Netflix extraction 2 She has made quite a name for herself among the action fans out there. A follow-up to the 2020 movie that took place mainly in the sepia-colored streets of Bangladesh, extraction 2 Against a cooler panel, which sees Chris Hemsworth return as mercenary Tyler Ryke.

If the first extraction is done for money, then this extraction is personal. Rak, along with his loyal squad of Nik Khan (Golshifteh Farahani) and her brother Yaz (Adam Besa), plunge headfirst into the ruthless world of Georgian drug lords, as they are tasked with extracting Tyler’s sister-in-law. and her children.

Based on a taut script by Joe Russo, Sam Hargrave is an action thriller that moves like it’s on steroids; Shooting, punching and kicking anything and everything that gets in his way. Here are 10 movies that you must watch if you like extraction 2.

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Body of Lies (2008)

Pictures Warner Bros

Ridley Scott’s film offers a closer look at the dark side of the CIA, exposing the agency’s security procedures, set against the backdrop of the Middle East. In a cat-and-mouse game of crosses and double crosses, Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Roger Ferris, an agency operative who discovers a lead on an international terrorist named Al-Saleem. As Ferris and his partner Bassam (Oscar Isaac) delve deeper into the rabbit hole of terrorism and regulatory action, they come face to face with the harsh realities of life in the Middle East and its impact on their lives.

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Carter (2022)

Carter on Netflix

Thrown deep into a zombie apocalypse, a man (Joo Won) must survive an existential crisis, along with dealing with a mysterious voice in his head, all while being pursued by powerful government organizations. Director Jung Byung Gil (villain), pre-raised with CarterAnd Which makes the majority of the movie run as one continuous movie Takes. Much like extraction, The South Korean film is full of high-octane action sequences, from elaborate shootouts to stunts involving planes and trains.

Monster (2020)

Still from the beast

This Italian movie is from the same lookalike extraction 2 And taken, Quickly turn the victim into the oppressor. appropriately titled, the monster It follows an unstable Special Forces veteran who goes berserk on his daughter’s kidnappers, and quickly becomes even more vicious and meaner than the people who kidnapped his daughter. Director Ludovico Di Martino’s film has a few points of merit, as it aims to extract some narrative depth from heartfelt moments, while highlighting its hero as a real and imperfect father and soldier.

Without Regrets (2021)

Tom Clancy's No Regrets
Amazon Studios

Serving as an origin story for Tom Clancy’s hero John Clark (Michael B. Jordan), without regret Details of Clark’s quest to take revenge on his wife after she was suspiciously killed. a general story well told, without regret is the total show of michael b. Jordan is predictable, yet charismatic. After I borrowed a few moments from extraction Here and there, Stefano Sollima’s movie will surely take you over if you are a fan extraction 2 and action/thriller genre.

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Memory (2022)

Neeson memory
Open Road Films, STX Entertainment

Based on the novel by Jeff Gerrits de zack alzheimer, memory It is a new version of the Belgian film, Alzheimer’s case. Playing to his strengths, Liam Neeson stars as Alex Lewis, an aging assassin who is slowly losing his grip on his body and mind, as the FBI and Mexican intelligence agencies get in his way. Despite being a seasoned assassin, aware of the enemy’s movements, Louis’ mind begins to show signs of aging and memory loss, causing him to fight two different battles, on two different fronts, one within and one without.

The Gray Man (2022)

The Gray Man's Ryan Gosling stars in the action movie The Fall Guy

The Russo Brothers gray man Starkly close to extraction 2 In tone and spirit. This is largely due to the fact that Joe Russo wrote extract 2, He left his stylistic mark for all to see. Much like Gray man extraction Powered by a superstar with a stoic demeanor and a set of skills that can make him survive a zombie apocalypse as if it were a walk in the park. Where both films differ in their tone and spirit, while extraction All guns blazing at her approach, gray man More sneaky and deceitful in how he does things.

Taken (2008)

Bryan Mills Taken at 1200 x 630
Twentieth Century Fox

Liam Neeson taken It can be seen as an online version of extraction 2And Most of the procedures are done through a series of second hand instructions that are carried out over a telephone conversation. Offering a fresh perspective in the hardcore action genre, taken is a kidnapping mystery that relies mostly on brains over brawn, as it sees Liam Neeson play an ex-CIA agent tasked with finding and retrieving his daughter, who has been kidnapped by a group of child traffickers in Paris.

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Mosul (2019)


Much like extraction Serial, but more realistic and raw, this Arabic-language war movie follows a rogue group of special soldiers, as they battle ISIS fighters. work aside, Mosul‘s The narrative lifeline is linked to reality and human feelings, accurately portraying the dark side of intolerance and war. If you are in the mood for a smart and emotional action movie, Mosul It should be at the top of your list.

Boiled (1992)

Chow Yun Fat slides down stairs with guns in Hard Boiled
Golden Princess Film Productions

Often considered a classic, John Woo’s boiled It is the grandfather of cop films in modern times. Playing on the trope of illusory identities, Woo is an original action movie that doesn’t offer a moment’s rest. While he was the killer Which brought Jun Woo so much attention from the West, it was boiled which has already cemented his prowess as an action film director and style heir to Sam Peckinpah’s throne.

John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023)

John Wick: Chapter 4
Lionsgate Movies

If there’s one franchise that changed modern action movies forever, it has to be Chad Stahesky John Wick Series. Debuting as a flick that flaunts an ordinary story with extraordinary action sequences, after four films, John Wick The movie series has blossomed into every action fan’s dream. Stahelski and associates. They distill action sequences down to a form of visual poetry, making their point by shooting, poking, poking, squeezing, kicking, and clawing their way into the Action Film Hall of Fame.


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