There is this notion that most of what is available for media consumption is bad, and that will be true. Bad ideas are much easier to come by than good ones, and there is a lot of bad content in the world. With today’s streaming services, there is more content than ever before. Well, some bad shows continue to be trucked in despite really bad ratings, and some get praise but get shut down due to a lack of viewers. There are shows that get canceled all the time, even before they reach production. Sometimes it’s easy to see you coming on after a few bad seasons; Sometimes, it’s very surprising. Even periodically, no show ever closes and is axed on a cliffhanger.

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The most common worst case scenario is a show being canceled after one season. Occasionally, these shows aren’t even bad. The market couldn’t be right for the time it came out, the ratings fell, production costs could go up too high, or there’s a contractual dispute with someone vital to the show. This happens often. But, every now and then, a show comes along that’s too awful to make it past the first episode. These are shows with poor ratings, and some are just such awful concepts that it’s amazing that the series made it into production.

There aren’t many out there, but they do exist. Below is a list of TV shows that were canceled after one episode.

10 swamp thing

Warner Bros. Television Distribution

swamp thing It was a hit in the comic books, but it didn’t translate well in terms of marketing to TV audiences. Swamp Thing wasn’t the worst monster show ever. It actually received praise from critics and audiences alike, but ultimately didn’t make it past the first episode. The show revolves around a scientist who died and then turned into a swamp-dwelling monster who develops a close relationship with a CDC doctor. It was eventually shown online, so fans who really loved it weren’t left wondering what happened, but a lack of viewing killed its chance on TV.

9 comedy dot

comedy dot

comedy dot It was an ambitious idea that some would say was ahead of its time. It was about using the functionality and humor that was about the Internet, but this had huge drawbacks. First, it was released in 2000, the Internet wasn’t very old, things changed quickly, jokes always had to be relevant, and it would be hard to maintain because TV production took so long. It was a bit like Americans funniest home videosbut unlike AFHV, it received very low viewership, and comedy dot It was axed immediately after the pilot episode.

8 a quarter of life

a quarter of life

A show that uses a vlog format to tell stories about a group of imaginary friends would be perfect for the digital age, however a quarter of life They used a vlog format to tell their stories about a group of friends. It seemed like a good idea because everything is going digital. There was indeed a mountain to climb as it premiered during the Democratic debate with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, but that wasn’t just what sank viewers’ ship; Presentation was lacking in quality. It might have made it through an entire season if it weren’t for poor planning when it aired, but it almost certainly would have been canceled afterward. Finally, the show aired its six episodes on Myspace and the official Quarter-Life website. He had some fans, but not enough for broadcast television.

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7 Emily reasons why not

Emily reasons why not
Sony TV Production Company

Based on Kari Gerlach’s novel of the same name, Emily reasons why no It was based on the novel of the same name. The novel was a huge success, and so the show looked promising, but fell short of the same standards. The show focuses on a book editor who usually breaks up with someone once he finds five red flags. She had a lot of potential, a huge fan base, and she was destined to be next Sex and the CityHowever, the offer failed. Thus, Grid pulled the plug. The rest of the season has never been shown but can be seen on DVD.

6 Public morals

Public Morals 1996

Public morals It had a remake that fixed the original issues, but the remake was also scrapped. However, not as fast as the original. The original show centered around a mismatched group of vice detectives, but relative to other detective shows in 1996, this one was crude and vulgar. The first pilot episode was actually canceled before it aired, all because it was deemed too offensive, yet the new episode of that pilot that aired was still too much for the audience at the time. It wasn’t just that the humor was crude, but it suffered from racial stereotypes. Given how conservative things were at the time, things didn’t go well at all. There’s a chance if the show is handled right, it’ll fly by today’s standards (except for the stereotypes, of course), but at the time, the show was pulled right after its first episode.

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5 Will


Will It was about the relatives of a millionaire, who were all but heads and competed in various challenges to inherit his fortune upon his death. Although it was created by well-known reality TV producer Mike Fleece who did BSC, did not attract viewers that they thought. Perhaps, people didn’t want to see the relatives of the wealthy compete to become richer, or just thinking of getting rich once this man died was a turn off. Whatever it was, viewers weren’t interested in it, and it was axed after the first episode. Who has the will? We will never know.

4 Chaos


Chaos It was an ambitious attempt to bring in an ultra-masculine ’90s crowd by Fox. It was a PI series starring former footballer Brian Bosworth who already had a great reputation. Unlike the usual everyday detective, this show revolved around an ex-special forces agent who was walking around Miami looking for cases to investigate. It was a far cry from the norm and was filled with many ’90s tropes and cliches in the first episode; Its quality did not help. After the pilot, it was pulled, and the other episodes were never released to the public. Apparently, Bosworth’s notoriety wasn’t enough to keep this ’90s movie streak going.

3 Naughty home videos australia

Naughty home videos australia
nine network

Today, this may be successful. But in 1992, it didn’t fly. like aAmerica’s Funniest Home VideosAnd Naughty home videos australia Do exactly what you think and get people to send you inappropriate home videos. The MSN owner was never consulted, nor was the offer approved by them. Well, when the show aired horrible things like a man spinning a basketball on his penis and a boy eating worms, the air was only cut halfway! Nobody even got to watch an entire episode. Go with the expectation to be like AFHVMaybe the audience thought they were going to see something light, inappropriate, comically funny, but this was just plain ugly and not funny at all.

2 who is your father?

who is your father?

who is your father It was a trashy reality TV show. You dealt with adoption, which is a very serious topic that could get more attention. But the show didn’t treat her with fairness or class. An adopted woman would be placed in a room with a handful of men, and had to choose which one she believed to be her biological father. If you guessed correctly, you won a prize. If he is wrong, the guy will get the prize. The first episode, full of unbearable distress, ran for ninety minutes, and the response was horrible. There has been a backlash from adoption organizations, and parents; You name it. And rightly so. He was mocking a very serious situation, not in a clever comic way, but in exploiting it for somewhat personal gain. Needless to say, it was lifted off the air instantly.

1 Hey honey, I’m home!

Hey honey, I'm home!
British satellite broadcasting

how Hey honey, I’m home! Ever to production is a head scratcher. How it was made on TV is mind-boggling. There isn’t much to explain, and I’m sure it’s clear from the title why this was cancelled. Simply put, it was a show about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, who live next door to a Jewish couple. This was not German propaganda in the forties. It was a British sitcom in 1990, and it didn’t go anywhere. Hitler, quite unanimously the most amoral human being to ever walk the Earth, is not someone that audiences want to watch and laugh at when they come home after work. There are bad ideas, horrible ideas, and then there’s doing a hilarious 1950s-style sitcom about Hitler trying to fit in with Jewish neighbors. He set the bar lower than anyone could have imagined.


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