The good place It brings together a large number of comedians to deal with the daunting topic of death and the afterlife. When Eleanor wakes up, she is greeted by an architect named Michael, who walks her through The Good Place. Several months later, she realizes that she and the other humans are part of a torture experiment that Michael dreamed of (Ted Danson), who turns out to be a demon from The Bad Place. Even while conducting the experiment, Michael’s fascination with humans opened the door to love and care for the humans he initially tormented.

Michael’s reasoning for loving humans boils down to a few items. The first is their ability to take in and spoil something incredible, like food. He is also fascinated by the things they invent, such as office supplies and suspenders. Finally, Michael’s love for humans stems from the way they express themselves, whether through music or the occasional white lie. Here’s why Michael is so passionate about humans The good place.

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6 Mediocre food


As the architect of the Bad Place, Michael decides to modernize how humans are tortured in the afterlife. Instead of demons, lava monsters, and 100-foot-tall fiery squids tormenting humans, he believes that humans can torment other humans. Aside from the emotional stress humans place on one another, Michael realizes that humans have invented a device so hideous that it is both torture and joy. This mechanism is food.

In the original neighborhood, every food store offered frozen yogurt. Michael chooses this unassuming dessert when Janet, an AI assistant in the afterlife, explains that frozen yogurt is a food humans love to hate. However, since this is the afterlife, the flavors are not as standard found on Earth as strawberry or tart. The flavors of frozen yogurt in Michael’s native neighborhood are concepts like a fully charged cell phone or an empty inbox.

In one of more than 800 biographical reboots, Michael ditches the frozen yogurt store for something more gruesome: a fountain of clam chowder. This fountain runs through the middle of the neighborhood. However, instead of having ladles, bowls, and spoons to share the thick soup with, residents could find an empty cup from which to dip into the river and then drink.

5 office supplies

Ted Danson is in the good place

While food is a wonderful form of torture and pleasure that tickles Michael, he really liked another invention of humans. An entire series is devoted to an everyday item that can be taken for granted. in the series, the deskA team of sales representatives sells paper to companies across Pennsylvania. The series has a connection with The good place Because they share the same creator and producer.

That being the case, it is only natural that office supplies are referenced in another one of Michael Schur’s fantasies. in The good place, Michael is fascinated by all office supplies. He believes that the invention of the paper clip is the pinnacle of human creativity. The paperclip is so interesting that Michael has mentioned its greatness several times. His wonder and awe of the multi-curved piece of metal is truly endearing.

4 Pointless clothes

Ted Danson is in the good place

Just as Michael is fascinated by humble food like clam chowder and the genius behind a paperclip, he is intrigued by another human invention: clothing. Clothing usually serves a purpose. Evening gowns and tuxedos are formal wear for occasions such as dances or ceremonies. High heels can be used to make yourself taller and accentuate the natural curves of your body.

While every piece of clothing serves a purpose, some items don’t really make sense. Bags, for example, seem pointless when one considers that they were made for those who appear to be women to carry their belongings while those who appear to be men have deeper pockets and fewer items to carry.

However, Michael’s fascination with human clothing is not found on hangers or shoe hangers. He is more interested in suspenders. According to Next Luxury, belts cinch the waist and lift the pants while suspenders are more formal ways to hold the pants up. Given that Michael is a 100-foot-tall fiery squid in a humanoid suit, suspenders and belts are irrelevant to his outfit. Although this detail doesn’t carry much weight in Michael’s love of no-nonsense, strapless outfits.

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3 Text messages

Ted Danson is in the good place

Since demons are eternal beings, their experience is linear. The same thing happens every day like clockwork. Michael’s inspiration for his district was to turn things around in him The good placehereafter. He felt that the ancient and traditional methods of torture were mundane and depressing. However, this idea alone shows Michael’s fascination with humans. Above all, his idea of ​​transforming a strenuous afterlife was rooted in human ingenuity.

When he, Janet, and the four humans enter the interdimensional hole in the pancakes, they convince Judge Jane that life on Earth is much more complex compared to when the universe originally appeared. For example, one complication that humans face is technology. The more connected humans become through computers and mobile phones, the higher their risk points. Michael even admits that he wants to send a text saying he’s on his way while he’s still sitting on the couch. When he becomes human, he is given this opportunity.

2 rewards cards

Ted Danson is in the good place

Psychology has many disciplines to explain human behavior. The behavioral behavioral system is perhaps the simplest to follow and the easiest to implement. Applied behavior analysis, a branch of behavioral psychology, states that humans experience a pre-event, or precursor, and act and receive consequences in a cyclical fashion, explains Verywell Mind. For example, a person realizes that they need food—the antecedent—so the behavior is to go to the grocery store or farmer’s market to buy food. Finally, the upshot is that they now have food.

This cycle has been taken advantage of by merchants all over the world by offering a rewards system, either through coupons or a rewards card. While this marketing campaign has a negative effect on many people, Michael is amazed at the concept. In fact, it’s on his to-do list when he becomes a human who has a rewards card and uses it.

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1 musical instruments

Ted Danson is in the good place

One last human invention that keeps Michael energized is learning something new. In fact, his entire arc is in The good place It is about growth and change through creativity. Because of his original neighborhood, Michael becomes a catalyst for a new afterlife system. Instead of humans earning a set number of points and going to the bad or the good place, humans who end up anywhere have chances to change. The people at The Bad Place simulated designs to help them increase their points to get to The Good Place.

Once a person is up, they can live out their wildest fantasies until they are ready to move on. It’s only fitting that Michael, the architect of the new afterlife, is the first fire squid to become human and learn how to play the guitar. It is not the most difficult instrument to learn, but it does require learning the traditional techniques first and then finding your own style of expression through the instrument.


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