Discuss once Jump Street / Men in Black Crossing It remains one of the biggest missed opportunities in modern comics, and now directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller have opened up more about why the project unfortunately never happened. Speaking with Rolling Stone, Miller cited the enormous amount of pressure of dealing with two franchises as one of the reasons Jump Street The duo never made it to men in black

“It was a great idea. I probably think that opportunity was missed, but it was so much fun. It was crazy. It was trying something crazy. One of those things is, if it works, great. And if it doesn’t, you can cancel two franchises. And so on.” You know, the pressure was just too high… And so it was a missed opportunity. But there are a lot of those in life.”

The comedy crossover would have seen both Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill reprise their roles as Jump Street Undercover cops Greg Jenko and Morton Schmidt, respectively, throw the pair into the galactic-saving exploits of the shadowy NGO that monitors and regulates paranormal and alien activity on Earth, men in black.

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File details Jump Street / Men in Black crossover, which was supposed to be titled Meb 23, the event debuted in 2016, and it’s unlikely that the movie would have featured Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones. However, fans of both franchises loved the sound of the idea, which was “so close to happening” before it was finally scrapped in 2019. To an orchestra of frustrated sobs from just about everyone.

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Jump Street / The Men in Black Would Be ‘So Funny’ and ‘So Crazy’

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More details about Jump Street / Men in Black The mashup has been revealed by Lord and Miller in the past, with the pair describing the project as “very funny and very crazy.” An early draw was the famous black suits worn by MiB operatives, with Schmidt and Jenko instead given the less-than-cool powder blue suits for starters.

“One of my favorite ideas was Men In Black, the black suits were like martial arts belts that you had to fight your way through to black [the Jump Street guys] Miller revealed that “Men in Black Suits were issued Powder Blue”.

The director pair has even revealed how the struggling duo of Tatum and Hill found themselves working with men in black. Lorde revealed, “The idea was basically Jonah and Channing, something happened while they were on their adventure in medical school that got them drawn into the world of Men In Black and had them team up to stop some kind of alien takeover.” . “It was so funny, it was crazy trying to manage these two franchises and not having them hit the ground running felt like a real challenge.”

Whereas the stress of juggling multiple privileges can shut down studio Jump Street / Men in Black Crossover, Lord and Miller have since proven how well they can handle such a balance with critically acclaimed universe-hopping. Spider-Man: Through the Spider-VerseIt is now in theaters.


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