Sometimes on TV shows, the official main character takes a back seat because there’s someone in the cast who’s constantly stealing the spotlight and replacing the audience’s favorite character. For example, if you are a fan the deskYou probably love Michael Scott and find him hilarious and quotable, but side characters like Dwight, Stanley, and Kevin are often major scene stealers and have become fan favorites over the course of the show. This happens all the time. In fact, here are 10 sidekicks who stole the spotlight on their own TV shows.

10 Hurley – Lost

Disney-ABC Domestic Television

Drama TV series Lost, about a group of people who live on an island after they survive a plane crash, premiered in 2004 and ran for six seasons. It featured an entourage of characters, each with their own unique backstory, a wonderfully twisted plot and a thought-provoking ending. The show ended years ago in 2010, but it’s worth a rewatch, because it’s just as good today as it was back then.

There are a lot of characters to keep track of Lostbut one of the biggest scene-stealers is Hurley, who plays himself Jorge Garcia. Hurley eventually becomes a major character and focus – especially in the middle and end of the series – but in the beginning, he’ll appear on screen to help lift Survivor’s spirit with his happy attitude and sense of humor. While there are many interesting characters in the series, Hurley is undoubtedly a fan favorite, and if you’ve watched the show it’s obvious why.

9 Concierge – scrubs

Concierge scrubs
ABC Studios

Medical idiot sitcom scrubs It was first shown in 2001 and follows the lives of the staff at Sacred Heart Hospital, which is used as a teaching facility for medical trainees. Zach Braff plays the main character, JD, but the hospital is full of other main characters getting some good screen time like Elliot (Sarah Chalke), Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla (Judy Reyes).

Although focusing on the four main characters, scrubs He had a side character who managed to steal the spotlight in every scene he was in, and that was the doorman, who he played Neil Flynn. The janitor was an unproductive and unpredictable hospital janitor/handyman who spends most of his time plotting pranks against JD. He had a hilarious streak and was known for telling exaggerated stories – which were mostly lies – but were always funny.

Sony Pictures Television

Community is a comedy set at a community college that follows the cast of a study group on campus. Community It ran for six seasons from 2009 to 2015 and featured an amazing cast including Joel McHale, Donald Glover, Yvette Nicole Brown, Alison Brie, Ken Jeong, Chevy Chase, Gillian Jacobs, and Jim Rash. While the entire cast is great and funny, Abed is one of the biggest scene stealers often on the sidelines. Danny Body.

Abdul is an intelligent college student who loves pop culture and is implied autistic and struggles to pick up on social cues from others, which is part of what makes his character so interesting. He’s usually in scenes with his best friend Tory (Glover) and as a pair, the two are some of the funniest characters on the show.

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7 Adam Sackler – Girls

Lena Dunham and Adam Driver in Girls
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

girls is an HBO drama produced by Lena Dunham about the lives of four young women living in New York City. The show ran for six seasons from 2012 to 2017. While the show has had some controversies and people generally either love it or hate it, one thing the show did very well for the majority of the audience was Adam Driver who played the role of Adam Sackler in the show.

Adam is Hannah (Dunham)’s love interest on the show, specifically in the beginning. He is a lonely but passionate young man with a love of the arts and an alcohol addiction – having attended AA since he was a teenager. Adam is an interesting character because he is both insufferable and captivating. He is often shown to be a fool, particularly in the way he talks to Hana and how selfish he is, however he also has a number of quirks and features that make him stand out, in addition to his dislikes Adam Driver?

6 April – Parks and Recreation

April Gardens and Rec

Parks and recommend is a satirical political satirical series that primarily centers on Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), a mid-level Parks Department employee in the fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana. Parks and recommend It is a very funny and similar show the desk It features an outstanding cast such as Rashida Jones, Paul Schneider, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Rob Lowe, and Billy Eichner. But the show’s biggest scene-stealing notable character is April, who plays herself Aubrey Plaza.

April is a very sarcastic, sarcastic, and dry personality who works as an intern for the Parks Department, which she is not interested in. She speaks in a monotonous voice and hardly shows any emotion, but she is the most interesting and the most exciting. One of the funniest characters on the show because she’s so weird – especially when she’s alongside characters like the chronically hilarious Leslie Knope.

5 Winston – New Girl

Winston and Ali

new girl is a sitcom about an idiot teacher named Jess (Zooey Deschanel) who moves into an apartment in Los Angeles with three guys – Nick (Jake Johnson), Schmidt (Max Greenfield), Winston (Lamorne Morris), and their former roommate (Damon Wayans) Jr. .) new girl It is a slice-of-life show with a mixture of drama and comedy that focuses on the daily lives of the group, from their relationships to their work lives and everything in between.

Jess is the main character by definition and is supported by Winston, Nick, and Schmidt, however, they are just as important as Jess to the show. However, one character is such an idiot that he manages to steal all the scenes in it because you never really know what he’s going to do next which is Winston. From his love for his pet cat to his pranks and alter ego, Winston is hilarious and fun in every episode.

4 Erica – Stranger Things

Priya Ferguson as Erica in Stranger Things

Weird things is one of the most beloved shows on Netflix – all in all. The show has a lot to offer from its engaging plot, well-crafted storyline, and likable characters. Each season brings in a new character, and sometimes they become part of the main cast, like Max (Sadie Sink) did. One of those characters introduced is Lucas’ little sister Erica (Priya Ferguson). She is introduced in the second season as a side character, but later becomes a main character. She’s known for her bold girly looks that capture the scenes she’s in. She’s funny and smart, but she’s also an important part of the show that helps save the day when the going gets tough.

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3 Esteban – Suite Life Zack and Cody

A scene from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
Disney-ABC Domestic Television

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody It was a hit show on Disney Channel that ran from 2005 to 2008. It takes place at the Tipton Hotel in Boston and follows the lives of twin brothers, Zack (Dylan Sprouse) and Cody (Cole Sprouse), who live in the hotel with their mother. There are many other main characters on the show, but one of the most fan favorites – and he’s not the main character – is Tipton boy/assistant night manager Esteban Ramîrez, played by Adrian R’Mante.

Esteban – or Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramîrez – is a hilarious addition to the show. He speaks with a thick Spanish accent that not many people can understand, he has a pet chicken named Dudley that doubles as his best friend, he has a childlike air that makes him stand out from the rest of the cast and dominates the screen whenever he’s in a scene.

2 Chedi – the good place

William Jackson Harper: Chidi Anagonye

The good place It follows Eleanor (Kristen Bell), who arrives in the afterlife and realizes she wasn’t the greatest person in life and sets out to uncover the goodness within her and be a better person. It’s a very well written original show, with a great cast of characters. In terms of scene-stealing characters, Chidi (William Jackson Harper) dominates The good place.

Technically Chidi is the show’s expert. He is obsessed with morality and decides whether every case – no matter how small – is ethical. He keeps things interesting, and even though some of his moral dilemmas seem superfluous, he makes the audience think, and if you watch the show, you’ll likely find yourself thinking about what Chidi says long after the episode is over.

1 Daryl Dixon – The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead on AMC+

the walking Dead It is a popular horror/zombie drama that ran for 11 seasons. at its peak, the walking Dead He had a huge following. There was a huge cast of characters, though not all of them made it to the end. The show’s main character was Rick (Andrew Lincoln), but Daryl, one of the show’s side characters, became a fan favorite and eventually a major focal point of the show.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) is a skilled and grouchy survivor who keeps the group together and protects those close to him. He has a bit of a bad temper and can come off as a bit abrasive, but deep down he’s often well-meaning and cares a lot. The character of Daryl has no counterpart in the sitcom on which the TV show is based, but when he was introduced on the show, audiences loved him, making him a focal point of the show, especially towards the end.


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