Who can claim that they never started watching something just because they had that actor or actress they love? Maybe you want to see them in a different role than they used to play, with a different accent, or just to check out their work. But if you already have this person in mind, it’s sometimes difficult to get into the story or even buy into the new character, as they’ll constantly remind you of the character(s) you already know.

So, this list is for those who want to see great shows with no cast names, nor for people who are already famous for a particular character. It’s as much a clean slate for you as the audience as it is for these characters and the stories you’re about to get into, witness their struggles and how they live their lives. Let’s take a look at some of the shows from around the world and introduce you to the amazing talents available to watch on your regular streaming service or TV channel.

11 dark


dark It is a show that will mess with your head. Better get a piece of paper and watch it carefully because this sci-fi drama travels through time and has a lot of mysteries. In a fictional German town called Winden, a child goes missing. This reveals many secrets and connections between the families that live there, especially with the arrival of a mysterious figure. You can join the characters in the investigation as they try to understand a mystery passed down through the generations, and talk about questions like death and inevitability. The question you have to ask yourself is not how it happened but when.

10 Stealing money

money theft

Stealing moneyor La Casa de Papel In the original title, it is a Spanish hit that has taken over the world when it comes to Netflix. The show was first broadcast on television in Spain and later re-edited in the Netflix format. This is a classic heist story with many twists that will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat. The mastermind of the plan, the Professor, joins forces with a group of criminals, each of a different specialty, to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. But the catch is that they will not only steal money, but make their money as long as possible. Really a great watch and a great show to get to know some new talent, just like Pedro Alonso, who plays Berlin, and Álvaro Morte, who plays the Professor. The show has been so successful that Netflix is ​​working on a prequel centered around the character of Berlin and also has a Korean remake.

9 The end of the F***ing world

Shows like Killing Eve to watch - The End of the F***ing World

The end of the F***ing world It tells the story of two teenage kids who connect while dealing with their own issues. James thinks he’s a psychopath, and Alyssa is the new, moody, different girl at school. She convinces him to help her search for her real father, and together they embark on a road trip to begin the search. This coming-of-age story has been nominated for two Emmy Awards. It is based on the award-winning comic book by Charles Foreman, which is about the dark and confusing minds of teens who feel like outsiders. Related: The best Netflix shows about high school life and being a teen

8 search party

Portia (Meredith Hagner), Elliot (John Early), Dory (Alia Shawkat), and Drew (John Reynolds) return to the United States with Chantal.
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seek party It is an ambiguous show. In this series, we follow the story of a group of young friends who are trying to find one of their friends who has disappeared. With four seasons, the show plays different types in each, and the main characters will have to deal with the consequences of their actions as the series progresses, putting their relationships on the line and uniting the group with a dark secret that must never be revealed to anyone else. Can they trust each other? How will things end up in the end?

7 Please like me

Please like me

This Australian comedy from 2013 has been widely recognized and successful all over the world. Please like me It tells the story of Josh, a man in his twenties who, after breaking up with his girlfriend, comes to realize that he is gay. As he tries to understand who he is and how to live his life, he also has to deal with her mother’s depression. With a great cast, Josh Thomas is in charge of the script and creation of the show while also showing off his talent as a main character, playing alongside Thomas Ward and Debra Lawrence. Please like me It shows the struggles of a person dealing with their emotions and how difficult it is to navigate through the world without the help of others. A great choice for an afternoon home party.

6 The Americans

The Americans

The Americans is a spy show, a political drama set in the Cold War years. In this story, two Soviet agents disguise themselves as an American couple – Philip and Elizabeth Jennings. With two kids, a steady job, and a house in the suburbs, no one doubts that they could be more than they seem. After twenty years of living together, this relationship between the two spies becomes more complicated as their loyalties and beliefs are tested, especially after their new neighbor – an FBI agent – has moved in. This is a great series that will keep you hooked on the mystery for six seasons. He has won four Primetime Emmy Awards between 2013 and 2018.

5 Abbott Elementary


This comedy was a favorite at the Emmy Awards last year, and it’s definitely a fun show to watch. Abbott Elementary It tells the story of a group of elementary school teachers who have to deal with the challenges of their daily routine at work. From a principal who is of little help to a lack of resources and children, they depend on their love of education for success and victory. It’s a great critique of the public school system while getting plenty of laughs in the 30-minute mini-episode. Related: Abbott Elementary School: 10 Things the Series Picks Up About the American Public School System

4 Dairy girls

Dairy Girls Netflix

Dairy girls is a British comedy show about a 16-year-old teenage girl. Set in the 1990s, we follow her life at school with her family and friends in Northern Ireland through the final years of The Troubles, a political and nationalist struggle that has lasted for nearly 30 years, when Northern Ireland wanted to leave the UK and form a united Ireland.

Created by Lisa McGee, the show reflects her own experiences as Irene (the main character) studies with her friend at a fictional Catholic high school based on the one McGee went to. As the characters go through their confusing teenage years and face changes in their home, we follow them through three wonderfully entertaining seasons.

3 Call my agent

Contact my agent (Dix Pour Cent)

Call my agentor Dix pure cent In the original title, it is a French show that tells the story of talent agents. With a great premise and a great cast, the show has four seasons and a movie in production. In the story, we follow Camille Valentini, daughter of the great agent Mathias Barneville, who has just moved to Paris and is looking for help to get a job and settle down. She starts working at her father’s agency, ASK, which is undergoing some changes after the owner, Samuel Kerr, dies suddenly. The episodes are light and fun, dealing with the love struggles, dreams, and hard times of people trying to succeed in film and television. It also has guest appearances by great French actors and actresses starring as themselves.

2 the middle

the middle

the middle is a delightful comedy show that has been running for nearly a decade, with its final season being released in 2018. A family living in Orson Welles, Indiana, is trying to navigate everyday life and the crazy situations they encounter. As they struggle with money, frustration, and a home that may need repairs, the Hacks are a wonderful family to watch. The parents, Mike and Frankie, are played by Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn (who you may know as Cady’s father from the classic mean girls in 2004). With three kids, trouble is always about to happen with Axl, Brick, and Sue, and you’ll definitely get great laughs alongside this family.

1 I haven’t done it before

I never did a fourth season
global television distribution

I haven’t done it before It comes from the great mind of Mindy Kaling, who you may know as Kelly the desk (2005). Using her experiences as an Indian woman, she tells the story of Devi (Maitrei Ramakrishnan), an Indian-American teenager while she is in high school. Forced to deal with exams, pressure from her family, and the death of her father, she tries to solve the biggest problem in her life: the fact that she is still a virgin. So, she is determined to hook up with Paxton (Darren Barnet), the hottest boy in school. This leads to three seasons of great fun, as we see Davey make horrible decisions and have moments every teenage girl has.


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