Since the first installment in 2000, it has become Fate The franchise has terrified audiences with an array of imaginative and devastating death scenarios. Even more than a decade after the last installment in 2011, the franchise still inspires phobias that range from relatively realistic storylines to bizarre, far-fetched incidents.

The movies generally follow the same premise every time: a horrific accident looms as the protagonist experiences a premonition and warns of what is to come. When they issue their warning, a fight usually breaks out, separating several individuals from the crowd and thus saving them from death. However, Death seeks to take the souls that escape its grasp. The survivors fight against fate as one strange incident after another kills them. Of all the gruesome deaths in the Fate franchise, here are fifteen in particular that have inspired some irrational fears.

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15 Logging trucks

New Line Cinema

If you want to completely petrify driving behind a wooden truck, final destination 2 It will just do. In the car crash sequence in this second installment, the logging truck begins a deadly car pileup. We see a large log fly out of the truck straight at a horrified driver, whose blood and people splatter around the log as he makes his way out of the back of the car. It certainly isn’t likely that many of us will ever happen to be driving behind a logging truck. However, the movie continues to illustrate a variety of horrific ways to go from inside the car – including another impalement. If there aren’t many logging trucks in your area, be aware of truckloads of plastic pipe. In the same movie, we see characters who are injured and killed by PVC pipes flying through their cars.

14 cars

final destination 2
Pictures Warner Bros

overall final destination 2 It almost seems designed to scare away new drivers. Obsession, an essential element in every Fate Movie, it takes place when Kimberly Corman predicts that there will be a fatal car crash on the way to Daytona Beach. It happens, with Kimberly and her friends surviving, when their car stalls and they are prevented from entering the highway where the accident occurred. Those behind in traffic ended up avoiding the pileup as well, with death catching up to most of them sooner or later. final destination 2 It gives us generic crashes, exaggerated heaps, horrific shenanigans, vehicle malfunctions, and vehicle explosions – it probably makes it the last movie you want to see right before a road trip.

13 Planes

Final Destination's opening plane scene
New Line Cinema

The first movie in the franchise begins with an airplane exploding. As Alex and his classmates board their flight from Paris to New York, we see the people on board – families, couples, hopeful young adults, and busy airline employees. It’s a normal ride for all of them, until it isn’t. Alex’s obsession leads to a fight between him and another student, which eventually leads to the removal of the two boys and a few other students from the trip. The plane explodes just as Alex feared, prompting the FBI to question the teens. According to the films formula, the group is now haunted by death. That’s enough to make anyone a little more nervous riding their next flight, but there’s not much to be afraid of. In fact, flying is statistically the safest mode of transportation!

12 trains

Untitled (1200 x 630 pixels) -9
New Line Cinema

third batch , final destination 3, ends with a bit of a cliffhanger. The fates of Wendy and her friends are left ambiguous, as Wendy has a premonition that their subway train will derail – but no outcome emerges. Instead, the movie ends, and viewers can assume that the train has derailed given the accuracy of every other premonition in the franchise. Just as viewers believe the protagonists are safe, the movie leaves us with yet another terrifying reminder of how unexpected death can come from any direction.

11 Falling statues

Untitled (1200 x 630 pixels) -10
New Line Cinema

It’s hard to imagine how a relaxing day at the spa could end in your violent death, however final destination 5 Shows us exactly how that could happen. After avoiding death during a bridge collapse predicted by Sam Lawton, Isaac Palmer is killed when a Buddha statue falls on him while he is undergoing acupuncture at a Chinese spa. Of course, this only happens after a series of small disasters such as a massage table breaking, acupuncture needles squeezing deeply into his skin, and a fire breaking out. After these measures fail to get Isaac out, it happens that the Buddha statue falls and does the trick.

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10 brick fall

Untitled (1200 x 630 pixels) -11
New Line Cinema

Although Alex Browning’s death does not appear as a scene in the films, it is referenced in final destination 2. Claire Rivers falls into a mental institution after the events of the first film, and reveals that Alex has escaped death more than any other character in the series – seven times! In the end, he met his end when a brick fell on him, after which Clear got a shot.

9 roller coasters

final destination 3
New Line Cinema

final destination 3 It moves when high school student Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) visits an amusement park with her friends. Before they can board the Devil’s Flight roller coaster, Wendy has a premonition that the hydraulics securing the restraints will fail, and everyone on the ride will be killed. For those who don’t consider themselves thrill-seekers, rollercoasters can be scary enough without the image of a derailed ride to mind. final destination 3 It sure made the amusement park less enjoyable for some.

8 tanning bed

Tanning bed final destination 3
New Line Cinema

After the roller coaster malfunctions at the start final destination 3Survivors Ashley and Ashlyn visit a tanning salon. As if the claustrophobia of being in a box isn’t comfortable enough for some, a terrifying new scenario is presented. As the girls listen to relaxing music during a tanning session, the UV settings escalate into unbearable force. The girls begin to sweat profusely and try to get out of the tanning beds, only to realize they are trapped because a plank of wood is somehow lodged in the slit of the bedspreads. The girls are basically fried until the glass securing the UV lamps breaks, and all the tools catch fire. Lucky for any avid tanners, most tanning beds these days don’t fully enclose and have wide openings on both ends.

7 weights

Untitled (1200 x 630 pixels) -12
New Line Cinema

With another scene from final destination 3Even the gym can be a scary place. Feeling absolutely certain that death will not catch up with him, Lois dismisses Wendy and Kevin’s warnings as urban legends. He is promptly proven wrong as a chain reaction of accidents causes a pair of ornate but real swords to swing downward and sever the underlying structures in Louis’ weighing machine, causing the opposing weights to crash into his skull. His head is basically crushed, leaving Wendy and Kevin covered in blood and brains.

6 plane tire

Untitled (1200 x 630 pixels) -13
Cienma new font

final destinationalso known as final destination 4, gives us another head smash in stomach-turning fashion. Just as a crash at McKinley Speedway caused pandemonium in a rain of debris, a tire was thrown over the edge of the stadium wall and struck Nadia Monroy. The image of the severed body and severed scalp lying beside it in a puddle of viscera is beyond disgusting nightmare fuel, and is just the beginning of the movie.

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5 Laser eye surgery

final destination 5
Pictures Warner Bros

This just might be one of the most disturbing and heartbreaking scenes to watch in the entire franchise. in 2011 final destination 5, Olivia is already a little stressed as she prepares to undergo laser eye surgery. She grips a bear nervously, gripping so hard that one of her little eyes pops out and she rolls across the floor. A glass of water spills on some important wires, which sends a laser over Olivia’s eye into overdrive. Lasers burn in her eye, and she frantically struggles to free herself from the medical shackles. Olivia, blinded and in so much pain over her teddy bear’s eye, slips out of a window and plummets to her death. As if that wasn’t shocking enough, we also see her eye pop out of her dead body and she’s shocked for good measure.

4 movie screens

The ultimate cinema destination
Pictures Warner Bros

This death is pretty horrific, but it’s a little easier to digest after the absolutely nauseating laser surgery, flying tires, and weight machine deaths we just replayed. This is also a little simpler – final destination 4 He eliminates Janet when a fire starts behind the cinema screen, causing the screen to explode. While the people in the front rows might have been knocked out quickly in the initial blast, Janet was struck violently by shrapnel.

3 Lawn mowers

Untitled (1200 x 630 pixels) -14
New Line Cinema

Another death from final destination 4This may cause you to avoid being near running lawn mowers. Just as Samantha exits a building with her two young sons behind, the lawnmower runs over a rock, hurling it into Samantha’s eye. The rock supposedly penetrates her brain, killing her instantly. This is one of the saddest scenes in the series, as we can only assume how traumatic the two young boys must have been to watch their mother die in such a way.

2 pond drains

Untitled (1200 x 630 pixels) -15
New Line Cinema

Another death of the fourth installment, we have a fatal pool drain. Hunt is too busy bullying a young child to notice that he has set off the pool’s drainage system. After slipping some pocket change into the pond, he was for some reason determined to jump in and retrieve what appeared to be only a quarter. He swims straight into the pool, which is broken up by her power.

1 Elevators

Untitled (1200 x 630 pixels) - 16
New Line Cinema

Last but not least, final destination 2 It may have caused a fear of elevators in some viewers. Nora suffers a rather prolonged death while riding an elevator. A strange man carrying a basket of prosthetic arms with hooked ends sniffs her hair, one of his hooks caught in her braid. When she rushes out of the elevator, the hook prevents her from exiting completely and, in her panic, traps her head between the elevator doors as she begins to climb. This ultimately decapitates her, despite the others’ attempts to get her out of the barricaded doors.


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