To call Jenna Ortega One of the great scream queens is underestimation on several fronts, even though it’s true. For one, it might very well go down the The greatest scream queen of all time, even on Jamie Lee Curtis. Secondly, it’s much more than just her brilliant work in this particularly terrifying genre.

But per ScreamAnd XAnd WednesdayAnd Sixth screamAnd Ramificationsor You, there is a project featuring Ortega (sometimes only to a slight extent) that has been forgotten by the public. The following movies and TV series show Ortega’s range, even when her age was only in the single digits

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10 CSI: NY (2012)


Abroad made a brief appearance in Rob Schneider’s sitcom rob (The series, at eight episodes, ran longer than one might expect), Ortega’s first performance was as Aimee Moore in CSI: New York Season 9 Episode 4: “Unspoken.” The episode features the character Ortega as an accidental shooting victim, who is killed by the same gun also used in a shooting at a political rally.

Indirect view from T. M. A: Crime scene investigationsAnd New York A new group of detectives follows, swapping William Petersen for Gary Sinise. The series ran for nine seasons and 197 episodes.

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9 Iron Man 3 (2013)

Iron Man 3

Shane Black Iron Man 3 Quite possibly the most divisive movie in the MCU, and it honestly earned that title. As a follow-up to the first major event in the universe, The Avengersit’s a complete letdown, with a dearth of memorable action sequences and a sinister twist that offends the audience (even if it’s objectively funny, and will be validated somewhat later). Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings).

But she still featured Ortega in her first major movie, even if her role as the vice president’s daughter was relegated to a single scene. Either way, Ortega is already in the MCU somewhere, though it wouldn’t be surprising if she was cast as someone else in the future.

8 Days of Our Lives (2013)

Gina Ortega days of our lives
Screen gems

Ortega appeared in one episode in the long-running soap opera days of our livesShe plays a character named Hayley. It’s not a huge part, but the clips available still display a more impressive range than the majority of the show’s co-stars.

It was first broadcasted in 1965, days of our lives It ran on NBC for 57 years before moving to Peacock. The episode count is currently just over 14,600, with Ortega being episode 12,149.

7 Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013) Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)

Jenna Ortega in Insidious Chapter 2
Bloom House Productions

Ortega had one cameo scene at the end Insidious: Chapter 2, the sequel managed to achieve greater financial success than its predecessor at the box office. while the second insidious The movie isn’t exactly James Wan’s best movie, it’s a fitting follow-up and expansion of the original’s well-established film traditions.

pick up where insidious Discontinued, the sequel follows the Lambert family as they deal with the aftermath of their battle with a demon. This is especially true of Josh Patrick Wilson, whose plot line is the primary focus of 2023 Insidious: The Red Door. It would have been nice if Ortega had a bigger role in the horror blockbuster, but after seven years she’s back in the genre (except for a few things on TV) with Netflix’s The Babysitter: The Killer Queen.

6 Little Rascals Save the Day (2014)

Jenna Ortega in The Little Rascals Save the Day
Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

The little rascals save the day Follows the titular group of adorable kids as they try to win the talent show. Why? Because grandma’s bakery needs saving. Ortega plays Mary Ann who, like Spanky, Alfalfa, and Buckwheat, is a member of the original line-up. The actor has a great role in the movie, and so far he’s the only one of the villains to have blown up.

the stranger, Save the day It was only the second conversation The little rascals film. The first film was a minor box office success directed by Penelope Spheeris Wayne’s world fame. However, considering the fact that it was released 20 years ago, none of the Rascals reboots have reprized their roles. Thankfully, neither did a certain windmill-hating political figure who makes a cameo as the father of a jerky rich kid.

5 Jane the Virgin (2014-2019)

Jane the Virgin
CBS Television Distribution

Led by Gina Rodriguez, Jane the Virgin He was a fan on 5 seasons of The CW, and the cast has sporadically featured Ortega as a younger version of the titular character. the Scream The star had flashback scenes in 29 of the show’s 100 total episodes. Like the woman who will continue to grow, the 10-year-old version of the character is a daydreamer with a strong penchant for the romantic type. Ortega’s turn in the character is one of four younger “Genes” who appear at various points in the show’s run, most seen in the country mile.

Rodriguez (and by extension Ortega) portrays the character Jane Villanueva, a deeply religious woman who is artificially impregnated by a gynecologist. Things take an even more complicated turn when she discovers the identity of the father: Rafael, the former popular young teen and current principal. The show follows her as she transitions from a virgin to simply a mother at the end, but it takes her a long way to find the love that will show itself to her and her child in equal measure.

4 The Rake (2014)

Rake is an American TV show

Fox shovel Maybe he was driving Little Miss Sunshine star Greg Kinnear, but he didn’t make enough spots to warrant more than one season. Adapted from the Australian series of the same name, Kinnear plays Keegan Deane, a criminal defense attorney who also acts as the “rake” of the title. For the unfamiliar, the term was rather light slang for a womanizer.

Ortega starred in seven of the shovel13 episodes in total (all released in 2014). She played Zoe Lyon, the daughter of David Ortiz’s character, Dean’s best friend, and admittedly her character wasn’t given much to do. Speaking of Ortiz, the The Fast and the Furious And silver linings playbook The star wasn’t the only recognizable face of the star in the short-lived adaptation. For example, there was The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingMiranda Otto, Weird thingsDavid Harbor, W preacherIan Colletti, all of whom are series regulars.

3 After Words (2015)

after words
Level 33 entertainment

Both of Ortega’s most watched films and one of the best displays of her talent, after words The young star is given the intimidating task of sharing the screen with the great Marcia Gay Harden. And the 13-year-old knocks the heavy narrative out of the park, even if that heaviness can often turn ruthless and weigh down the movie.

Hardin plays Jane, a recently terminated librarian who begins to struggle intensely with mental health issues. You decide to look for a completely new beginning and fly to Costa Rica. There, she becomes involved in the life of a much younger man, a tour guide named Juan (played by Oscar Genada, who also starred in 2010. losers). Ortega plays Juan’s daughter, Ana, a child who, like her father, inspires Jane to see again what life is worth living, even in the face of the end of her career. The movie was shot on location, and the locale is the second best thing about the movie outside of the main trilogy performances.

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2 Studio 666 (2022)

Studio 666
Open Road Movies
Briarcliff Entertainment

In other words “foo fighters movie”, Studio 666 Featuring the beloved lineup (including, of course, the beautiful soul that is Dave Grohl and the late Taylor Hawkins) recording a new album in a haunted mansion. That is…if they can survive the night.

Ortega plays Sky Willow, the drummer for the heavy metal band Dream Widow and a murder victim in the opening scene. In other words, of her three 2022 direct-to-action horror films, Studio 666 It was the least impressive display of Ortega’s talent. Still, it has the vibe to it, and some Ortega in a horror movie is better than none at all. Consider it an opportunity to say goodbye to Hawkins and Studio 666 Worth renting for any Foo Fighter fans who somehow haven’t seen it.

1 American Carnage (2022)

American Carnage Allen
Saban Films

American massacreThe timely narrative follows a group of illegal immigrants residing in the United States. Or, more specifically, their children born in the United States, whose blanket imprisonment has now been ordered by the Governor. However, their arrest records offer a lifeline on one condition: they have to “volunteer” to help the elderly.

The film is an indictment of everything that has happened to the immigrant community in the past few years, from reactionary and hostile local opinions to the downright harsh actions of agencies like ICE. However, the few critics who saw it felt that it was essentially a bad version of Jordan Peele Get out. The film’s tone is mixed, many of the performances (with one obvious exception) aren’t edited, and the final point “right-wing rage has bad results” isn’t exactly a new concept.


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