what happened to her mother and the media circus that followed. Her friends consist of Randy, a lovably annoying goof and cinephile, Tatum, a wild child who had a hard time for her brother but cared deeply for Sid, and Stu, a goofy spaz who couldn’t be as cool as Sid’s boyfriend Bailey. Attractive puzzle.

Then there was Gale, an opportunistic thug of questionable morals who slowly develops a conscience, and his deputy Dwight “Dewey” Riley, the scrawny and awkward cop with a big heart. photographed before David ArquetteDewey is a heart of heart Scream franchise. Strong and incorruptible, he’s like a puppy defending his family from big, intimidating intruders. Originally intended to die during the first movie (via CBR), the character has proven to be pretty endearing to kill, and has been a welcome, soothing presence in six films. To honor him, we’re highlighting a few scenes that show why he’s such an awesome character.

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8 Small town husband

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There was an 11 year gap between events scream 3 And scream 4. During that time, Dewey became mayor of Woodsboro, and married Jill. When we meet him at the beginning of the movie, there’s something of a triangle going on between Dewey, Jill, and Deputy Judy Hicks. At least, that’s what Representative Hicks and Jill think. Dewey, as always, stays true to the people he loves and has nothing but eyes for Gale. However, we are getting an insight into the cause of this rift.

Sydney has written a book about her life, titled from the dark, which is why she is in Woodsboro for the events of that movie. She and Dewey have a heart-to-heart about what’s going on with him and Jill. He explains that she gave up the life of a big reporter to live in a small town with a husband from a small town, so it’s hard for her. Nobody sees through Jill’s walls and sympathizes with her like Dewey. He remains an optimist and to prove it, he quotes Sydney’s book by saying, “Just when you think things can’t get any worse, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they get better.” It shows how no matter how bad things get, Dewey is always willing to hope for the best. It’s a refreshingly futuristic look at a grim series.

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7 Nice lines

David Arquette as Dewey in Scream 2
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After Billy Loomis and Stu Macher went on a rampage in the town of Woodsboro, California, tabloid reporter Jill Withers wrote a book about it. The rights have been suspended by Hollywood and the film stab child. The only person who was happy with the book was Jill herself. Dewey was particularly upset given her unflattering portrayal of him, comparing him to Barney Fife from The Andy Griffith Show.

She tries to apologize, but he just doesn’t have it. Dewey gives her a piece of his mind in the most grumpy way he can manage, which is kind of sweet and kind. He suggests Joe’s inexperience could be a tactic to lower people’s expectations, but we know he’s just trying to protect his ego here. At the end of his self-defensive speech, Gail leaves, only to return and complete the lines in her verse. It’s a funny moment, yes, but it also reveals the depth of Dewey’s character. He is angry, but still a little confused by this woman he has feelings for. This kind of characterization is rare for a horror movie.

6 someone who cares about it

Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers in Scream 6
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Dewey meets his end as a hero in scream 5He does the right thing until his last breath. It’s a devastating moment for fans, but it also helps usher in a new era in the franchise. Although it is not there scream 6This does not mean that you still feel his presence.

During a scene where Gail gives Samantha advice on how to get over these horrific events, she tells her that she needs to take care of one person and focus on that. When Sam asks what you’d do if you lost that person, Jill looks away, and we hear composer Marco Beltrami’s theme about Dewey (first introduced in scream 2), to let us know they’re talking about Dewey himself. Even in this hard-working movie, it’s a fresh start Scream They should take a moment to honor retired Mayor Dwight Riley.

5 Interrogate Detective Kincaid

Patrick Dempsey as Kincaid in Scream 3
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scream 3 He sees Dewey’s character regression to an even more foolish state. Its sweetness comes across as a slight strength this time around, but it doesn’t break the character. Luckily , scream 5 Reverts him to guardian angel status. Thus, most of the scenes that crop up here are comedic and don’t offer much of a new aspect to Dewey. Except for one scene in Detective Kincaid’s office.

While someone is killing people associated with stab Movies in Los Angeles, Sydney was hiding in the mountains. Believing she may be the key to unlocking all of this, the LAPD detective assigned to the case asks Dewey to contact her and bring her to the City of Angels. Dewey refuses, claiming he doesn’t know where she is. At this moment, he’s not funny or silly, he’s a big brother who takes care of his sister. He refuses to contact Sydney until he has no other choice. Dewey may be limp from being stabbed twice, but he still has a backbone.

4 Our alternative is Big Brother

David Arquette as Dewey Reilly in Scream 2
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scream 2 This is where our perception of Dewey as a wounded guardian angel begins. After losing his sister and getting stabbed in the back (literally), he has every right to leave the police business behind and never speak to anyone from Woodsboro ever again. However, once someone dons a Ghostface costume he kills two people at the premiere of the movie adaptation of the book based on the events of the origin. ScreamHe’s there to check in in Sydney.

His introduction to the film sees him scouting the area as Sidney rushes over to give him a hug. It’s a really sweet moment in a movie overflowing with vulgarity and violence. He talks to Sydney about the stakes and promises he’ll be here to help. Then, Sydney refers to him as our “alternate big brother,” which makes sense. Tatum and Sydney were best friends. With Tatum gone, it’s only natural that he would adopt Syd as a sister and do whatever it takes to keep her safe. Which is exactly what he does.

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3 Dewey is a good man

Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers in Scream 2
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nature Scream Movies require you to question the motives of everyone except Sidney and Dewey. They are two characters we can count on to always do the right thing, even if it takes a while to figure it out. To prove this fact further, there is a scene in scream 2 Where Gale throws a challenge is when Debbie Salt (actually the killer Nancy Loomis in disguise) dares to accuse Dewey. “Dewey is a good man,” Gale explains once and for all. She doesn’t just mean he’s no fool, she means he’s as good as he is pure and selfless. Acknowledging this out loud is also the moment Gail decides to put her own interests on hold and solve this case.

2 I do

David Arquette as Dewey in Scream 5
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Dewey was killed scream 5 It was a brave and daring choice. For fans who remember what it was like trying to deal with Randy’s murder, the idea of ​​losing yet another beloved character seemed like too much. Still, the movie did an incredible job of maintaining Dewey’s lovable nature while allowing him to age and grow up a bit, so audiences understood why he had to go.

Instead of a wounded Guardian Angel, Dewey is more of a grizzled gunslinger called out of retirement for one last showdown. While protecting a new generation of children being hunted in the hospital by copycat killers, Dewey manages to get them safely to the elevator. Just before the doors close, he remembers that every time they forget to permanently put down one of these killers with a blunt blow to the head, they always get up.

As he is about to leave, Sam asks questions about who would care at a time like this, and Dewey, like a true hero, simply says, “I do.” For more than two decades, he has dealt with monsters dressed like the man who killed his sister, never acting selfishly or cruelly. When the time comes to save his life or put himself in danger to make sure the killer is really dead, it’s not a question on his mind. He would willingly sacrifice himself for the chance to save others.

1 excellent

David Arquette as Dewey in Scream
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None of the moments on this list could exist if it weren’t for the final shot of Dewey being pushed into the back of an ambulance at the end of the first. Scream. As mentioned in the introduction, Dewey was supposed to die in this movie. Realizing the mistake they would make if they actually killed off such a great character, director Wes Craven asked Arquette to give the audience some sort of sign that Dewey was okay. So, as he’s being whisked away, Dewey gives us a thumbs up, ensuring we’ll see him again.


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