There is a good case for doing so Harrison Ford He is the greatest movie star of all time. Between playing some of the most beloved movie heroes of all time, working alongside some of the industry’s great directors, landing more dramatic roles in serious “award season” films, and reinventing himself on television for a younger generation thanks to his role alongside Jason Segal. on Apple TV+ shrankFord has gone to greater lengths to save the film industry than any other artist of his generation.

nope the star Wars And Indiana Jones Franchises have proven that making blockbusters requires a level of sophistication, humor, and genuine emotion that Ford has beautifully brought to life over the course of each of the franchises as the original characters become mentors to the younger heroes. Likewise, Ford made the definitive version of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan with his performance in the Clear and present danger And Patriot Games; With all due respect to John Krasinski, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine, and Alec Baldwin, Ford is the definitive version of the heroic CIA analyst.

Ford even got back into a long-running passion project recently when he returned to the role of Rick Deckard he first played in Ridley Scott’s 1982 sci-fi masterpiece Blade Runner; While the film was initially a disaster at the box office, Ford has always defended it and has spoken out extensively about his interpretation of the ending. Considering how many classics are already in his filmography, it’s no surprise that these Harrison Ford films deserve more recognition.

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10 innocent

Warner Bros.

innocent It may be rebooted on Apple TV+, but the 1990 legal thriller from the late great Alan J. Devil King) is a legal classic in itself. Ford delivers one of his most emotionally vulnerable performances as Rusty Sabitch, a powerful prosecutor falsely accused of killing his lover, Caroline Polemus (Greta Scacchi). It’s a rare example when Ford isn’t quite as likable on screen, and it features one of the greatest plot twists of any ’90s legal thriller.

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9 frantic

Harrison Ford in the movie Frantic
Warner Bros.

frantic It was Ford’s rare collaboration with controversial director Roman Polanski, whose real-life differences made it difficult to rewatch and properly judge his work. It’s another Ford movie in which he tries to save his family, but because the film centers on an American doctor who gets sucked into an international conspiracy while attending a conference in France, he’s more at risk than a world-weary person like Jack Ryan or Indiana Jones.

8 Regarding Henry

Concerning Henry 1991
Paramount Pictures

Sarcastically, Regarding Henry It was actually written by JJ Abrams, who wrote many classic comedies before becoming a blockbuster filmmaker who will go on to direct Ford as an older, but slightly more mature version of Han in 2015. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (A film that also received a great deal of gratuitous criticism.) It is one of the brightest and most remarkable performances of Ford’s career; He plays the ruthless Henry Turner who goes from the embodiment of corporate greed to a compassionate family man after a bank robbery takes away some of his memories.

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7 Power 10 from Navarone

Power 10 from Navarone
Columbia Pictures

1978 Power 10 from Navarone It was a semi-sequel to the classic 1961 World War II movie Navarone rifles, but it has almost nothing in common with the original masterpiece. What was said, Power 10 from Navarone is a totally entertaining action-adventure game that allows Ford, Robert Shaw, Robert Shaw, Carl Weathers and Edward Fox to treat Nazi soldiers in the coolest way possible. Who could ask for more than that?

6 working girl

Harrison Ford and Ring Girl (1)
Twentieth Century Studios

working girl You might get a modern reboot starring Selena Gomez, but the 1988 original is one classic romantic comedy that holds up surprisingly well given today’s standards of gender roles and corporate greed. Ford is often not given enough credit for his sense of humor, something the late great Mike Nichols always got out of him. working girl It earned six Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, but sadly Ford’s work was not nominated alongside fellow stars Griffith, Sourney Weaver, and Cusack.

5 what lies beneath

Claire Spencer and her husband, Norman
DreamWorks Images

what lies beneath is an anomaly in Robert Zemeckis’ career, as is the aftermath Who set Roger Rabbit? and the future return Trilogy chose to make this smart and exciting fantasy film. Ford was offered a rare opportunity to play the villain!

4 Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by Steven Spielberg
Paramount Pictures

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull It certainly didn’t deserve the hate he received. It’s amazing that despite the early buzz from the Cannes Film Festival and older critics like Roger Ebert, the film’s top haters seemed to focus only on its plot holes and sci-fi elements. Considering that the first three films were all based on the series’ 1930s adventures, it made sense Kingdom of the crystal skull Paying homage to the science fiction films of the 1950s.

3 Cowboys and aliens

Cowboys and aliens
Universal Pictures

Cowboys and aliens It’s about as dumb a premise as you can get, but who cares when it stars Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig? It’s fun to see Ford play a mentor to Craig, whose modern vision of the James Bond character has been met with unanimous acclaim; Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade A delightful chemistry emerged between Ford and the first Bond film, Sean Connery, who co-starred as Indy’s real-life father, Henry Jones Sr.

2 42

Jackie Robinson played Chadwick Boseman in 42.
Warner Bros.

42 It was an important role for someone as politically outspoken as Ford, and it allowed him to project a more nuanced version of Branch Rickey, the sports agent who broke Major League Baseball’s color barrier by hiring Jackie Robinson, wonderfully played by the late great Chadwick Boseman.

1 ender game

ender game

star Wars And Blade Runner It’s not the only sci-fi classic Ford has been involved with. 2013 ender game It was a somewhat flawed version of Orson Scott Card’s famous classic novel, but Ford’s performance as the ruthless Colonel Hyrum Graf exemplifies the novel’s military themes.


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