Bollywood star Shahid Kapoor debut series, Sort, has become the latest milestone in the continuous development of innovative content in Indian cinema. Backed by Raj & DK’s unique vision family man, the series became the most watched web series in India within a few months of its release. And it’s easy to see why: the cohesive storytelling explored themes and genre elements near and dear to the hearts of Indian audiences.

Sort is a crime thriller with many different things working for it: from the ambitions of a street-smart young man, to the exploits of an ethically-challenged police officer who has no qualms about breaking a few rules to do his job. That can be said Sort It owes its success to its strong sense of humor, exciting narrative, and sheer relatability. And if you’ve already gone through the entire first season, you must have longed for the magic of a similar mix. Here are 12 such series Sort You have to watch then.

12 Jamtara


crime drama Jamtara It has many of the same pairings that made it Sort This is an interesting watch. The series is based on real-life cases from the Indian city of Jamtara, which gained notoriety a few years ago for becoming a hub for online scams run by young people. The grounded storytelling style coupled with vernacular settings and dialogues allows the series to dazzle its viewers with the flavor of typical Indian humour.

Jamtara It tells the story of a group of young men who start a phishing scam, tricking victims into revealing their bank details through social engineering tricks. Something that started out as fun and games soon takes a dangerous turn as a local politician expresses his desire to become part of the criminal enterprise. The perfect picture of small-town ambitions, intertwined with underworlds of crime and politics, is sure to spark your imagination if you enjoy Sort.

11 Tamil Rockers

Tamil rockers
Sony Leaf

Tamil Rockers It tells the story of a true crime saga, one closely linked to the Indian film industry. Tamil Rockerz is the name of a notorious digital piracy ring that first got its start in 2011. Started by a group of friends in Tamil Nadu, it quickly became a huge thorn in the side of Indian filmmakers as they leaked every major upcoming movie online, often on the day of its release. . They gained even more infamy with their daring habit of announcing major leaks early on.

The series, which will be released in 2022, is a highly fictionalized work in search of this secret group. Critics blamed the series for including too many unrelated subplots that diminished the impact of its core plot. However, crime drama fans are sure to find it an interesting watch.

10 Avaharan

EDGESTROM production

An intricate and engaging plot has been created along with many great moments Avaharan A popular show among Indian audiences. Featuring a blend of crime, thriller, and comedy, the series centers around the life of police officer Rudra Srivastava, whose life is defined by many painful failures. Avaharan It begins with Rudra facing jail due to false corruption charges, leaving his marriage in shambles. Once released, he looks for any opportunity to fix his dismal marriage and financial condition.

He finds this opportunity in the form of Madhu, the wife of a rich politician who plots to kidnap her daughter falsely to extort money from her husband. With all other avenues closed, Rudra accepts the offer but finds himself playing a tightrope when he is assigned to investigate his crime.

9 family man

1. Family Man - Manoj Bajpai
Amazon Prime Video

If you enjoy Sort Without watching another successful Raj & DK show, now is the time to get on board family man. With Manoj Bajpai in the lead role, family man It made waves among Indian audiences as one of the first Indian serials that really allowed the spy thriller genre to take off. The series comes with the perfect ratio of spy thrillers with comedy family moments, and both offer flair rarely found in Indian television. This series will have you hooked for its realistic stakes, and its comedic mastery is simply unparalleled.

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8 Simple murder

Simple kill chain
Sony Leaf

A talented cast and an engaging plot make for a lively mix in this Simple murder, a 2020 dark comedy series that has mostly stayed under the radar. Actor Mohamed Zeeshan Ayyub stars as Manish, an unemployed youth who spends his days troubleshooting the disappointing tantrums of a demanding wife. Manish fantasizes about being an entrepreneur, and is waiting for an investor who is willing to believe in his business ideas. However, when that day finally comes, a misunderstanding leads him to the wrong address, where he is mistaken for a contract killer.

The lure of quick money leads the young couple down a dangerous path filled with mistaken identities and many double entendres. Talented actors like Amit Syal, Sushant Singh, and Gopal Dutt make up a world populated by snarky killers, obsessed cops, and more.

7 1992 scam

1992 scam
Sony Leaf

1992 scam It is a historical drama that delves into one of the biggest scandals in the history of the Indian stock market. Taking a comprehensive yet incisive approach, the series follows the rise and fall of Harshad Mehta, a notorious stockbroker who single-handedly dominated the movements of the Indian stock market for a period of time in the 1990s.

The performances by the cast members like Prateik Gandhi as Harshad Mehta and Shriya Dhanwanthari as journalist Suchita Dalal gave the series a huge boost. 1992 scam It was well paced and well written, allowing casual audiences to easily understand the ins and outs of the financial world and enjoy the exciting highs and lows that came with it. While the series does not have any work Sortbecame a viral phenomenon when it was released, and offers many of the same thrills as Shahid Kapoor’s show.

6 humans

Insane series Shefali Shah
Disney + Hotstar

A crime thriller set in the dark underbelly of the medical industry, humans It takes a new subject and explores it in all its horrific shades. Unlike many of the other entries on this list, humans She takes a completely serious approach, exploring many aspects of her characters’ lives.

Shefali Shah and Kriti Kulhari star in this serial as the two main characters, the accomplished veteran doctor Gauri Nath and her caretaker Dr. Saira Sabharwal. As the two develop a relationship in a famous hospital in Bhopal, they become involved in the world of illegal drug testing on helpless victims. The series is ambitious in its storytelling, exploring the illegal drug-testing racket through its many characters from all sides of the equation.

5 Mirzapur

Amazon Prime Video

While films about the Indian mafia have always been popular, there are a few series that fall squarely into this subgenre. Mirzapurwhich was released in 2018, is an essential watch among Indian serials that captures the magic of films like Wasseypur gangs. It stars Ali Fazal and Vikrant Massi as Guddu and Pablo, two brothers trying to get through college.

Various events bring them to the attention of a college bully, Munna (Devindu), and his father, Kalin Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi), who happens to be the son of their city, Mirzapur. The two brothers are offered work for his criminal enterprise, and find themselves charting a meteoric rise that soon puts them at odds with their boss. Mirzapur Filled with many comedic moments and catchy subplots that make it engaging, from student politics to Guddu and Munna’s clash over romantic interests.

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4 Rana Naidu

Rana Naidu

Baahubali Actress Rana Daggubati stars alongside Telugu cinema veteran, Venkatesh Daggubati in this crime drama about the dark side of the magic industry. Rana Naidu It follows the life of a professional “fixer,” going to any means necessary to fix problems faced by high-profile clients. Despite the nature of his job, Rana has a family with two children. Although he has some trouble getting along with his family easily, he leads a good life.

That all changes when his estranged father makes a sudden re-entry into his life, then gives him an early release and blames his son for his imprisonment. Rana’s bitter animosity towards his father slowly unravels over the course of the series as his father’s appearance begins to wreak havoc on his delicately balanced life.

3 Taza news

Taza news
Disney + Hotstar

Stories like that of YouTube star turned actor, Bhuvan Bam, aren’t often seen. After starting out doing comedy skits on YouTube, he has single-handedly worked his way up to becoming a movie celebrity. With such poignant parallels to his personal life, the miniseries Taza news He definitely influenced audiences in a unique way.

Released on the Disney + Hotstar platform, Taza news It can be considered Pam’s first major acting project. He appears in the show as Vasya, a sanitation worker who spends his days passionately dreaming of a better life for himself and his mother. This all begins to come true when he is given the magical boon to see the future.

Taza news is a classic rags-to-riches story that shows how such unprecedented power can spoil the show. Backed by solid performances from all sides, the series consists of six episodes of high binge potential.

2 Afsos

Amazon Prime Video

underrated show from 2020, Afsos (Hindi translation ‘regret’) is a black comedy directed by Anubhuti Kashyap and starring Gulshan Devayah in the lead role. The premise of the show is interesting, to say the least: Devaya’s character, Nakul, is unable to handle a frivolous life and decides to commit suicide. But when two separate attempts are thwarted by bystanders, he enlists the services of an assassination agency, ordering a psychological hit.

This marks the beginning of the series as Nakul soon realizes that he really does not want to die, hence the name of the series. But the assassin assigned to the job is an individualist who never gives up on the job.

1 Akkad barely refused thanks

Ravu confirmed the thanks
Amazon Prime Video

The idea of ​​aspirational deception brings together people from all walks of life Akkad barely refused thankswhich will amuse lovers Sort With its central plot and focus on interpersonal relationships. With a cast that includes the likes of Vicky Arora, Anuj Rampal, and Swati Semwal, the series deals with a group of people who come together with the goal of setting up a fake bank. In order to legitimize their fake bank, they are connecting various community leaders from journalists and religious leaders to local politicians. write though Akkad hardly Criticized for being somewhat lenient, it has just enough action to keep you engrossed throughout the 10-episode first season.


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