Nicolas Cage He has a very long filmography, with over 100 acting credits to his name. He’s been in every possible genre and plays every possible character. Cage played the iconic role of Johnny Blaze, a biker and stunt performer, in Marvel’s Ghost rider. Or the 2006 remake of bad guy, where he becomes the determined mayor who becomes the next victim of the pagan rituals of the island community. With all the different roles and genres he’s been working in, Cage has managed to get away from typecasting and create a diverse group.

From stealing the Declaration of Independence to stealing John Travolta’s face, Cage has taken on some truly memorable and memorable projects. He even went so far as to play himself in the movie The unbearable weight of sheer talent, where he must channel the most iconic characters if he is to make it to the end of the movie. He has mastered the art of playing some really crazy characters while never playing the same person twice. Here are 10 of Cage’s most important movies that his fans must watch at least once.

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10 The unbearable weight of sheer talent

Lionsgate Movies

A meta-comedy where Cage plays Nic Cage, an out-of-work actor who has a hard time landing gigs. Not only does he face acting problems, but he also faces family drama as his daughter resents him and his soon-to-be divorce breaks him. Fortunately, his agent has a job for him: a Spanish billionaire and his biggest fan wants him to come to his birthday party. The unbearable weight of sheer talent Checks out the most memorable quotes from every Cage movie. Time says this movie is for the masses because it joins a movie that relies solely on self-irony.

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9 Valley girl

Valley girl
Atlantic release

Cage’s first appearance on film was in the Valley girl. He played Randy, a Hollywood bad boy who ends up falling in love with a girl from the Valley named Julie. This movie is loosely based on Romeo and Juliet Complete with a great ’80s soundtrack and iconic costumes. Valley girl It is the very side of teen comedy during this time that shows his sweet and serious side. It also celebrates the outsider and frees itself from societal norms that seem appropriate that this is Cage’s introduction to Hollywood.

8 Gone in 60 seconds

Gone in 60 seconds
Buena Vista Photo Distribution

Cage plays Memphis Reigns Gone in 60 seconds, a reformed criminal who must return to his old life if he is to save his brother. He must gather his old gang to accomplish the impossible task of stealing 50 luxury cars in one night. This task only becomes more difficult when he faces a rival gang and the police. They get away with a lot of reckless driving, however, as it also tries to give redeeming aspects to these morally gray characters in the Memphis gang. Cage proves he can drive the plot as well as the heart of the movie.

7 Vampire kiss

Nicolas Cage Vampire Kiss 1200x630
Hemdale Film Company

Vampire kiss It is Cage’s first performance in a vampire movie that has become a cult classic among his fans. He plays Peter Love, a literary agent who falls in love with a vampire. His character then spends the rest of the movie convincing himself that he is transforming into the same creature. Peter does his best to prove it by making a coffin under his couch, staying out of the sun, and even buying fake vampire teeth. Cage’s performance is understated in the movie but it does allow him to showcase his comedic talent.

6 Arizona hike

Nicolas Cage in Raising Arizona
Twentieth Century Fox

Arizona hike is a very early Coen Brothers movie about Hi McDonnough and Ed who dream of having a baby. They are unable to conceive and unable to adopt due to Hi’s criminal record, so they resort to the only option they have left: kidnapping one of the famous Arizona quintuplets. Cage plays a loving husband who supports his wife in all of her dreams including motherhood. The movie is very well written and very witty which allows Cage to show his personality. Describes deep focus Arizona hike As the funniest and most introspective of the Coen Brothers’ films.

5 pig

Pig 2

Rubenfield is a truffle forger and lonely in pig. The movie is a melancholy, and one of Cage’s strongest performances. He hunts down the person who took his precious fodder pig. The movie becomes more of a revenge tale without the massive stunts, action, and explosions like others in the genre. He also delves into grief and the aftermath of it all until he reaches the final stage of acceptance. Cage also proves his wide range of acting abilities by tackling the difficult subject of loss and how to deal with it.

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4 Beast at heart

Cage and Dern - Wild at heart
Samuel Goldwyn Company

Beast at heart is a weird and wonderful movie that’s perfect for Cage to star in. For the most part, the movie is a love story between Sailor and Lula who happen to be involved in a self-defense crime. Like all murders committed in self-defense, the two lovers decide to run away rather than go to the proper authorities. The cast does an incredible job on the movie, but Cage’s performance stands out because he plays a passionate lover alongside a villain. Cage also sings a couple of Elvis songs, showing that he’s not just acting.

3 Mandy


Cage’s career slowed, however Mandy He brought his name back to the forefront of everyone’s minds. In this action horror movie, Cage taps his angry and vengeful spirit on Red Miller, a man who is on the road to avenge his girlfriend’s murder. This movie is a wild ride and Cage takes it in full stride as he absorbs his personality full of violence, grief, and brutality as he wants to take back what was taken from him. Mandy Vivid and weird at times but allowing Cage to embody the weirdness of it all.

2 face off

Nick Cage as Castor Troy in FaceOff
Paramount Pictures

in face offCastor Troy is a murderous sociopath who is being tracked down by FBI agent Shawn Archer. A highly detailed procedure switches Troy and Archer’s faces, and it follows the two after procedure as Agent Archer tries to get not only his face back, but his life as well. Cage plays his own character, but then he has to play Travolta like he does. This is the real masterpiece behind the movie as both actors need to deal with each other’s antics towards the character they are now playing. Den of Geek explains face off A cat-and-mouse detective story takes a new turn in this clichéd tale.

1 Con Air

Nicholas Cage in Con Air
Buena Vista Photo Distribution

Cage seems to have a knack for playing ex-cons with big hearts. in Con AirCameron Bowe went to prison for accidentally killing a man who tried to assault his wife. He is able to get parole and board a plane to Alabama with the other inmates who go to a supermax prison. These other prisoners have questionable plans and no intention of transferring them. Con Air It’s everything an action movie needs, with a great cast, tense fight scenes and, of course, plenty of explosions. It also gives Cage a chance to prove his star power.


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