When the new head of CCU, James Gunn, first announced the news about it Henry Cavill He will not play Superman in the future Superman: Legacy Movie, fans were crushed. The news sparked a firestorm against Gunn and DC with many feeling this was a ridiculous decision. At the same time, fans in droves took to social media to lament and express why they love Cavill so much. Now with the latest news that his replacement has been cast, nostalgia for the former Superman actor is once again at an all-time high.

While it has been confirmed that David Corenswet will play the legendary character in the upcoming films, for many, Henry Cavill is irreplaceable and will always be the perfect Superman. While Corenswet seems to have many traits that would indicate he would make a great Superman, it’s hard to imagine him being able to outpace Cavill in the role – nor anyone else, for that matter. As we bid Cavill farewell to the role, as a final send-off, here are ten reasons why Henry Cavill is the best Superman ever.

10 He looked like Superman

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Superhero fans, whether they’re die-hard comic book fanatics or recent converts from the MCU’s golden age, now account for a massive fanbase. Their opinions can influence public perception and, in extreme cases, even influence the direction that certain privileges take. One of the easiest ways to piss off superhero fans is to change the look of their beloved characters. Popular comic book characters in their classic shows often carry a great vibe for fans because they are such beacons of nostalgia for their childhoods.

One of the first things fans noticed man of steel Is that the character’s costume has moved away from bright colors. However, finally seeing Cavill don the iconic cape and final outfit in his darker colors afforded fans their first glimpse of a Superman they could easily get behind. The color changes were great because of Cavill’s good looks as a character. In that sense, everything from his classic good looks, facial features, and even his hair seemed like the perfect embodiment of the character I felt was inspired by a Superman comic.

9 He is built like Superman

Cavill vs. the comic book version of Superman
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DC Comics

Superman’s immense strength and other powers come from Earthling’s radiation. This means, technically speaking, that the character never needed to be strong to be strong. Many other actors like Christopher Reeve are never built like tanks, but they still look great as the character. However, over the years, some of the best comic books and artwork for the character have classically portrayed him with a muscular appearance that has visually emphasized his actual strength.

While a skinny Superman on screen has never been much of an issue, hardcore fans have always longed for a movie version of him that was more like the brooding comic they were used to seeing. Enter Henry Cavill, who was a visionary in this sense since his now legendary frame and physique gave the character a visually stunning look that made him look like a comic book cover every time he appeared on screen.

8 Great cinematographic opportunities

A scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
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One of the best reasons to have Superman looking so interesting and true to the comic book versions was the opportunities this gave the filmmakers for some great cinematography. No one embodied this truth better than Zack Snyder when he directed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Snyder was already known for his visual cinematography in films like 300and with batman vs SupermanHe used these skills amazingly. Although the last movie has divided fans, one thing that can’t be doubted is how great it is visually.

With the rich color contrasts of Superman’s scenes and the dark colors of Batman, beautiful slow-motion shots, and some epic staging, the movie was filled with countless incredibly cool shots of Cavill’s Superman, and other characters like Wonder Woman and Doomsday too. Who could forget the now iconic montage scene that included Superman being depicted as a messianic figure with people just clamoring to touch him, as if he were a god; Or he floats to the ground, seemingly like an angel from heaven to save a family clinging to the roof of a house during a flood. None of this, and other amazing shots in the movie, would have looked half as amazing if Henry Cavill didn’t look as amazing as Superman.

7 his acting skills

Cavill in Man of Steel
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before man of steel Bolstering him as a star, Henry Cavill was already quietly building a stellar reputation as an actor with roles in shows like the Tudors And movies like immortals. A British actor, he often proves how chameleon he can be as he often plays American characters and pulls them off smoothly without the slightest hint of his true heritage.

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While he may not have won any major awards yet except for the MTV Movie Award for Best Leading Actress man of steel, His popularity as an actor proves how great he is in any project he gets into. In some ways, he’s also one of the luckiest actors around, a fact his fans regularly lament on his behalf. He’s the king of getting almost big roles since he’s been cast as iconic characters like James Bond and Cedric Diggory from Harry Potterand Edward Cullen twilight. However, he eventually landed the role of Superman and has more than gained in popularity since then.

6 his character

Cavill in the justice league
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Henry Cavill is now iconic with his look. He was named the “Sexiest Man in the World” for the year 2013 by the British luster , In the same year, he finished third Empire List of “100 Sexiest Movie Stars.” However, what impressed his army of fans the most was his personality and public image.

In that sense, Cavill usually cuts a demure and suave character, someone who doesn’t take him seriously no matter how cool he is, and who has been relatively scandal-free as an actor. All of these traits made him even more likable as Superman as he often injects these and other great traits into the character.

5 Cavill as Clark Kent

Cavill as Clark Kent in Man of Steel
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Anyone who knows Superman well knows that playing him as a hero who flies around saving people is only half the job. Superman’s alter ego is of course the geeky but likable Clark Kent. The duality of characters that compliments the entire character takes nuance because Clark is intentionally the opposite of Superman. Whereas Superman is confident, exuding strength, and charming, Clark Kent is eccentric, insecure, and softer as a person.

In this sense, playing Superman essentially requires playing two roles in one. As great as Henry Cavill was as Superman, he was as compelling and original as Clark Kent. While Clark is darker and more reliable (he has a verbal eye-to-eye relationship with Bruce Wayne at an event), Cavill’s scenes of wholesome and down-to-earth isolation as Kent, especially those with his parents and Lois Lane, were always so great.

4 The heart he brings to the role

Cavill and Adams in Batman v Superman
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One of the less obvious roles other than his looks and build as Superman is the way Henry Cavill has always been able to effortlessly infuse the character with a lot of heart. His poignant scenes, like bringing home flowers for Lois, jumping in the tub with her, or him staring right into her face and softly telling her, “This is my world. You She is my world”, as he leaves to fight Doomsday Dawn of justice They were all perfect examples of Cavill’s gentle and tender side of Superman.

In each one, he always seemed to have a deeper respect for the fact that the character was more than strong and powerful, and that ardent fans also love him for the person he is and what he really is – an alien who satirically embodies the best of humanity.

3 The depth that gave the role

Cavill in the emotional Man of Steel scene
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As mentioned before, Superman isn’t just a role based on strength and looks. Whether you take away from the duality of Superman and Clark Kent or give the character heart, these are all indications that the character has a lot more depth than just being a superhero. As a symbol of the world of superheroes, Superman is a symbol and means the world to many people in it, both in the fictional world and in the real world.

Whether it was his love for Lois, acceptance of his father’s decision not to save him, the rage he displayed when he realized Lex Luthor had kidnapped his mother, the animosity he showed for Batman, or the pain he experienced at being forced to kill General Zod, these were all perfect examples of what a character he is. Multi-layered Superman. For his part, Henry Cavill always executed these scenes perfectly, injecting them with the right emotional range every time.

2 His dark Superman

Dark Superman Poster - Justice League
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The new Superman, David Corenswet, once spoke to EW about wanting to play the character. He also stated that he wanted to move away from Cavill’s darker portrayal of him and return the character to being a bright one.

“I’d like to see someone do a really optimistic throwback. I love Henry Cavill’s dark, all-encompassing movie. I’d like to see the next one be very bright and optimistic.”

With due respect to Corenswet, most die-hard Superman fans will agree that Superman’s dark side was refreshing because it was also one of the more iconic and exciting aspects of his comic book legacy. Superman’s open hostility toward Batman, his killing of Zod, and his anger at Lex Luthor’s diabolical schemes made more sense when fans were treated Zack SnyderJustice League.

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We saw glimpses of a darker Superman when he was resurrected against his will and single-handedly took out the entire team. This little snippet of the dark Superman had a tantalizing teaser at the end Snyder cut Find out where everything is headed. The Joker scene at the end and the stark allusions that Snyder’s original DCU was meant to peak in massive popularity unfairness A story in which the Joker kills Lois Lane, causes Superman to go mad, and becomes the villain that sent fans into ecstasy. Whether or not we’ll ever see this infamous plot twist is now in question, but Henry Cavill gave us some insight into just how awesome it was and how great it would have been as a dark Superman.

1 He loves the character

Superman poster from Batman v Superman
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Henry Cavill is an avid gamer, who famously lost touch with Zack Snyder who maintains he got the role because he was too busy to play. However, it’s this part of him that often impresses fans because this lets them know, he gets it! Superman is a historical figure who comes with a huge legacy that means a lot to a lot of people around the world. Henry Cavill has always spoken in terms that let us know that he also loves the character and therefore respects what it means to fans.

This fact was always evident through the way he injected a palpable passion and heart into his roles as Superman. He has always made it clear that he admires himself and that he wants to continue playing the character. Unfortunately for Cavill and his fans, we’ve unfortunately had to say goodbye to him in the role he truly made in recent pictures. While we will always love and remember how legendary Christopher Reeve was in the role as well, Cavill brought an exceptional newness and nuance to the role that means David Korensweet has huge boots to boot. While we wish Corenswet all the best in the role and look forward to what he brings to it, it’s also with a heavy heart that fans bid farewell to Henry Cavill’s Superman and thank him for the memories.


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