With the latest version of Shazam! Wrath of the GodsWe’ve officially entered the awkward transition between the end of the DCEU and the beginning of a new one DCUUnder the leadership of James Gunn and Peter Safran. In a surprise to some, the approach Gunn and Safran are taking to the new DC universe isn’t a full reboot, but rather a soft reboot of sorts. The current world of the DC films will be largely reset, with a few actors taking on the same roles, while most others being recast. So far, it seems like the main actors from the DCEU and Snyderverse aren’t sticking together. Henry Cavill will not return as Superman at Gunn’s Superman: LegacyBen Affleck will be recast as Batman (again). Brave and daring And it’s possible that Gal Gadot’s time as Wonder Woman is coming to an end.

However, there are some major names that have been carried over from the old DC universe to the newer one. Not only will Viola Davis return as Amanda Waller, but she’ll also be getting her own standalone series titled Waller. This series will also feature some additional cast from Suicide Squad And peace maker Also back, it’s supposed to be Steve Agee and Jennifer Holland at least. Although there aren’t any other specific actors confirmed to be returning, Gunn has stated on several occasions that he’s open to other DCEU members moving into the DCU as well. With that in mind, there are 11 actors from the DCEU we hope to make it to the new DCU.

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11 JK Simmons

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It’s easy to forget JK Simmons He was even in the DC universe, as the role he played was much smaller than it was originally intended to be. Simmons was played by none other than the classic Batman character, Commissioner Gordon. He has only appeared in one movie, which is Justice League The movie which was released in the year 2017. He didn’t have much to do in this movie and while he did get a somewhat expanded role in the extended version which was Zack Snyder’s Justice LeagueSimmons’ casting in the DCEU hasn’t really been much. is set to return in bat girl A movie starring Leslie Grace, but since that movie was cancelled, there has been no talk of Simmons’ version of Gordon. We’d love to see him return to play a modified version of the character in Batman’s latest adventure, Brave and daring.

10 Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
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Of all the actors from the DCEU, Jason Momoa He appears to be in the best position to transition into the new DCU. His version of Aquaman is one of the most successful and well-received aspects of the DCEU, with his first standalone film being the only film in the franchise to gross over $1 billion at the box office. with the sequel Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, due for release later this year, Momoa is poised for a major character reintroduction. He’s been very open about his conversations with Gunn and seems really excited about his future with DC. There was a rumor circulating that Momoa would be stepping down as Aquaman in order to play Lobo in the new DCU. While it would be cool to see him, we love his take on Aquaman a lot to allow him to go through so easily.

9 Robin Wright

Robin Wright as Antiope in Wonder Woman 2017
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While it’s unlikely that Gadot’s Wonder Woman will return, with Gunn and Safran likely looking to throw their own versions of DC’s iconic trinity, that doesn’t mean the supporting cast of Wonder Woman Movies are off the table. Specifically, we would like to see Robin Wright Return to the role of Antiope. Wright was a standout from the start Wonder Woman movie, and there’s a lot more to delve into with her character than audiences have ever gotten in the DCEU. Given that Gunn and Safran are producing a series based on Themyscira titled Paradise Lost, who will explore Wonder Woman’s home, this is the perfect opportunity to bring Wright back. Serial is styled game of thrones-Style series full of political intrigue. Given the amazing work that Wright led house of cardswould be perfect for Paradise Lost.

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8 John Cena

John Cena in The Peacemaker

John Cena He is one actor who will almost certainly return to the role in the new DCU. Cena played the character of Peacemaker in both Suicide Squad and the peace maker The spin-off that hit HBO Max last year. The second season of peace maker The greenlight was long ago granted, but the show appears to have been delayed as Gunn is more focused on establishing the broader foundation for the Data Control Unit (DCU). When asked about the series in TwitterGan answered that peace maker It was “just snooped while I was at work [Superman: Legacy]. Waller Firstly. [Peacemaker] Yet.” He would be an unparalleled choice to recast Cena, especially considering that Davis, who appeared alongside him in both previous projects, has already been confirmed to return. It may be a while before we see the peacemaker in Cena again, though. But we can rest easy knowing he’ll be back.

7 Yahya Abdul-Mateen II

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta in Aquaman 2018
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Another representative of Aquaman The series we’d love to see return in the DCU is Yahya Abdel-Mateen The second is called the Black Manta. He played a major role in 2018 Aquaman movie, and he is slated to return for a larger part in it Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Abdul-Mateen is one of the most talented actors to appear in the DCEU, and it would be a shame for him not to continue. Assuming The lost kingdom Is a success, would be crazy not to bring it back for more. the Aquaman The series has existed independently of the rest of the DC films, so it wouldn’t be difficult to adjust this version of Black Manta for the new DCU.

6 Zachary Levi

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as lead to Shazam! films Zachary Levi He did an excellent job carrying this series. Across both films, he was very charismatic and likable in the role. the Shazam! The movies in general have their own unique flair that has set them apart from the rest of the DC films, and hopefully the entire creative team will make the jump to the DCU. Of all the characters in the DCEU, Levi’s Shazam also has the added advantage that both of his films have been produced by Safran and the actor himself is good friends with Gunn. So, things seem to be looking good for Levi’s return as Shazam. We’ll keep our fingers crossed Wrath of the GodsThe box office is strong enough to warrant a return.

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5 Journey Smollett

Gurney Smollett as Black Canary in Birds of Prey
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2020 wild birds The film is one of the most underrated films of the DCEU franchise, with much of its impact being undermined upon release by the Covid-19 pandemic, which shut down the world only a few weeks after the film opened. The entire cast of the film was great, and while we’d like most of them to return, Journey Smollett Especially deserves another chance to play Black Canary. Smollett is an amazing actress, and she really stole the show in every scene she was in wild birds. She was supposed to receive her own standalone movie on HBO Max, but this movie joined a long line of canceled DC movies over the years. We really hope Smollett’s turn in wild birds It doesn’t end up being a one-off, though, because she’s just too fit for the role to move on from quickly.

4 Idris Elba

Idris Elba as Bloodsports in The Suicide Squad 2021
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Idris Elba is another actor who, on paper, seems well-placed to reprise his role in the DCU. Play Bloodsport character in Suicide Squad, arguably the lead role, but very little has been said about the character in the years since that film’s release. while some of his fellow cast members appeared peace makerElba didn’t. Because of this, Elba’s future in the role (or lack thereof) is up in the air right now. With Elba being so exploited in the MCU, we’d hate for the same thing to happen to his DC character, too. It was one of the best parts Suicide SquadAnd it would be great to see him back Waller Or any other new DCU project.

3 Djimon Hounsou

Djimon Hounsou as the Wizard in Shazam!  Wrath of the Gods
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Djimon Hounsou He is an actor who has appeared in countless franchises and action films over the years, yet he never quite gets his due. Hounsou is a great actor who is often relegated to small supporting roles. He’s already played two different characters in the DCEU, appearing as King Ricou from Hunter’s Kingdom in 2018. Aquaman So is the magician in both Shazam! films. The Wizard’s role is a much larger part, particularly in Wrath of the Gods, We think Hounsou should be brought back to continue playing this role for as long as he wants to. He was really solid in the first movie, but he’s even better in the sequel, getting more dialogue and comedic moments. even if Shazam! The movies don’t end in the end, we’d still love to see Hounsou take on almost any role in the DCU.

2 Karen Fukuhara

Karen Fukuhara as Katana in Suicide Squad (2016)
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While there weren’t a lot of redeeming qualities for 2016 suicide squadThere’s no denying the outstanding cast that put it together. One actor from the movie that deserves so much love is him Karen Fukuharawho played Katana. While the role was one of the smaller ones in the movie, and as such Fukuhara wasn’t given much to do, we’d love to see her return anyway. suicide squad It was her first movie, and in the years since then she’s proven to be very talented. She’s most famous, at this point, for playing Prime Video’s Kimiko boys. Since she and Katana’s personality were underutilized in suicide squadWe think it’s time to bring Fukuhara back and really give her a chance to shine in the role.

1 Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie Harley Quinn
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Finally, how do you bring back a lot of cast members from suicide squadAnd wild birds And Suicide Squad without going back Margot Robbie Like Harley Quinn? Rubies Quinn is one of the few DCEU characters who has always worked, even if the movies she’s been in aren’t the best. People love her in the role, and she’s been shown to have a really strong understanding of the character and what makes her tick. It’s a shame Robbie has played Quinn for nearly ten years now, and she hasn’t yet had any real crossover with Batman out there. suicide squad. Let’s change that by introducing it Brave and daring.


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