There aren’t many things worse than a selfish character on a TV show. Most of the time, these characters are enemies, but sometimes they are not. A selfish hero can sometimes be worse than an opponent, especially when he is supposed to be loved. Watching a show that hates the person the viewer is supposed to be rooting for can be difficult. It forces all other aspects of the show to be correspondingly better.

There are benefits to having selfish personalities. They add shades of gray to a series rather than having good and bad characters. This trait is especially good for villains because there must be good reasons to hate them. Here are ten of the most selfish TV characters that fans can’t stand.

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10 Zapp Brannigan – Futurama

Comedy Central

This is a character who has never had a single redeemable moment. Zapp Brannigan of Futurama Infinitely unlovable, his selfishness knows no bounds. as a parody of Star Trek’s Captain Kirk, Zapp is a huge lethality and blows on Leela every time they are in a room together, but with much less success than the famous captain. Not only that, but he takes no accountability for his shortcomings, blaming Lieutenant Keef for his own mistakes and things beyond the innocent alien’s control.

First-time viewers are quick to determine that Zapp is not a leader they would like to follow into battle. He’s smart, overly conceited beyond his abilities, and an egomaniac whose ego knows no bounds, and fans will see it against him when Futurama Premieres on Hulu in late July.

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9 Ted Mosby – How I Met Your Mother

Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother
TV 20

Ted Mosby how i met your mother Fame was created to be many things in the show. Every man’s darling, hopeless romantic, greatest friend anyone could ask for, etc. However, the flaw with Ted is that all of these things have gone out the window when it comes to his own self-interest. First, he can be a bit flamboyant when it comes to his love life, has unrealistic expectations for his idea of ​​”the one” and often chases after romantically unavailable women. He also pushed his friends aside for romantic pursuits, and on one occasion Marshall compromised before a career-defining exam and was willing to sacrifice Barney’s job to support a woman who stood against Ted’s dreams.

His worst crime was preparing to run away with a bride on her wedding day and leave another man at the altar, just as Stella had done with Ted. This leading man is hard to root for when he constantly abandons his morals for his own self-interest. Fortunately, his selfishness wasn’t enough to sink the show, as it ran for nine seasons.

8 Dawson Leary – Dawson’s Creek

James Van Der Beek in Dawson Creek
Columbia Tree Star

It says a lot that a guy can have an entire show named after him and somehow be his most despicable character. Dawson Leary Dawson’s Creek He was the stereotypical ‘nice guy’ of the ’90s, portraying himself as kind and sensitive. But if anything, he was only talking about his ego because he seemed to think this gave him love and reward.

Throughout the series, Joey has been cocky and cheerful, a real nice guy, whenever he doesn’t get things his way. He also had no respect for women as individuals and would often use them to either make others jealous, cast a light on them when they protested his actions, or not choose him. Dawson lacked the self-awareness of the kind of person his character claimed to be, often entrusting himself with the things he desired. No wonder he chose Joey Bassey.

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7 Otto Hightower – House of the Dragon

The secret of Otto Hightower in the House of the Dragon

This will be new to most people. Fans were quick to find reasons to dislike Otto Hightower in Dragon houseThe first season. When King Viserys’ wife died, Otho hastened to try to get him to a new marriage for the safety and stability of the world and hastened to make his daughter a surrogate. There was a point one could argue that he was doing this to prevent rebellion against the confirmation of a female heir, but it was quite clear from subtle smiles and subtle plays that it was for the advancement of his house.

Some had thought the king’s stay with his daughter was as low as it could go, but then it turned into pitting her and her entire family against Princess Rainera and then plotting a coup to kill her on the throne after Viserys died. His intentions are clear by the end of the season, and now fans will witness what his deception brings as his House and Queen Chosen prepare for war.

6 Rachel Berry – Glee

Rachel Berry from The Kindness

Another character who was the star of her show but was also the most annoying. In Rachel Berry’s defense, fans weren’t supposed to like her that much cheerful. She was a self-centered singer who always insisted on getting the spotlight and knowing she was destined for greatness, and she had no qualms about reminding everyone of that. She actively pushed aside her clubmates to steal the limelight and even tried to scare new members out of joining completely.

Considering information recently surfaced about working with actress Lea Michele during filming, perhaps her performance as Rachel was way more than anyone realizes. But hey, the character is getting better, which makes her one of the most redeemable characters on this list. However, it may have been too late as the show’s quality has declined with each season, with many fans skipping its twist.

5 Pete Campbell – Mad Men

Mad Men where cast today
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If there is anyone who mad menThe cast of characters who was irredeemable, however, was Pete Campbell, despite the show’s attempt to convince viewers otherwise. He is spoiled and arrogant and believes he is entitled to whatever he wants and throws a fit when he doesn’t get it. He treats women like trash, cheats on his wife, and is most willing to throw his colleagues under the bus for personal gain. Worst of all, he sexually assaulted his neighbor’s husband.

No wonder his so-called redemption in the final season wasn’t well received. Fans wanted to see him receive his fair desertion. Instead, he goes to a new life with his wife and daughter. Where is the justice? There are no saints on the Emmy nominated series, but if someone is going to get what they deserve, why not be the bigger scum of the show?

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4 Piper Chapman – Orange is the New Black

Piper Chapman from Orange is the New Black

Life can take surprising turns. This is the person who dated the wrong person and ended up in jail for her problems. Piper Chapman of Orange is the new black She just needs to keep her head down for a year, have her time, and she can go home. Why did she keep finding her way into trouble and making things worse for herself? Prison life seems to go to a head, sending her from a whiny, entitled woman to an even cooler inmate who starts an illegal business and treats those around her like trash.

Prior to this, she cheated on her boyfriend with the same woman who put her in jail, and later lied for it, only to be betrayed again and come close to being sentenced to a longer prison term. And then you still come back to it. Piper only had to mind her own business for a year, and she could go home. Instead, she chose the worst possible decision. Shades of gray in personality is one thing, but how is anyone supposed to root for someone who keeps making the worst possible choices?

3 Andrea Harrison – The Walking Dead

Laurie Holden Andrea Walking Dead

Everyone loves strong female characters, especially the ones who are good at portraying things. But only one woman can somehow make him the most annoying topic on the show. From the second season of the walking Dead Onwards, Andrea totally sucked. She was the worst judge of the character, choosing to side with the annoying Shine and later dumping her friends to side with the Governor, who was full of red flags. She judges others for wanting to keep their loved ones alive, including herself, and shoots Daryl in an attempt to prove herself. Granted, I confused him to walk.

Through her tragic losses, she developed a code for living that she then forced on others. Her biggest indignity comes when she helps a depressed Beth try to kill herself and then gives herself credit when she chooses not to die. It’s safe to say that no one was grieving when she died. Andrea was the only one who could die a sad death, people crying with joy.

2 Janice Soprano – The Sopranos

Janice Soprano

Janice Soprano was without a doubt one of the most annoying characters in television history. in the sopranosLike her brother, Tony, she is selfish and manipulative. What makes her so infuriating is that she has no power he has, so she has to resort to dirty means to get what she wants. You move from one toxic man to another to get close or bossy. At one point he convinces one to plot against her brother.

More sinister, she convinces Bobby’s children that they are haunted after their mother’s death to get close to Bobby, one of the nicest characters in the entire series. Janice does not even show her grief at his death, prompting Tony to make sure that Junior only leaves the money to his children rather than to his sister. She’s as much of a nuisance as any enemy Tony encounters on the series, but he lets her get away with it all. She doesn’t see much of a consequence in the series, but what she does do is welcome.

1 Joffrey Lannister – Game of Thrones

Joffrey Baratheon - Game of Thrones
Warner Bros. Television Distribution

The number one place can only go to one character. Joffrey Baratheon game of thrones He may be one of the few people who can unite the world against him. Unpopular since the beginning of the series, the Boy King is cheerful without even a word and gets progressively worse. However, being king somehow catapulted him into an obnoxious little tyrant from 0 to 100. Only one person in the entire series could rule him. Greedy and selfish, Joffrey took great pleasure in the power he wielded, often during fits of rage when confronted with an individual he could not control.

Although the only real part of the War of the Five Kings was its beginning, he saw every victory his elector won as his own. He never thought that he could be brought down or killed by someone inside his own home just as he never thought about the value of another human life. The only moment in the entire series where Joffrey was likable were the moments he spent dying on the floor of his wedding reception, yet he somehow managed to hurt one of the most beloved characters. But he died. in display like game of thronesone has to take whatever winnings one can get.


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