Anyone who really loves horror movies will tell you that they can be kind of painful to be a fan of. Horror fanatics willingly scour movie after movie for those few rare gems that really do deliver. When they find one, all the effort is worth it just to properly watch a scary, suspenseful and engaging movie in a genre that poor people often get overwhelmed with. This is why when it was confirmed Russell Crowea three-time Academy Award winner for Best Actor and nominee, was going to make a horror film, and his acting standard alone was enough to get horror fans excited at the prospect of the next film.

This was the movie Exorcist PopeSince then there have been very mixed reactions to it. Although it was a moderate commercial success, the critical response to the film was less than flattering. It seems like a polarizing movie so far. However, if you are an avid fan of horror movies, there are definitely more than enough reasons to love this movie. It may not have been perfect, but it was still very good, and in a genre that’s very hungry for good movies, still very good enough. However, if you haven’t seen it already, here are 10 reasons why you should Exorcist Pope.

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1 Added novelty

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Exorcist Pope It was a movie that saw Russell Crowe play famous real-life exorcist, Father Gabriel Amworth. As the pope’s personal exorcist, Father Amworth has a great reputation and papal endorsement for the work he has done during his long and extraordinary career. While most of his calls for alleged demonic possessions are nothing more than cases of people suffering from mental illnesses, in the film, Father Amorth’s latest assignment puts him face-to-face with an all-powerful demon.

While possession stories are usually a fan-favorite sub-genre of horror films, the sheer abundance of these stories and the number of horribly made movies have alienated audiences from the concept that it can be scary. but, Exorcist Pope He drove home the concept because it was based on someone who actually existed and had a documented history of performing an amazing amount of exorcisms in real life.

That’s right, if you didn’t already know, Father Gabriel Amorworth was an exorcist who worked in the Vatican and claimed to have performed this infamous ritual on thousands of occasions. This fact alone givesthe movieAn added freshness that most acquisition flicks miss with the subgenre being exaggerated and distorted by revisionist elements.

2 Basic story

Crow in a scene from Pope's Exorcist
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While the film’s elements of possession and exorcism understandably took center stage, Exorcist Pope He can be commended for not relying solely on these aspects alone. Instead, while the scary scenes were entertaining, the movie also delved into other thematic elements and provided viewers with some interesting subplots as well. For example, we find early on that Father Amworth may be overly confident in his skills and experience, but also be looked down upon by a Cardinal who expresses skepticism of acquisition.

We also see that some judge him as rebellious and even bad because of the reputation that the Church wishes to establish in modern times. By the end of the movie, his character development is humanizing him, and we see that he is indeed flawed. Despite how arrogant he may appear at times, he is aware of his shortcomings, but is also humble enough to admit them and seek forgiveness.

3 The real parts

Russell Crowe in a scene from The Pope's Exorcist
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Knowing that Father Amorth was a real person is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the interesting and unusual life he actually lived. Apart from being a real exorcist, he was a World War II hero, wrote dozens of books about his experiences and demonology, formed the International Association of Exorcists, and served as deputy to Giulio Andreotti, who later became Prime Minister of Italy. .

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While the film strays from reality a great deal, it finds some creative ways to weave some elements of Father Amworth’s actual backstory into the plot. His military service was used as a tool to discipline his character, and his sometimes fractious relationship with the church was associated with the film’s narratives implying the existence of demons whether or not people choose to believe in them.

4 special effects

D'Souza Vigoni in The Pope's Exorcist
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Most possessive films play on the success of others by portraying young women or girls as possessed victims. The images we conjure up in our minds when we think of such movies usually come back to classic long-legged female characters with horrible scars, tousled hair, white eyes, and twisted bodies.

Exorcist Pope It featured more than one victim of possession, but the main attraction was a young boy named Henry. This made for a creepy, atypical demonic character augmented with some terrifying makeup and effects. In the standout moments, there are also some heartbreaking inconsistencies as the suffering of a helpless child at the hands of the Devil brings out the full extent of young Henry’s plight.

5 minus perfection

DeSouza-Feighoney as Henry
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The movie was weird though, with elements of truth. This caused it to be received with a degree of joy by many critics who criticized its exaggerated moments. Yet another take is that those moments also gave the movie a strange kind of charm because it almost seemed to have a soul that was aware of how ridiculous the movie was but walked away happily anyway because of the massive entertainment value it all provided.

This may be a dissenting opinion, but one of the most unfortunate elements of the movie was the horrible voice used for the main demon. It was so exaggerated and so far removed from any kind of tone or inflection that a child could imitate it that it seemed funny despite how evil the devil was. The voice of English actor and narrator Ralph Ineson, amplified with some terrible vocal editing, leaves Satan with an almost humorous tone and distinctly British accent.

6 Satan

The Devil in the Exorcist in the Pope
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Despite his awkward voice, the film’s main demon was as sadistic and vicious as they come. Not only does he torture the poor child he possesses, but the devil’s most terrifying qualities also transcend traditional scare tactics. Revealed as a well-known demon in Judeo-Muslim beliefs, his most sadistic traits are seen in the way he manipulates and uses knowledge of a person’s past sins against them.

Besides the immediate threats he poses to Father Amorth and the family he terrorizes, Satan also proves to have much greater ambitions and a dark history that includes using priests like Father Amorth and even a former Pope to corrupt the Church from within and sow discord in it. The fabric of humanity by destroying faith in the Church. His perversions take their power by feeding on a human tendency to sinful behavior such as lust, so he’s also never shy about being shockingly obscene at times.

7 Father Thomas Esquibel

Zovatto in The Pope's Exorcist
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Father Thomas Esquibel is played by Costa Rican actor Daniel Zovato, who is the local priest in which the former Spanish convent to which the devastated family has moved is located. He proves to be a useful assistant to Father Amworth and creates a very complex character himself. Father Thomas’s highly forbidden sins of a priest are used against him, and he often shows many weaknesses such as losing his temper and attempting to physically attack Satan when broken by Asmodeus’ taunts.

Although it seems more like a burden than anything else, Father Thomas proves to have many redeeming qualities and a faith that is stronger, if more complex, than first meets the eye. His efforts eventually made him a worthy henchman in helping Father Amworth take on the demon and made him a terrific supporting character.

8 Father Amorth

Russell Crowe as Gabriel Amorworth
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Father Amorth was a complex and multi-dimensional person as the main character in the film. At first, he appears to operate with a degree of purposeful arrogance that has been hardened by his experiences facing true evil on many occasions. He gives off a rock star aura and is nothing if not intriguing as his deep faith sometimes contrasts nicely with his charming sense of humor.

His funny ideas aside, when it comes to business he shows that his job is actually a calling because he displays an uncanny instinct that makes him good at it. His toughest traits are softened by his best qualities throughout the movie, all of which make him one intriguing and much-loved hero of the movie.

9 The Devil and Father Amorworth

William Friedkin and Father Amorth

I’m not yet convinced that you should bid Exorcist Pope hour? Maybe you need an introduction to ramp up the plot for the guy you’re shooting for. The Devil and Father Amorworth is a documentary film released in 2017. It was directed by William Friedkin and follows real-life Father Amworth as he performs the ninth exorcism on a possessed woman in an Italian village. The real Father Amworth died shortly after it was made, so the movie is a chilling tribute to his legendary career.

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Watch the documentary first, and it will surely make you feel the urge to follow it Exorcist Pope When you see why Father Amworth’s fame made it such a highly anticipated film. If you’re also wondering why William Friedkin’s name sounds so familiar, that’s because he’s the acclaimed filmmaker known for being the director responsible for the cause. The Exorcist It is a timeless classic horror game.

10 Russell Crowe performance

Pope exorcist poster
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Exorcist Pope It has its flaws and in many ways, it probably deserves a lot of its criticism. However, there are still many great elements that make it a great watch – especially if you enjoy horror. Even among those who hated the movie, there was a lot of consensus about one thing. Russell Crowe’s portrayal of Father Amworth was yet another reminder of why the veteran actor has garnered so much praise over the course of his stellar career.

Despite being an Australian actor who usually plays American characters, he also gave a seamless performance as an Italian priest. While Italian ears are probably more attuned to picking up on the subtle nuances of his accent in the movie that weren’t perfect, to everyone else Crowe seems about as authentic as you could ask him to be an Italian character. Whether he spoke Italian or English with an Italian accent, it was an amazing performance. These qualities aside, he also brought a charm and gravitas to the role that made Father Amworth seem as sweet, adorable, and lovable as the man himself seemed — not to mention the fact that he was also hilarious.

So there you have it. Exorcist Pope It may not have been anything close to a true horror classic, but it was still an enjoyable movie with a lot of great elements to keep it going. If you’re looking for reasons to watch it, think about that premise and make up your mind whether or not the critics were wronged. Either way, a sequel is already in development and the film’s ending provided stark hints that a franchise about legendary father Amworth and his extraordinary life might be in the near future.


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