In an interview with The New York Times, Ebon Moose-Battrach He defends his character, Richie Jermovich, saying to ease him in and not call the gritty character a bag of dirt because he’s sensitive. If you get a chance to watch the second season of The bearYou know, Richie shed that layer of dirt over 10 episodes of his sophomore season and became the new and improved Richie Jeremyovich that we can now proudly say we support. The second season of this hugely successful Hulu show has done a great job of highlighting the side characters and developing their stories further so audiences are more relatable.

Characters like Marcus and Tina should really get the limelight, and in return, we’d care more about them and could appreciate their development more. However, the best character coming out of the second season was Richie. There is no doubt about that. From being problematic, deep in his grief, and afraid of change in Season 1 to fully evolving into a better version of himself in Season 2, no one had a better redemption arc than Richie.

Ebon Moss-Bachrach talks about Richie as an old friend when he talks about the character in interviews, and you can tell that Moss-Bachrach takes a lot of pride in portraying someone so redeemable and likable. Let’s take a look at how Richie Jeremovich from Ebon Moss Batterch was the highlight of Season 2.

10 He works to improve himself

In the first episode of Season 2, the first thing we see of Richie is in the basement of The Bear, going through old photos and reminiscing while getting a little worried as he talks about not having a purpose in the restaurant anymore. Carmy, his “cousin”, assures Richie that, in fact, he does have a place at The Bear and that they won’t drop him when the time comes. With a show like this, it’s hard to know if the characters will get a happy ending, but luckily we get to see Richie start to work on himself for the better with each episode that goes by.

Something to note is how he changes his language, since in the first season, he was often berated for using homophobic and other rude and unnecessary slurs. He also works out his anger issues, by counting out loud to calm himself when he gets angry at Sydney or Natalie, and you can’t fault a man for actively trying to become a better person – and he does! Despite being a fictional character, Richie Jeremovitch is proof that being educated and less ignorant actually makes you a better person in every aspect.

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9 It still keeps Mickey’s legacy alive

Bear episode 6

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It’s almost too easy to say that no one loved Mickey, his bear owner and Carmy’s older brother, more than Richie did and I did. In the first episode of Season 2, Sydney tries to lean against the wall in Carmi’s office, and runs her entire hand through it, ruining a Fenway Park poster that Mickey has recorded for over five years.

Richie gets upset, and she soon realizes that it’s not just the Fenway Park image, but more and more that more and more of Mikey’s restaurant is being altered and thrown away. It’s clear that Richie fears that Mickey’s legacy will be forgotten, but it’s clear throughout the season that he’s been fighting to keep his memory there, such as putting his note on Carmi on the line where everyone can see it.

8 He tries to be a better father

epsiode richie bear 3

In the third episode of this new season, we finally meet Richie’s daughter, Eva. It’s a very real scene any parent can relate to: fighting over your child’s car seat while he anxiously waits to be let out. He’s so sweet and gentle with her, which of course is a sharp contrast to who he is with everyone else, helping her with her backpack and then almost sheepishly asking her about her mom, his ex-wife.

Furthermore, in the episodes, the audience learns that he’s desperately trying to get Taylor Swift tickets for Eva, even going so far as to ask Cicero for help. Ebon-Moss Bachrach commented about how realistic this scene was, especially when Eva walked away and Richie said, “I love you…and I love Taylor Swift too; I just needed a break.” It will be interesting to see if a third season is announced and, hopefully, if they explore the father-daughter relationship further.

7 Taylor Swift’s Secret Fan

Richie bear episode 7

Speaking of Taylor Swift, the singer has been mentioned several times this season, and the way the book really connects everything is fascinating. When we meet Tiff, Richie’s ex-wife, in Episode 6, she’s wearing a Taylor Swift T-shirt. Then, flashing back to Episode 3, we see how Richie got tired of listening to The Diva with Eva and needed a break, as any parent understands. Then we see Richie trying desperately to get concert tickets, which we can assume are for the Era Tour from then on The bear It takes place in modern times, and if you’ve heard anything about this massive tour, you know exactly how hard it can be to get tickets. And he managed to get three!

One of the best drops of needles this season from The bear It comes from the Richie Focus episode titled “Forks”. Richie felt great after a successful training day, and several people on Twitter admitted they were crying and cheering for him as he hurried home singing along to “Love Story (Taylor Version).” It is incredibly elusive. make mistakes in some words. He swears by those who lead before him. But it’s a great scene because, deep down, he really loves Taylor Swift; There is no denying that.

6 Flashback with Trish


In the Christmas episode, “The Fish,” amid all the fighting, the mayhem, the shouting and the delicious food being cooked, we see the slightly younger Richie and his then-wife, Tiff. She is pregnant in this flashback with Eva and appears to be in the early stages of feeling ill, and Donna, Carmi’s mother, tells her to lie down in her bed until she feels better. Richie checks in on her shortly, and they share a very soft, intimate moment together as they talk about their baby, in hushed voices, Richie leaning his head on Tiff’s chest.

There she realizes that Richie wasn’t always grumpy and grumpy; Mickey’s death hardened him, and the divorce from Tiff clearly affected him. You can’t help but wonder why the two broke up since they looked so good together in a pretty spoiled Christmas, but that’s a different side of Richie and another that we appreciate as you see his growth throughout the season.

5 his ring

Bear episode 7

After the mess called “Fish,” you might be surprised by the next episode that focuses solely on Richie. Carmy sends him to America’s Best Restaurant located in Chicago to train on how to become a stagecoach, and at first, Richie finds it the ultimate punishment. does not treat employees with respect; He does his work with half energy, and it is not until he is appointed to his place that he realizes the great potential of his hospitality with hospitality. You watch in amazement as he seemingly transforms into a much better version of himself the moment he dons a suit.

He’s into it and quickly becomes a favorite of the employees who work there because, deep down, he’s a very lovable person. You’ll be cheering him on through your screen as he runs to pick up a deep-dish pizza, fingers crossed that he doesn’t drop it as he delivers the deconstructed version to the table. It’s a great, beautiful episode, highlighting that when someone is given the right tools to learn, they can truly achieve greatness.

4 Take over Sydney

Bear Richie and Sydney

Eventually, it gets crazy and spirals out of control pretty quickly once Carmy gets locked into a walk-in at a friends and family night out. The bear. Richie, in the right headspace, doesn’t get scared as Sydney tells him where Carmi is, instead letting her work it out by making a decision. You can’t help but feel proud that Richie proposes to take care of firing orders, showing what the chefs need to cook and how much. He totally crushes it as he reads orders at a fast but believable pace, and takes control of the mess Carmy basically caused by not calling the refrigerator guy.

3 Richie and Carmi battle in the end

Bear Karmi and Richie

After a very tumultuous first night of… The bear Being an extrovert, Carmy messes up his relationship with Claire, and Richie, being Richie, flails at him about getting the girl Richie he grew up with and walks away in tears. Carmi panics as he is still trapped in the freezer, and Richie retaliates by calling him Donna, Carmi’s mother, who is having bus problems. When Carmi hears this, he snaps and starts ripping Richie off, calling him a leech and telling him he’s obsessed with Michael and his family.

It’s a painful and difficult scene to watch because you’ve just watched Richie become a better version of himself, only to see Carmi try to tear everything up and piss him off. However, just as Carmi says Richie needs him, Richie responds by telling Carmi over and over that he loves him. He knows Carmi doesn’t mean it when he berates Richie, so he tries to remind his good friend that he loves him. This, folks, is what we call character development.

2 new suit for him

Richie Bear

After his episode “Forex”, Richie is seen wearing an exclusive bodysuit in every episode thereafter. He says he feels like he’s wearing armor the first time he puts it on, and when he returns to The Bear, he pulls Carmi aside and tells him he understands the art and allure of hospitality now. He also mentions that he wears suits now because it makes him feel better about himself, which we would love to see.

Every member of the crew is amazed at his change, especially Natalie and the genuine apology she receives from Richie. It can be seen that Richie is a small detail he is wearing now, but it is a big change in his personality.

1 Fixes things with Sydney

Bear Sydney and Richie

In the first season, the ongoing conflict that emerged between the two characters was between Richie and Sydney. They didn’t get along well together and often got into small fights and arguments that weren’t quite serious until Sidney stabbed Richie in the buttocks with her knife. He’s tense for the first few episodes of season two, and things don’t get fixed between them until episode eight, “Bolognese.” Sydney compliments Richie’s suit, much to her surprise, before the two have a casual conversation that seems to fix everything that went wrong with last season.

However, it goes beyond that, as Richie takes care of Sydney’s father all opening night, making sure he’s always good throughout the wild night. The relationship between Richie and Sydney is something we definitely want to see more of in upcoming seasons, especially since things are finally starting to look up between them.


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