in horrorThere are films that reach a certain level of gold status and become cult classics. It might not have been a popular movie in its initial release, but over time it has garnered a huge amount of support from the viewers and is now a darling in the genre. Or maybe it was a popular movie the moment it was released and attracted a certain group of people to cherish and love for years to come. Whatever the case, not all horror films are cult classics, and that’s more than acceptable.

It’s almost like the elite group when it comes to movies and old movies like The wicker man, sons of the cornAnd eraser They fit perfectly into this category. However, as the horror genre continues to grow and evolve in its own right, we’re seeing modern horror films begin to have the potential to become cult classics in the future. Movies we’ll see Younger generations discover and make their favorite movies of all time because they’re obscure, or they push the boundaries a little. Here is a list of ten recent horror films that have more than enough potential to become cult classics in the future.

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Ready or Not (2019)

ready or not It was released in 2019, and how well made and how original the content is, it doesn’t get enough recognition to stand up to the major horror movies that have come out in recent times. The film follows Grace, a bride, who doesn’t realize that she’s marrying into a family that takes gaming so seriously, that if she doesn’t play, the whole family could die.

She is left to fend for herself as alliances are made, and true intentions emerge, making her wedding night one of the worst days of her life. This movie is pretty cool because of how easy it is to get rooted for Grace and how realistic it all feels since she’s smart and not a damsel in distress.

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Midsmar (2019)

Florence Poe as Dany Ardur in Midsummer
Wedge square A 24

Midsmar It’s already considered a cult classic, pun intended, so he had to make this list. It’s more than just a horror movie, because Dani’s relationship is on the rocks, and she’s still reeling from the loss of her sister, who killed herself. When you travel to what appears to be an area that cannot exist, strange and disturbing things begin to happen, such as the elders of the community falling off a high cliff to die in the name of sacrifice.

You’ll feel a slight haze as the movie progresses, and Danny is the only one left while Christian gets what he rightfully deserves.

You’re Next (2011)

You are the next killers
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you are next is what family is all about: killing each other and wanting an inheritance that hits your bank account the next morning. A fairly wealthy family gathers at their woodland home for some much needed quality time together after being separated for so long, little knowing that a sinister night is in store for them.

One by one, the family begins catching flying arrows and machetes, and you’ll probably be able to tell who’s in on it, but knowing you’re right is half the beauty of movies like this. At the end of the movie, you’re left with a kind of tangle, one that kind of hints at a sequel in the works, but sadly, so far, that’s not the case.

The Outsiders (2008)

Aliens movie masks
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Home invasion movies are never unwatchable, especially when they’re so realistic you’ll double check the locks on your door, and strangers It is a perfect example of that. A couple about to call him in head to a remote cabin in the woods, where they encounter a trio of masked lunatics who are apparently targeting them for fun.

The fact that we never find out who the masked killers are makes it even scarier, and in the horror community, there hasn’t been much talk about strangers and the sequel Strangers prey at night. As the years pass and more people learn that the films are based on the writer’s life, more hype is to be expected, especially with a third film on the way.

The Babadook (2014)

Babadook monster
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When a horror movie is more than jump scare, blood, and violence, it’s a treasure trove. The Babadook He is more than just a scary little monster hiding under the baby’s bed; Instead, it focuses on grief and what it’s like to be a single mother. quickly after its release, The Babadook It has earned cult status because of the plot and the slight mystery of it all, which takes you on a journey of what the grieving process for a newly widowed mother can be like.

The Babadook is a great horror movie that deserves to become a classic because it serves food for thought and also has a lot of memorable moments.

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Don’t Breathe (2016)

Stephen Lang Don't Breathe
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Don’t breathe It will make you nervous to jump when a group of friends decide they are going to rob a blind man, thinking it will be a walk in the park. What they don’t know is that this guy is an ex-Marine with a lot of secrets of his own that will get this group of friends into serious trouble with turning the tables, and now they are the victims.

Don’t breathe It was well-received upon release, but the film’s sequel had pretty much been swept under the rug, prompting this duo to get more hype with time and recognition of the scary plot line.

To be continued (2014)

The opening scene of the film follows

A coming of age movie is always especially for young adults, but when it comes to the horror aspect, it ups the ante a bit. He follows is a beautiful horror film that focuses on the aftermath of sexual assault and how victims, especially teenage girls, are left to pick up the pieces themselves after an attack.

Jay, the main character, discovers that her genitals can kill people, and the method He follows It deals with sex real and raw, which is refreshing not only with horror but just with a generic movie. It would be great to get a sequel to this movie, because young people deserve that kind of empowerment, especially if it’s in a different medium than they’re used to.

The Call (2015)

The staff argue over dinner at The Invitation
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the invitation is one of those obscure horror movies that you might stumble upon by accident and then instantly get sucked in the moment you hit play. If you’ve ever watched a horror movie and felt like halfway through you were dreaming of a fever while also feeling a little sick, you will realize that feeling during the invitation.

The plot follows a man who is invited to a dinner party at his ex-wife’s house, and feels weird about attending because he hasn’t returned since the death of their young child. As the night continues, strange things begin to happen as the group that met for dinner reveal themselves to be an unofficial cult. Natural things, of course.

The Barbarian (2022)

long in barbarian
Twentieth Century Studios

Justin Long plays one of the worst characters ever in this horror movie, and you’ll be hoping for his downfall the whole time. barbaric is one of the latest horror movies that will make you think about what you just watched long after the credits roll, which is why it’s so great. When you watch the trailer and then the movie, you realize it’s almost misleading as incredibly weird and scary things start to happen, and the mommy will leave you looking over your shoulder once the movie is over.

Creep (2014)

Peachfuzz wolf in the movie Creep

If you watched this movie and felt like you needed a therapy session for what Mark Duplass put him through, you’re not alone. crawling It is what the title says. It’s really very scary and strange. Strange, to put it mildly. crawling is a found footage film that takes you deep into what Aaron goes through with Joseph, his free-spirited client whom he hires to make a video diary of his life for his supposed unborn son.

Throughout the day, Aaron is under emotional stress while Joseph reveals unsavory secrets, and when Aaron tries to leave, he becomes violent. You may find yourself trapped as you watch Aaron slowly accept his fate and Joseph reveal his alter ego, Peachfuzz.


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