On May 24, the world heard the tragic news of his death Tina Turner, the absolute queen of rock and roll, after an uphill battle with cancer. Her death leaves a hole in music that can never be filled, but the bright side is that throughout her six decades in the business, she has been incredibly prolific. People all over the world enjoy hours and hours of great music to listen to on her signature albums. But what many people probably don’t know is that they can also find her legendary songs in movies.

Tina may not have been a movie star, but she was definitely talented in front of the camera. She has dabbled in acting, but more importantly, she has provided her compositions for some soundtracks and her voice to sing the songs of others in various films.

Today’s movie

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6 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

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Tina turner’s music is not an essential part of the third edition of Mad Max A privilege, but the amazing singer is also the star of the movie. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome It is set in post-apocalyptic Australia. There, Max Rockatansky, the legendary character played by Mel Gibson, meets Aunty Entity, portrayed by none other than Tina. She uses it to kill the guard responsible for protecting the Master, the man who stores the only source of energy available at the time. He kisses him at first, but ultimately refuses to kill him, earning Aunty Entity’s wrath.

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After Max is banished from the city, he ends up lost in the desert where he is rescued by a tribe, believing him to be their long-awaited savior. With them, Max returns to town to battle Aunty’s entity and restore balance to what is left of society.

The solid presence of Tina Turner certainly brings a fresh element to this movie. As do her music. She brought two great songs to the soundtrack to this movie: “One of the Living,” which plays over the opening titles, and “We Don’t Need Another Hero.”

Both the songs and the role meant a lot to her, especially considering what she was going through at the time. “I brought my real-life experience to Mad Max,” she said. “I went through some dangerous and devastating periods, especially during my first marriage and messy divorce. So, for Mad Max, my sense of independence, self-reliance, and hard work ethic made their way into this role and into the songs that I sang, like ‘We Don’t Need Another Hero’ to the musical.” Figurative.

5 What’s Love Got To Do With It

Angela Bassett in what love has to do with it
Buena Vista Pictures

Of course Tina’s music will play a major role in this movie. What’s Love Got To Do With It is a 1993 biopic based on the singer’s life. Specifically, in her autobiography I’m Tinawhich she wrote in 1986. It stars Angela Bassett as Tina and Laurence Fishburne, who plays her abusive husband Ike Turner.

The film delves into her turbulent relationship with Ike and everything she endured before finally being free of him, something Tina was not happy to see on screen.

Unsurprisingly, What’s Love Got To Do With It It features a range of Tina’s music, particularly her greatest hits and hit songs. Among others, the soundtrack includes, of course, the title track “What Love Got To Do With It,” her legendary cover of “Proud Mary,” and the hit “Private Dancer.” These songs act as a backdrop to key moments of the plot and perfectly frame the highs and lows of the singer’s life.

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At the time, both Ike and Tina Turner were a little uncomfortable with the film, claiming that there were some mistakes. Tina was particularly conflicted about the fact that while the film also portrays her as a survivor and highlights her incredible journey toward independence and self-discovery, she was still very “victimized” by her own desire. “I tried to explain it to Disney [for the movie]she said at the time. “Well, if you’re a victim, that’s fine. I might have been a victim for a little while. But give me credit for thinking the whole time I was there. Look, I have pride. I’ve got to get someone else to say, ‘Yeah, Tina, I do understand, and there’s no except that.”

Nevertheless, the film was a resounding success, with both Angela Bassett and Laurence Fishburne receiving Academy Award nominations, and Angela receiving a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

4 golden eye

golden eye

He had Tina Turner collaborate on the James Bond movie soundtrack golden eye It was a great decision. She worked with Bono and The Edge on the title track. the U2 It was composed by the musicians, and she sang it. Undoubtedly, their songwriting skills and perfect voice are a great combination.

This movie begins in 1986, with MI6 agents James Bond (this time as Pierce Brosnan) and Alec Trevelyan (Sean Bean) infiltrating a Soviet chemical weapons facility by the name of Arkangel. While Alec is captured and presumed killed by Colonel Arkady Grigorovich Orumov, commander of the facility, Bond destroys the site and escapes.

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Nine years later, on another assignment, Bond finds he needs to tie up some loose ends from that old tragic case. He will discover the truth about his partner’s alleged death and what has happened in the headquarters of his enemies since the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Tina Turner’s smooth, sensual, low-register voice is perfect for this kind of dark, suspenseful action movie, and it would have been so nice to have her get more involved with this soundtrack.

3 Tommy

Still from the movie Tommy based on The Who album
Columbia Pictures

Tommy is a very special movie, based on Who Featured album of the same name. Tommy is a rock opera album, so the 1975 film is a very bizarre satirical fantasy operetta featuring a star-studded cast consisting of the band members themselves (with Roger Daltrey playing the main character), Ann-Margret, Oliver Reed, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Jack Nicholson and of course, our dear Tina Turner.

Tommy is a “psychologically deaf, dumb, blind” boy who then becomes a pinball champion, and later a religious leader. It all begins when his parents, at the end of which they have tried everything to improve Tommy’s health, get distracted, and he is allowed to wander. That’s when he has a vision of himself that leads him to a junk pinball machine. His innate talents for the game bring him and his family instant success, but everything comes at a price.

This movie’s soundtrack, of course, includes the entire original album the band played on, plus songs from the stars in the cast. For her part, Tina was asked to perform the famous song “Acid Queen”, which was also the name of her character.

2 take off / take off

Tina Turner taking off 1971
Universal Pictures

This movie from 1971 features a small but significant appearance by Tina Turner. The story follows a married couple, Larry and Lynn Tyne, with a rowdy teenage daughter, Jenny, who constantly sneaks out of the house and worries them nonstop. On one occasion, they get a call telling them that Jenny has been placed under arrest, but when they go to pick her up they find a friend of hers there, who has given them an assumed name to avoid getting in trouble. After traveling 300 miles to get there, they stop at a hotel, tired and upset. But there was a big surprise waiting for them: Ike and Tina Turner were playing their song “Goodbye So Long.”

It may not have been a huge part of the movie, not even important to the plot, but it was great fun for fans.

1 Tina

Tina Turner HBO Documentary Promo Poster

Any die-hard fan of Tina Turner needs to see this HBO documentary. Tina It’s very much an authorized biography that the singer is proud of, and for viewers, it’s a great mix of great music and a compelling true story. Around the same time that the documentary came out, Tina put out a memoir called Happiness becomes yours, and advised fans to keep him close when watching the movie. It delves deeper into the specific things she learned that changed her life, and she’s a great companion to her Tina.

“The most important lessons I have learned are how to turn any negative situation into a positive one, and even how to change things that seem unchangeable. Now, in Happiness becomes yours, I share with everyone how to do it too. ” TinaAbout my life and my career. I am very excited about the movie, and I hope it will inspire viewers to never give up on their pursuit of happiness.”

The movie also helped her deal with her complicated feelings about her autobiography, especially when the song “What Love Got to Do It” was featured in it. Hear the song in the documentary Tina It was one of the most moving moments for me in the movie. Remind me how far I’ve come.”

We will always have her amazing music to remember as the Queen of Rock and Roll, but some people may not have known that she was also a star on screen. Her legacy will live on in many ways, and no one can take that away from her. We send our deepest condolences to her family.


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