According to William Shakespeare, “The course of true love has never been so smooth,” and for many stories, that is no longer true of the characters of some of television’s most popular shows. There can be action, murder, mystery, intrigue, even sci-fi at its peak, but having a romance built into those genres that generates something of an audience is unmatched by any other nuance when it comes to storytelling. Indeed, no matter what kind of TV is on, there is something uncontrollably ripe about a relationship ruined by a third party.

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Therefore, it can be said definitively that the love triangle is part of the perfect formula to help smooth the drama and invest in the characterization that the audience needs. Fortunately, there have been some really great things along the way in television. Here are some famous TV love triangles that rocked the small screen.

10 Elena, Stefan and Damon (The Vampire Diaries)


Vampire stories are about sucking blood, but the unspoken nuances that are constantly found in the theme are about relationships, desire, and love. This is particularly the case for chemical weapons Vampire Diaries In which two vampire brothers, one “good” and the other “bad”, fall in love with the same human woman. For Stefan, his pursuit of Elena is a classic vampire/human love story, where he wants to deny himself for her sake, yet, he can’t resist falling in love with her and having fun with her. However, things change when Damon also falls in love with Elena, having damaged his brother’s relationship with her. It’s Damon’s love for Elena that turns the vampire into a bad boy and launches the show in the direction of a tragic romance. Needless to say, danger ensues, as the entire show revolves around Elena being chased and protected by the two brothers.

9 Kate, Jack, and Sawyer (Lost)

Lost (1)

Even stranded on Love Island finds its way… to be complicated. The love story between Kate, Jack, and Sawyer is the most compelling force behind it LostAnd A show about characters who live on a mysterious island after a plane crash. Despite having to deal with extreme hardship as they travel back and forth on the island, dealing with both the mundane and the existential, these three characters were the heart of the show and it was an iconic back-and-forth especially in its television era.

8 Sookie, Bill, and Eric (True Blood)

Eric Northman and Bill Compton

Again, vampires. While the thirst for blood is common in vampires, being hopelessly in love must also be among their traits. on HBO’s real bloodFor Bill, a Southern vampire over a hundred years old, the moment he saw Sookie, he was smitten. Bill and Sookie’s love affair is strong until his lies discover him, and Eric, another evil vampire, this time a Viking-type, steps in to be the anti-hero. From that point on, Sookie is torn between the two vampires with both of them willing to do the most treacherous things to ensure her love. Of course the fans, I loved being torn between who Sookie should be with and that only served to ripen the deadly and gory action of the show, taking classic TV vampires to another level.

7 Joey, Dawson, Pacey (Dawson’s Creek)

Dawson's Creek Basie, Joy and Dawson
Sony Pictures Television

CW’s Dawson’s Creek It boasts one of the best love triangles in TV history. Dawson was supposed to be Joey’s sidekick, that’s how it was framed and set up in the first season with the original love triangle between Dawson, Jane, and Joey. However, as the narrative progressed in later seasons with Dawson finally resigning himself to what was always before him with Joey, her and Pacey’s chemistry also became undeniable, and all three characters were thrown into the throes of a love triangle.

At the center of this love triangle was the nature of Dawson and Pacey’s relationship as best friends. In addition, Dawson and Joey were best friends. Moreover, the three of them were three best friends with the understanding that the thing between Dawson and Joey was untouchable, until it wasn’t. This made the drama within the group of friends unparalleled and oftentimes, excruciatingly tragic as the creators of Dawson’s Creek continued to build into this love triangle, making it the centerpiece of the show that would ultimately, on the record, leave many fans heartbroken.

6 Jane, Michael and Raphael (Jane the Virgin)

Jane the Virgin_Michael

CW hypothesis Jane the Virgin – a virgin woman who somehow becomes pregnant – eventually sets up a love triangle for the show. Jane, accidentally, becomes pregnant by Rafael through artificial insemination while in a committed relationship with her boyfriend, Michael. Needless to say, disaster now follows, as Michael and Jane have to deal with another man, Rafael, who ends up falling for Jane. The show deals with motherhood in a very unique way, pitting a young woman with very strong values ​​and feelings, along with goals for life, against the random chaos of life. The love triangle of Jane, Michael, and Raphael was great while it lasted because it’s one of a kind.

5 Dylan, Brenda, Kelly (Beverly Hills 90210)

Beverly Hills 90210
Fox Network

as a string, Beverly Hill 90210 It is often considered groundbreaking because it dealt with serious issues in real time, but also ahead of its time, that is, before any other primetime show. In addition, the drama had one of television’s most famous and scripted love triangles between Dylan, Brenda, and Kelly. Dylan was the slick bad boy with a good heart, Kelly was the blonde/more popular bombshell, and Brenda was the new girl to swoop in and snag the guy. However, while the show executed the archetypes well, it was the layers of these three characters that made the love triangle work so well and caused the audience to have feelings for them.

4 Olivia Pope, President Fitzgerald Grant, Jake Ballard (Scandal)


From this moment on, Olivia Pope strolled through the Mall in Washington, D.C. and into the corridors of the White House, audiences enthralled not only by the character and her charisma, but also by the fire that broke out between her and the President of the United States. on scandalThe forbidden love between them made watching their relationship hot and lively. But when Jake Ballard was added to the mix, his pleas to love Olivia in a way she didn’t with President Grant, spoke to audiences’ souls, and made the love triangle of Olivia, Fitz, and Jake Ballard one for the ages.

3 Peter, Fauxlivia, and Olivia (Fring)

Warner Bros. Television

margin It is a science fiction drama that turns the world upside down. The show revolves around a department that investigates paranormal events, similar to The X-Files in that regard. However, when the show introduces a parallel universe that mirrors the world of the main characters called The Other Side, the show really starts to shine. Through this parallel world, another version of Olivia places Olivia’s switchers from the first world, Peter W voxlevaBeginning to Have an Affair, as she was called – Peter thought the whole time it was Olivia. Fringe’s love triangle exists on the fringes of reality, making it one of the most complex things to watch on television.

2 Lucas, Peyton, Brooke (One Tree Hill)

One tree interview bethany hill joey lanes
Warner Bros. Television

Another CW soap for teens, One Tree Hill He excels at putting tension on every relationship on the show. This is seen most clearly in adult relationships but is more pronounced in adolescents. As Lucas tries to find his way, coming of age and discovering who he really is and owns himself, including being the illegitimate son of small town basketball champ, Dan Scott, he falls in love with two girls who in many ways represent a different side of himself. This love triangle was one of the messiest and was full of drama, even destroying the friendship that existed between Brooke and Peyton. The love triangle continued for most of the show’s run, but eventually Lucas and Peyton got together, even though Lucas and Brooke are fan favorites.

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1 Kelly, Dylan, Brandon (Beverly Hills 90210)

Jason-Priestly-Beverly-Hills 90210-15-08-2022 (1)

Yes, Beverly Hills 90210 was a pioneer. Not only did he deal with important cases, as previously mentioned, but he also had – not one – but two love triangles! After Shannen Doherty left the show, taking Brenda Walsh’s character with her, the show quickly found a replacement for the love triangle using two of its first angles – Dylan and Kelly. Added to the engineering mix was Brenda’s twin brother, Brandon, who had a thing for Kelly and her. Kelly would then go back and forth between Dylan and Brandon even in their adult lives, culminating in her and Brandon trying to get married but finally calling it off.


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