Hollywood comedy legend Bill Murray join Saturday Night Live He’s in his second season (replacing Chevy Chase) and his career has been going strong since then. Murray excels in both lead and supporting roles, and what’s impressive is how well he’s able to flex sly cynicism to work for the film’s tone.

In other words, there is a huge difference between his performance in Strips And Rushmore. Murray’s layers extend to nearly every other of his films. This includes his movies that many fans may have completely forgotten about. From summer camp classics and city blockbuster comedies, to heartfelt slapstick comedies where he portrays deadpan neighbors or his cute neighbor, these are the best Bill Murray movies that fans and members of the general public might want to see again (or perhaps for the first time).

10 Meatballs (1979)

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Murray’s first major role in a feature film and promotional role for director Ivan Reitman, kofta He is one of the former SNL Ultimate star movies. Or it was, as there is no doubt about subsequent Reitman-Murray collaborations Strips And Ghostbusters It remained in the public consciousness more prominently.

But there is a lot of magic to the microscopic scale kofta. And together A hot, humid American summerit’s one of the most purely fun games (it’s more pure and sweet, unlike the original sequels kofta is the PG) of the worst summer camp movies ever made.

9 Where the Buffaloes Roam (1980)

Bill Murray in Where the Buffalo Roam
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Before Johnny Depp and Benicio Del Toro played legendary gonzo writer Hunter S. Thompson and his friend Laszlo, respectively, Murray and Young FrankensteinPeter Boyle was doing the same thing Where buffaloes roam. More people remember Fear and Loathing in Las Vegaswhich is totally fair considering it’s a better movie and an even better adaptation of Thompson’s prose.

But, there is an advantage Where buffaloes roamwhich is based on Thompson’s own eulogy for his friend (screenwriter Art Linson also included Fear and Loathing in Las VegasAnd Great shark huntingand ridiculously ironic Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail ’72. The plot follows Murray’s Thompson as he watches his once-straightforward defense attorney lose a major drug-related case. Five years later, Lazlo has become the wild child Thompson, but the former feels as if their wandering ways could be put to better use…with the help of some streaks, streaks, and drops.

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8 Quick Change (1990)

Bill Murray and Geena Davis - Quick Change
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at this time, Quick change (the only movie Murray ever directed, which he technically directed) is known more for his funny man behavior behind the scenes than anything else. Geena Davis revealed in early 2023 that Murray was volatile and sexually abusive towards her, which of course is totally unacceptable.

It does the movie a disservice, too, as if the viewer doesn’t know the unfortunate details behind the scenes, it’s painfully obvious that Davis and Murray don’t have an iota of chemistry. But, overall, the movie, which follows three con artists who rob banks (with Murray dressed as a clown), is solid and fun if not downright awesome. And as far as his performance goes, Murray is at his peak performance. Unfortunately, the movie lost a lot of its steam after the third act, once it became clear that the central trio of Murray, Davis, and the incessantly screaming Randy Quaid were going to be trolling Queens all night.

7 Kingpin (1996)

Bill Murray in Kingpin

“It will be a showdownwwn. The last 30 minutes of the Farrelly brothers are underrated Kingpin It is pure gold for Murray fans. As Ernie McCracken, Murray is at his most witty, and every shot with his hideous hair piece fluttering at the air conditioner in the alley is perfection.

The film will also work for comedy fans in general, despite Murray’s absence for about two-thirds of the film. It focuses on the character as much as the gag, and there’s a lot more to the latter. Woody Harrelson does a great job leading the film as down-on-his-luck Roy Monson, but much credit must also go to Vanessa Angel’s confident and tender performance as Claudia, who, along with Monson and Ishmael Borg, accompanies the Amish bowling prodigy (Randy Quaid), giving the best. his performance abroad Brokeback Mountain and the vacation films).

6 Wild Things (1998)

Bill Murray in Wild Things
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wild things Not a forgotten movie. Far from it, and it shouldn’t be. But, a lot of people forget that Bill Murray is in it, despite the fact that he steals every other one of his scenes (especially the courtroom interrogation). And luckily for fans of Murray when he plays baby eyes and shows off routine, he’s in quite a few scenes.

The narrative follows a school teacher who appears to be framed for sexually assaulting one student and then two. Murray plays Kenneth Bowden, a shopping mall defense attorney who has no respect for the very law he does. This is demonstrated when he wraps his neck brace around himself, only revealing his full health when only Matt Dillon’s Sam Lombardo and the audience are looking on.

5 Hamlet (2000)

Bill Murray in Hamlet

Bill Murray may be an actor who revisited past roles decades later, but it’s the year 2000 village It was a first for him and for Shakespeare. And even with a great performance from the always charming Ethan Hawke, it’s Murray who steals the show.

A modern novel of a classic not unlike Baz Luhrmann’s novel Romeo + JulietAnd village is a way for modern audiences (for once) to access a story that would be difficult to read in its original form hundreds of years later. Murray portrays Polonius, Claudius’ ruthless chief advisor (played by Kyle MacLachlan).

4 Osmosis Jones (2001)

Bill Murray in Osmosis Jones
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While Frank Dettori was from Murray in the Jones Osmosis Not one of cinema’s worst fathers, he is certainly Most disgusting. A zookeeper who disliked sanitation, Dettori was struck by a sadistic disease (voiced memorably by Laurence Fishburne). It’s up to Drex, a red pill (David Hyde Pierce), and a white blood cell by the name of Osmosis Jones (Chris Rock, awesome) to take it down before it messes up their host’s body forever.

Jones Osmosis It was a huge bomb in 2001, but suffice it to say that those around nine or 10 absolutely loved it in theaters. And if there was a unique animated movie, Jones actually. Admittedly, the live-action sequences can be a little gross, but even those scenes are bolstered by the talents of Murray, Chris Elliott (who returned from hard day) and the great Molly Shannon. It’s definitely a niche movie, and it’s by no means surprising that it bombed (how many mothers were taking their children and, presumably, their friends, given the fact that the trailers were very clear about the film’s tone and content).

3 Get Low (2009)

Bill Murray in Get Low
Sony Pictures classics

Get low It didn’t sell many tickets, but it’s a sweet movie with three great performances from Murray, Sissy Spacek, and especially Robert Duvall. The film stars Duvall as hermit Felix Bosch, who tends to ruffle the feathers of his fellow small-town Illinois residents more often than not.

One day, Bosch breaks his seclusion, travels to town, and tells everyone he’s going to be at his funeral… alive. Murray portrays mortician Frank Quinn, the kind of guy who smells cash at every opportunity. However, Spacek plays Bosch’s wife, and once the bogus funeral is held, he takes the opportunity to tell her (and everyone else) all about the traumatic event that took her sister’s life. But that’s not all he tells her and the rest of the audience.

2 Saint Vincent (2014)

The Weinstein Company

Theodore Melfi Vincent Street They’re both very charming (he’s one of the best hilarious indies of the 2000s) and overly well-acted. Admittedly, though, Naomi Watts’ Russian accent might have benefited from some work.

But when the movie is light like Vincent Streetbut completely focused on the character (which is no Always light-hearted, because life isn’t), it’s hard to fault her characters’ occasional slip into caricature. Furthermore, Murray is great as the title character, Vincent McKenna, who is already representing Clint Eastwood’s character in Gran Torino With things less rough around the edges. However, as great as Murray is in the title role, it’s Melissa McCarthy who gives the film’s best performance. She plays Vincent’s neighbor, the mother of a young boy who gradually makes his way into the title character’s life (much to the latter’s dismay at first, and eventually his improvement).

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1 On The Rocks (2020)

On the Rocks - Jones and Murray
A 24

Murray got back with him lost in translation Director Sofia Coppola on the Apple TV+ original movie on the rocks. While not as slick as their previous collaboration, on the rocks He has a lot of low-key charm.

The ace in the hole of the novel fueled by infidelity is the chemistry between Murray and Rashida Jones. Murray is great as a man who has spent his life disrespecting women, but Jones is better than his daughter, who is constantly trying to shake off his influence and memories of his past abuse of her mother.


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