John McTiernan Die hard he have to the maximum A fair claim to the title of “Hollywood’s Greatest Movie”. Moreover, McTiernan’s film managed to be instantly embraced by audiences and critics alike. The two-hour blast carried more recognition for its quality than the vast majority of its genre at the time, and its box office success was so impressive that one day many began shooting elevator shows with “So, it’s Die hard on me….”

And that kind of pitch made the movies to be made. From Wesley Snipes and Harrison Ford-led action thrillers to a classic about a bus, these are the best movies ever to cash in. Die hard as a model for success.

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12 Passengers 57 (1992)

Warner Bros.

while It did well at the box office and is often buoyed by a leading performance from Wesley Snipes, Passenger 57 It can be forgotten in the end more than anything else. However, it is a movie with high points and low points.

At the first end is the iconic action movie line “Always bet on black,” which is pretty cool. For the latter half, there’s pacing and a totally unconvincing performance from Bruce Payne as the Hans Gruber-esque antagonist.

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11 Under Siege (1992)

Under Siege 2 - Steven Seagal, Warner Bros
Warner Bros.

Connection Under siege Steven Seagal’s best movie seems like a sneaky compliment, and it is to an extent, but it’s also the only above-average movie he’s ever led. However, it’s Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey in antagonistic roles that really carry the film.

Seagal plays Chief Warrant Officer turned cook Casey Ryback, who spends his days and nights aboard the USS Missouri. But when ex-CIA agent William Stranix (Jones) joins the party with a group of ruthless killers and a list of demands, it’s up to Ryback to take down the traitorous killers one by one.

10 Cliffhanger (1993)

Sylvester Stallone's Cliffhanger, being remade by Anna Lily Amirpour
Tristar Pictures

Interesting ending It’s just one movie out of many that’s compatible with a legacy sequel, and it’s actually a pretty logical movie. Of all the movies to check out a file Die hard Within five years of this movie being released, the Renny Harlin movie was top notch, both in terms of quality and the number of people who actually paid to see it.

Naturally, Interesting ending It did not sell as many tickets as in 1985 Rambo: First Blood Part Two or Rocky IV. And it makes sense for many to see that, as it’s always fun to watch Stallone in his element, but never quite as fun as watching John Lithgow don a weird English accent to perform as a competitor.

9 Speed ​​(1994)

Twentieth Century Fox

Perhaps the best action movie of the 90s, Jan de Bont Speed It was essentially a one-off success for the cinematographer-turned-director, despite his sophomore film Cyclone her fans. The film’s origins are many, from the editing to the fast-paced screenplay, but Ace in the Hole sheds light.

As Officer Jack Traven and civilian Annie Porter, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have crackling chemistry, and even when they’re not sharing a screen, each performer is a perfect note in their own role. Then there’s the late Dennis Hopper as a disgruntled former bomb squad member turned domestic terrorist Howard Payne. Hooper makes an almost as good case here as he did in blue velvet For the reason that he is one of Hollywood’s greatest choices for the antagonist role.

8 Sudden Death (1995)

sudden death
Universal Pictures

An underrated thriller blatantly choreographed to Jean-Claude Van Damme’s acrobatic talents, sudden death It is one of the best obvious Die hard imitators. But, really, the ace in the hole isn’t Van Damme’s impressive physical range or less impressive acting range as it is every moment with Powers Boothe’s villainous Joshua Foss.

Like other villains of his kind (though not Hans Gruber), Voss is a disgruntled former civil servant. Specifically, a former Secret Service agent who rigged an entire hockey arena with explosives.

7 The Rock (1996)

Nick Cage as Stanley Goodspeed in The Rock
Buena Vista Photo Distribution

Between 1996 and 1997, Nicolas Cage made three great action classics. Michael Bay the rock I was even with face offThe higher concept and slightly tighter direction, arguably the best.

It’s definitely Michael Bay’s best movie, and Alcatraz goes a long way toward making it feel unique. But really it all comes down to the casting. Ed Harris is a remarkably sympathetic villain, and his roster of supporting antagonists (including David Morse and Tony Todd) are flawless in their roles. Then there’s the heroic side of things, and as it turns out, Sean Connery’s wisdom mixed with the ingenuity of a young Nick Cage makes for a winning combination both financially and critically.

6 Air Force One (1997)

Air Force One
Columbia Pictures

One of the best Harrison Ford movies of the ’90s, Wolfgang Petersen Air Force One It is, however, a more mixed bag than its high-profile reputation might indicate. But as far as the big-budget ’90s go-to, it’s a life-long rollercoaster with one thing in mind: entertaining the crowd.

Air Force One He’s also Harrison Ford’s heyday, full stop. Like Indy or Han, boss James Marshall is a cinema icon. Throw in Gary Oldman’s unhinged performance as the antagonist (equipped with a Russian accent that counts to 11) and Petersen’s movie is a fun diversion.

5 Con Air (1997)

Cameron Bow Con Air 1200 x 630
Buena Vista Photo Distribution

Simon West Con Air It is one of the definitive action movies of the 90’s. Is it high art? no. Does she know exactly what her audience wants and will stop at nothing to give it to them? defy. Nicolas Cage stars as ex-parole American vigilante Cameron Poe, who is given 10 years for defending his wife against a trio of drunken criminals. Bo is on his way to freedom, but then his fellow inmates—led by John Malkovich’s Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom—take over the plane, brazenly renaming it “Con Air.”

Bo is the type to step up, especially when there are two good fellows on board. Specifically, a fellow male convict and a female guard (played by her respectively forrest gumpMykelti Williamson and Rachel Ticotin). The former, an asthmatic, needs an inhaler while Bo knows the latter is, frankly, dead meat if he chooses to walk away. If this doesn’t smell like John McClain sentiment then nothing does.

4 The Raid (2011)

Raid: Redemption
PT Mirantao Films

If ever there was a fast-paced action movie, Raid: Redemption actually. Not to put it lightly, both raid Movies are the highlights of the action genre, relatively recent or otherwise.

every moment Raid: Redemption Spend in the central area of ​​a dilapidated apartment complex (which also serves as a safe haven for drug lords) is full of action. There are five minutes out Raid Which is not in the dilapidated apartment complex mentioned above. The movie opens with a whole group of officers of the Mobile Brigade Corps as they finally try to deal with Tama the Athletic once and for all. But, the athlete is no fool, and has assembled a fleet to counter their move. Before long, it’s just Rama Iku Uwais and another high-ranking officer, but the latter is more of a high-ranking house mouse.

3 Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Millennium Films

Antoine Fuqua Olympus has fallen At first it seems that what Deep impact were to disaster. But once the financial dust settled, the ultimate winner was a top-budget, summer-packed release date The fall of the White House.

In reality, Olympus It inspired a soon-to-be-continued B-movie franchise with a fourth installment. on The fall of the White HouseHowever, the most telling is that it was the last major film James Woods was in.

2 White House Down (2013)

The fall of the White House
Sony Pictures launch

The fall of the White House It was Roland Emmerich’s best movie in years, but it ended up being just that second The most successful White House terrorist attack movie of 2013. And that was a bit much, though the quality of the two films is fairly comparable.

Channing Tatum portrays John Cale, a Capitol police officer who dreams of being a Secret Service agent. His request is denied, yet he’ll still have a chance to protect President James Sawyer (Jamie Foxx) once a man on the inside stages a coup.

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1 Skyscraper (2018)

Universal Pictures

Skyscraper He was great on the big screen, but much of his influence has undoubtedly been lost in translation to home media. It was his first foray outside the comedy genre CIA And Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story Director Rawson Marshall Thurber appears often.

For example, Dwayne Johnson’s ex-FBI hostage rescue team leader Will Sawyer is not as convincing as John McClane. Johnson does what he can with the movie (as does Neve Campbell, a rare but welcome presence on the big screen), but Skyscraper It is ultimately two things: brilliant and forgettable.


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